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HCR Wealth Advisors: Dealing with Divorce

There comes a time for many individuals when they feel they have found that special someone to spend their life with. Fast-forward several years later and the couple ends up one of the many married couples who end up getting a divorce. HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that understands that there are many factors regarding the divorce process that may cause people to pay more than they should in an already stressful time.

Many couples undergoing divorce believe the first thing to do is to hire a lawyer specializing in family law. It may be wiser to find a financial advisor who has training in matters such as divorce. Financial problems are a leading cause of divorce in the United States. Family Law attorneys may not be able to guide couples going through a divorce on financial questions they may need answering. It is becoming more common for clients undergoing divorce to hire financial advisors as the first plan of action in a divorce due to financial complications.

A misconception in the divorce process is that the couples should go through mediation because it is more inclusive of both parties, as well as cheaper. This may not always work out because when a couple is at the stage where they are trying to get a divorce, it is almost impossible for them to agree on anything and they can no longer communicate properly. Mediation is not a viable option if this criterion can’t be met with both parties. Mediation is often extremely time consuming and ultimately fails in many cases. HCR Wealth Advisors can advise on the positives and negatives involved in mediation and determine if it is a good choice for both parties.

HCR Wealth Advisors has focused on helping its clients through significant life changes, such as going through a divorce. They take the time to ensure that their clients understand the divorce procedure. They can help their clients when it comes to dividing the assets when an agreement is reached, and they build a financial map for their clients to follow when the divorce is finalized. HCR Wealth Advisors can help to form financial strategies for couples going through a divorce and can try to assist in making a difficult transition as smooth as possible.


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OSI Group Continues to Expand its Operations

Some people do not think about the source of the food that they buy in supermarkets. Buyers do not consider how the products were made, what was used to make them, and how they were brought to the stores. Customers in a restaurant also do not question the sellers about how the ingredients used were purchased. It is vital for people to know some of the firms that specialize in food production company. One of the companies that have gained global recognition in the industry is OSI Group. The organization started as a sole proprietorship but has now become among the 60 largest private companies in the world.

Some of the factors that have led to its significant growth are high standards of the production process, a strong leadership team, and the values of key stakeholders. OSI Group was initially established as a butchery to provide quality meat products to the German immigrants who were living in the area. The pioneer of the food provider was called Otto. It later expanded and became a wholesaler of meat in Illinois. The founder of the company named it Otto and Sons. The management of OSI partnered with other market players such as McDonald’s and the General Milling Corporation to achieve the company’s growth objectives. Currently, it has more than 20,000 employees in different locations around the globe.

OSI is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards for ensuring safe production mechanisms, promoting employee safety, and adopting environmentally friendly methods. The food provider currently operates in places such as California, Utah, Lowa, and Wisconsin. The management of the organization has developed good business relationships with other food providers such as Papa John’s, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut to supply meat products. OSI Group has strived to diversify its portfolios to meet the needs of their clients. Some of the products that the company offers include pork, vegetables, poultry, and bacon. One of the expansion strategies that OSI Group has adopted is the acquisition of other major food providers. It moved into Europe through several acquisitions. The firm’s management team comprises of Sheldon Lavin as the chief executive officer and David McDonald as the president.

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U.S. Money Reserve

By June of 2009, the United States successfully pulled its way out of what experts call the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The experts called this economic downturn the Great Recession, and it technically began in December 2007 and lasted for two years, however, the ramifications were felt far beyond those two years.

The economic situation began to improve slowly after multiple stimulus packages and government initiatives to stimulate and support economic growth.

Since this unprecedented downturn in the economy, the United States has enjoyed over 100 straight months of economic growth and many experts feel a decline is inevitable. Many financial experts are convinced that the United States economy is headed towards another recession.

The unemployment rate has fallen to four percent since its peak at nearly ten percent during the Great Recession, and there has been a relentless bull market on the New York Stock Exchange.

Most economic experts agree on the fact the modern economies behave cyclically and there must be corrections on the horizon. Experts warn that focusing on the positive factors or economic growth and the low unemployment rate can give a false sense of security, without considering the past behavior of economies in the past. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

The experts fear that this constant economic growth is a strong indication we may be on the cusp of another financial bubble. Experts agree recessions are an essential aspect of a healthy economy as it allows the natural economic cycle to take place.

Economic history tells us, as an economy grows and wages increase, the private sectors slow hiring which leads to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to slow the economy down purposely. These chains of events lead to fewer profits from businesses which trickles down to the stock market.

Politicians never want the economy to take a downturn during their watch, so it is like adding fuel to the fire. Experts fear the government is purposefully stopping the natural pull-back of the economic growth which is creating a bubble. Recessions are okay if they allow the economy to happen naturally, but prolonging the inevitable creates a financial disaster far worse.

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U.S. Money Reserve Warns of Potential Recession

Wes Edens Focus on International Sports

Wes Edens is one of Fortress Investment Group Principles. Within the sports world, he has showcased his prowess becoming one of the famous figures. He has co-owned the Milwaukee Bucks which has been one of the best in the U.S alongside other principles. Through his leadership, the bucks have transformed some of the most competitive teams in the U.S. Over the years the bucks have been set to create a world-class arena where they can hold some of their matches. The bucks have the capacity of accommodating thousands of visitors while seated. Therefore, he has been one of the businessmen in the U.S to succeed in sports.

Edens is today focusing on international competitions. Consequently, he has purchased shares in some of the developing teams in England. The England Premier League has been one of the most coveted arenas sports league in the world. It has nurtured top-world soccer players such as Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. Investors such as Wes Edens have purchased some of these teams some the most lucrative teams leading them to the top of the league. He purchased Aston Villa Football Club which currently in the England Champions League.

Today, the team is eyeing for a position in the England premier league. In this league, the best teams can compete for the top jobs thus participating in higher leagues such as UEFA Championship and Europa league. Therefore, any team in this place must be able to maintain a top position thus supporting in the group. Due to the prominence of the league, just 20 clubs are allowed to participate in the competition. However, it’s always dynamic as many teams are pulled out after every year due to poor performance as they replace them with new ones.

This method has therefore pushed teams to remain consistent in their performance. As Aston Villa continues to pursue their gals to reaching to this level, Wes Edens has been their supporter. He sees to bring the best out of the team through stakeholder management and hiring the best soccer layers from other organizations. Today, Wes Edens has invested in other companies among other people in the business. Fortress Investment Group is one of them which is America Leading company in the management of hedge funds.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Highlights the Importance of Charitable Giving in Business

Bhanu Choudhrie is an executive officer of a family business who has been in the industry for an extended period. He has been able to record huge results in the business venture and has also been able to move the organization into several countries around the world. However, as an executive profession, Bhanu values the act of giving other individuals and helping the community as well.

It is common knowledge that there are many individuals in different parts of the world who need assistance due to various needs. The problem is that only a few numbers of people are interested in helping the needy members of the community to live a decent life. The number of people in need of help is increasing, which means that people with the idea of helping the community should be increasing as well. Bhanu Choudhrie notes that the community should be heavily involved in helping the needy individuals.

Being philanthropic is a trait that Bhanu Choudhrie has received from his culture, which means that giving is second nature to him. According to the Hindu traditions, the more you give the more you will be expected to receive. Bhanu values the Indian way of giving so that they can receive blessings in their future. This is the reason as to why Bhanu has been supporting several people with needs while at the same time ensuring that other members of the community have a better life.

Bhanu Choudhrie has been heavily involved in helping blind people, people with physical disabilities, and those living in orphanage institutions. These people form the largest demography in the society that requires immediate assistance from the well-wishers and people who have substantial resources. However, it is important to highlight that Bhanu has not been assisting other people because he is fortunate.

It is about taking care of other individuals in the society, which other influential individuals should know. Path to success involves much charity and Bhanu Choudhrie has significantly involved himself in charitable activities. This is a sign that other business leaders should be involved in charitable activities and help other people with needs.

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OSI Group Makes the Burgers that McDonald’s Customers Come to Love

McDonald’s has an estimated 36,000 restaurants located around the world. They serve over 69 million people a day and is a multi-billion-dollar corporation. All McDonald’s restaurants have their menu shipped to them. In other words, nobody prepares the food from scratch inside of the restaurant. Instead, line workers prepare the food according to instructions. Each menu item takes up to 5 minutes to prepare for the customer. The reason why the food can be made so quickly has to do with food preparation.

OSI Group is a food company that has its headquarters in Illinois but has branches located throughout the world. OSI used to be known as Otto and Sons. When Ray Kroc opened the second McDonald’s franchise is Des Plains, Illinois he used this organization to provide the meat. For many years, Otto and Sons (or OSI) helped to define the taste of McDonald’s as most people know it today. That is because they were one of five original meat suppliers for the organization. This homogenous taste has been established at most McDonald’s restaurants.

Gunzburg, Germany is home to an OSI Group location that serves McDonalds in and around the region. This is the largest OSI location within Europe. It is also the first place where OSI set up its operations when it first entered Europe. OSI sort of followed McDonald’s when they located into this area. OSI hasn’t been an official supplier of McDonald’s for a very long time. However, the two organizations have agreements in place which allows the company to provide some of the burgers for some of the customers in Germany. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group is responsible for playing a critical role in McDonalds history. While they are not solely responsible for the taste that people come to enjoy. Their participation into the franchise has helped to make McDonald’s into what it is today. OSI makes it a point to supply the best beef (and chicken) for McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches. They have a very thorough screening process for their meat, and they ensure that McDonald’s chains get the best meat products possible. OSI will continue to do its best to provide some of the best tasting burgers for the McDonald’s chain.

Sheldon Lavin, the Hands behind the Success of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin can only be described as one of the most persistent and focused business personalities the world has ever had. Lavin started in the food industry about four and a half decades ago. Before venturing into the food processing industry, Lavin worked in the finance sector. He had a successful career in the industry and owned a financial company.

Sheldon Lavin’s stint in the food industry began in 1970 when financed the then financially distressed Otto & Sons. Later on, he joined the company as a partner. Under the visionary leadership of Lavin, Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Group.

After a few years of dedication and hard work, the veteran entrepreneur was able to spearhead the growth of OSI from a small domestic food producer to a robust international corporate body. Today, OSI Group has a significant presence in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Additionally, the company has several subsidiaries including OSI Industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI International. The latter is the parent company for all the Groups international investments.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is the President of OSI International. His primary role as the president involves overseeing the Group’s international expansion. Additionally, Lavin also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Under his leadership, OSI has expanded into China, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

Sheldon Lavin has also led the OSI Group to make major strategic acquisitions around the world. Such major acquisitions include the purchase of Roy Mark, a leading chicken products processing company. Later on, OSI also acquired Dove Valley and GW Padley Poultry to increase its capacity to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for its poultry products. Other acquisitions include Amick Farms, Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Weihai Poultry Development Co. in China.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is still dedicated towards further expansion of the company. According to him, the long journey towards prosperity is a testimony of selfless sacrifice and the desire to succeed. He is happy that OSI has circled the globe and is now the leading supplier of value-added protein foods and other delicacies in the world.

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Betsy DeVos and Nonstop Caring

For the better part of the 2000s, Betsy DeVos has been fighting for education reform. While it may not seem like she has experience, DeVos is the daughter of a public school teacher, and she has been ready to take on the position of US Education Secretary for many years. She started working in the Republican Party when she was young at Calvin College. It was at this small Christian conservative college that she would meet Dick DeVos, and together, they would become a huge political and philanthropic family in West Michigan.


Betsy DeVos always had her eye on becoming an education leader. She worked hard to bring new charter schools to Michigan and create funding opportunities through philanthropy. In fact, it’s estimated that the DeVos Family Foundation, co-founded by Dick and Betsy DeVos, has given over $139 million.


DeVos has other donors on her roster who also believe in her cause. This includes legendary Microsoft founder and owner Bill Gates, as well as Facebook founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg. Both of this tech billionaires have helped Betsy DeVos with her cause, even as she faces a ton of criticism for her policies.


There are many who oppose her stance on educational choice. She is a huge supporter of charter schools and private education. This fact has worried many in public schools who believe that tax dollars will go to private education. However, DeVos refuted this point in a “60 Minutes” interview from 2018. She said that people who don’t believe in educational choice don’t understand what it is, and that she is always trying to put students first.


While it’s clear that not many like her proposals for educational choice, parents and students have benefited from the policy. They are able to get out of failing schools quickly, and they don’t have to send their students to a certain school simply because of their zip codes. Instead, they are able to choose from magnet schools and virtual school programs. These have helped students finally go to a school where they have the right curriculum for their interests.


Still, public school teachers saw that it has led to a lack of funding for public schools, and that if continued, these vouchers could ruin the public school system. DeVos disagrees, but she’s had other stuff on her plate to deal with besides educational choice arguments. She has been working with school security officials to improve the safety of students on campus.


While this has recently led to legislation that will arm teachers in certain states, DeVos has been quiet about other policies that have helped deter criminal activity and gun violence on campus. Most recently, she has warned that bringing more guns to campus isn’t necessarily the safest idea, but teachers will need training to protect students if there is an incident on campus.


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How Rebel Wilson’s Body Type Has Helped Her Career

 Rebel Wilson is an actress, writer, and producer who is from Sydney, Australia. She is a graduate of the Australian Theater for Young People who first gained attention in 2003 for her role on the comedy show “Pizza”. Other Australian comedies she had prominent roles in were “Bogan Pride” and “The Wedge”.

While she is known for being bold and brassy she was socially awkward growing up. In order to “develop a personality”, she entered “Tournament of Minds”. This was a high-school creative competition. By competing in this Rebel Wilson says she came out of her shell. She thanks her drama teacher Mrs. Bowmaker for encouraging her to enter this competition and says if it weren’t for that teacher she wouldn’t be where she now is. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

Her initial plan was to appear in dramas but people enjoyed laughing at her because of her weight. She thinks that people find it easier to laugh at larger women and so getting into comedy became her game plan. She now lives in West Hollywood and thinks she is the first female comedy actress to make it big in America.

When she first landed in the United States when she was 30, Rebel Wilson got the role of Brynn in “Bridesmaids”. This led to other big movie roles such as in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “How to be Single”. Rebel Wilson also appearing in the “Pitch Perfect” movies where she played the part of Fat Amy. The first movie that she had a solo lead in was “Isn’t it Romantic” which came out in early 2019.

Rebel Wilson says that being unique has been a great thing for her career. The first time she met her agent he said that they didn’t have anybody like her as a client. Since 2010 she has been represented by William Morris Endeavor.

She has said that she doesn’t want to compete with the really gorgeous people that populate Hollywood. She’s all about being the brain and the heart instead of the great looks. She thinks being her body type has really helped her land roles.

However, being in Hollywood, she has tried to be healthy. She drinks green juices as people do there and she as tried to be gluten-free. She isn’t crazy, though, and eats ice cream and desert just like she always has. She also has an affinity for hot dogs.

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Reasons why Sam Sotoodeh is a Trendsetter in the Investment World

News & Observer Building has dominated the property market news for the past 24 months. Although the building was “perceived” to be pricey by the local investors, the recent change of ownership under $22 million deal was phenomenal. The Acquisition Group made the final purchase after several attempts of acquiring the building becoming futile. The consistent in the company was a perfect illustration of the company’s nickname-patient investors.

What does this transaction say about Acquisition Group and Sam Sotoodeh (the company president)? First, Sotoodeh is one of the most determined investors. Although there was no sign of the deal going through, he was persistent enough. He applies this same approach in all his dealings whether he is on real estate or in securities investments deals. Second, Sam Sotoodeh is one of the best negotiators in the investment industry. Employing his negotiation skills to close the News & Observer Building deal was not a typical achievement.

Apart from being an exceptional real estate guru, Sam Sotoodeh has been instrumental in some of the high profile acquisitions in the last 36 months. The reasons why most big companies trust Acquisition Group in their transactions is because apart from being knowledgeable on international business dynamics, he (Sotoodeh) has a big personality. An example of a high profile deal was in the recent Raleigh negotiations.

What makes Sam Sotoodeh such as exceptional businessperson? There are three main contributors to Sotoodeh proficiency. His educational background, experience, and his strong personality are his best tools. As an alumnus of the famous California State University and later Cornell University, Sotoodeh was exposed to the best educational foundation especially in the world of Economics. He can read investment trends purely on the economic perspective.

Although an excellent educational background is vital for a successful career in investment, personality and experience are more important. Being a president of the investment company, his ability to employ his strong personality during negotiations makes him stand out. The Acquisition Group continues to make significant closures in the investment world purely on Sam Sotoodeh strong personality.

Besides, his experience in the world of investment has made him broaden his investment niche to other fast-growing areas. Currently, he has vast interests in arbitrage, oil and gas business, and securities investments markets.

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