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Career Shifts Of Richard Liu

Having a successful career in one field is enough to bring satisfaction and financial security to almost anyone. To be able to say that one has excelled in two very different fields is a remarkable accomplishment. Young professionals strive to hone their skills in one field of discipline in order to secure their future. Richard Liu has been able to hone skills in two very different fields.

Richard Liu was born to two medical professionals. It was reasonable to expect that he would follow in the family footsteps. This is what he did. He developed an interest in dental arts and attended the Harvard school of dentistry. After graduation he took employment with the Evergreen Dental Care group in New Hampshire.

During his time at Evergreen Richard Liu became well known for being a meticuluos, very talented dentist. His core base of patients grew as his skills continued to be perfected. He greatly contributed to the oral health of the entire community. He also took on a position giving lectures at Harvard helping to educate the next generation of dental professionals.

Even though he had acquired a level of success that many strive for, Richard Liu still felt the pull of the financial sector. He was quite interested in investing and how the markets work. He eventually went to Boston College and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Still wanting to know more he then enrolled at MIT and attained a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Richard Liu went on to a variety of positions within the financial sector. His dedication and persistence eventually led him to opening his own firm. Morningside Venture Capital continues to offer financial and consulting services to a wide spectrum of clients. Richard Liu continues to hone his skills to offer excellent services for his clients.

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