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Securus Technologies Can Now Detect Drones

Why Increased Facility Monitoring Is Necessary


Unfortunately, many facility related crimes start with an inmates communication with the outside, but it’s not to say, all inmates commit crimes beyond incarceration. Technology experts at Securus say, more law enforcement personnel are reluctant to work in a correctional facility. Most law enforcement staff say, the pay doesn’t outweigh the risks. Securus Technologies, CEO, Rick A. Smith has set crime prevention measures in place to stop telecommunication related crimes. Their current technology has been used to secure their network including surveillance and monitoring features. Their technology has been in use since their days of being a network regulation provider of other networks.


Securus Initiates Drone Detection Technology


Drone technology is a new feature that allows correctional facilities to detect and stop drones mid-air. They have been responsible for a lot of contraband entering the facility. Drones are harder to catch because they can be flown at any time, day or night, and can be extremely hard to detect. However, correctional facilities now have the option of utilizing technology that is designed to detect drones and prevent facility related crimes or a threat to inmates and other correctional staff members.


Other Securus Technology


They have been responsible for other technology that has been popular among their clients. Securus is dedicated to reducing crime in the toughest facility by 46%. Their wireless containment technology will intercept the use of illegal cellphones. There want be a need to add additional facility staff because their technology is installed by Securus personnel and accessed remotely. They’ve also acquired GovPayNet technology that allow them to process payments with 1 to 24 hours for most transactions. The GovPayNet technology is the largest government payment processing system of debit and credit cards in the network.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Proudly established in 1993, the Securus network once monitored other providers before becoming a big name calling network. They have been poised to help their inmates have access to quality services along with their family and friends. You may find yourself paying too much with your current provider and looking for a change. Securus has a list of services and features on their website for new account holders. Simply, register for a Sercurus account through the JPay network or add features on your existing account. Securus is one of the very few networks that offer features liker remote visitation or online inmate photos.


You don’t have to feel like you’re being punished for another inmate call by paying excessive fees. The Securus network gives their customers the option of knowing their connected over a secure network that costs far less with the popular Securus Technologies inmate calling provider.


Amanda Morgan Taylor: Sussex Health Cares Newest CEO

Sussex Health Care is one of the leading nursing homes in the United Kingdom. The facility accommodates seniors who wanted to spend the rest of their lives inside the facility.

Sussex Health Care also offers rehabilitation services for those who have suffered severe injuries, and with the assistance of the dedicated medical staff, patients could heal inside the institution in a short amount of time. Sussex Health Care managed to project itself to become one of the most trustworthy companies in the United Kingdom which offers the best kind of care. The company has been under the leadership of several chief executive officers in the past, and together, they have contributed something to make the company viable and profitable. Recently, Sussex Health Care chose their latest chief executive officer – Amanda Morgan Taylor.


The newest chief executive officer of Sussex Health Care is responsible for keeping the company on the top. They would have to work on the company’s rank and make sure that it is leading against all of its competitors in all of the United Kingdom. Amanda Morgan Taylor started his career in 1984 when she found a job as a service manager. Being a service manager at a very young age helped her develop skills that can be used later on in the industry. She always wanted the best for the companies that she served in the past, and now that she has been working with Sussex Health Care, all she wanted to do is to keep the reputation of the company.

The facility is located dozens of kilometers away from the city center. Most people in the United Kingdom are choosing to stay inside the Sussex Health Care nursing home because of the services offered inside. Trees and plains surround the facility, and it is essential for the speedy recovery of those who will be taken there. The company is also working with professionals who are willing to offer their time to help the patients recover. For the senior tenants at Sussex Health Care, a lot of activities are in store for them. They are being fed with sumptuous foods, and hundreds of activities can be enjoyed by those who are staying inside. Sussex Health Care also employs speech therapists and reflexologists to provide comfort to those who have been injured in the past. Amanda Morgan Taylor wanted to keep the culture inside Sussex Health Care and provide the assistance that their patients need.

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American Institute Of Architecture Gets An Internationally Known New Leader

     Ever since its founding in 1857, the American Institute Of Architects has been a powerful voice advocating on the behalf of architects. Today, it’s the leading organization representing the interests of architects as well as design and construction professionals nationwide. The AIA has helped to bring order, structure and respect to a profession that had no recognized licensing system or school created specifically to train architects when the organization was founded. Now there is a recognized curriculum and licensing procedure one must follow to be recognized and respected as an architect.

When the AIA first met in New York in 1857, there were only 13 members. The organization is now more than 90,000 members strong with over 300 chapters spread throughout the United States and around the world. The AIA now has five membership levels. They are Architect members, Associate members, International associate members, Emeritus members and Allied members. Respected architect, writer and editor Robert Ivy was selected to take over leadership of the AIA in 2010 as chief executive and executive vice president. Ivy is a long-time AIA Board of Directors member and advocate for architects on crucial environmental, social and political issues.

A University of the South graduate with a degree in English, Robert Ivy got his masters in architecture at Tulane University. After serving as an Ivy Architects principal, then spending 13 years with Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy as managing partner, Ivy was hired by Architectural Record in 1996 as editor-in-chief. The publication went on to win dozens of awards and was widely read worldwide. He also worked with McGraw-Hill Construction as vice president and editorial director and ran their many design and construction publications at a very high level.

In 2009, Robert Ivy was given American Business Media’s premiere recognition, the Crane Award. Top architectural fraternity Alpha Rho Chi named him a Master Architect in 2010. The membership of the AIA is excited about Ivy running the organization. He has vast management experience and has had success wherever he has gone. Everyone anticipates great things with Robert Ivy working from Washington, D.C. at AIA headquarters with a $56 million annual budget and a 206 man staff.

Robert Ivy is expected to address design and practice issues, make the AIA’s voice more powerful and improve the public’s appreciation and understanding of architecture and architects. He called the AIA a stellar organization with the highest standard of professional ethics and says he proud to be a long-time member. The AIA is a valuable resource with a powerful message about the importance of design. Ivy is committed to making the organization and its members successful. The AIA will benefit from Robert Ivy’s vision, passion, experience and leadership style.

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Doe Deere The “Unicorn Queen” Of The Beauty Industry

Doe Deere is know in the beauty industry as the “Unicorn Queen.” Her love of bold colors and desire to be one of a kind has driven her to achieve goals that some might have deemed impossible. Born in Russia she moved to New York City as a teenager. In New York City, she studied fashion which eventually led her to develop her cosmetic business Lime Crime.


Doe Deere now lives in Los Angeles, California. She operates her company from southern California. She is one of the first female entrepreneurs to launch a cosmetic company online in 2008. As the CEO and owner of Lime Crime she is dedicated to creating bold and colorful cosmetics that are certified vegan and cruelty free. Her line carries a variety of brightly colored products from nail polish, glittery lip gloss, brightly colored liners, loose pigments, eyeshadow pallets and the coveted lipsticks Lime Crime has become famous for producing.


In her early years Doe Deere started out experimenting with color while designing her own clothing line. Her inspiration to start her own make up line came when she was looking for the right makeup to compliment the clothing she designed. She wanted bold colors to market her clothing on the web. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she decided to create her own makeup colors. Learn more:


Two of Doe Deere’s favorite things are fairy tales and makeup. Lime Crime, her company combines the two and allows her to be creative and share her love and imagination with her customers. The companies mascot is the unicorn, representing individuality, creativity and fun through their makeup products. The makeup line is for sale online and in several retailers throughout the United States.


In 2004, Lime Crime started selling clothing products online. It took about a year for the company to start seeing study sales and making money. In 2008, Doe Deere added makeup and promoted her products by creating makeup tutorials and sharing them online. The tutorials helped create the buzz about Lime Crime and by 2009 they were off and running.


Doe Deere started out as a fashion designer after attending the New York Fashion Institute of Technology. She doubted that fashion was her final destination but learned a lot about trends and marketing as she promoted the products she created. As she started to create her own makeup and share it with others, she soon discovered she had found her true passion. That passion attracted the attention of others and her energy turned into the Lime Crime company you know today.


One of the toughest decisions, Doe Deere, had to make was choosing a laboratory to be her partner in developing makeup. She wanted someone that could share her vision and that would be willing to work directly with her. Once she found the right partner she felt like she had so much more freedom to create the right colors.


The focus of Lime Crime is that beauty should make you feel happy. Doe Deere feels the colorful palettes of your makeup should do something magical. It should have the power to transform you and make you feel happy.

The Many Endeavors of OSI Group

To simply state it, OSI Group is a global leader in foodservices. These services are capable of reaching up to six continents except for Antarctica. When it comes to concept-to-table solutions as well as custom-value foods, nobody does it better. This mega-company is headquartered in beautiful Aurora, Illinois, but it has many other factories throughout the U.S. The factories are technologically advanced, and they’re located in Illinois, in California, in Utah, in Iowa and in Wisconsin. On a global scale, the company has factories in 17 different countries. That’s right! These countries include:


  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Ukraine
  • China
  • Hungary
  • And others

Since its inception back in 1909, this company has excelled with excellence. It was known as Otto & Sons back in the early days. This magnificent family-owned and operated business was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. Otto & Sons produced some of the best tasting and freshest of meats in the Midwest. It garnered plenty of attention throughout the years, and as it continued to grow, the company changed locations numerous times. Before its current Aurora-based location, it was headquartered in Maywood, Illinois and in Oak Park Illinois. As of today, over 20,000 employees earn on a good living via Otto Kolschowski.

The total amount of foods that this company can produce is very generous. Of course, this is an understatement to the highest degree. The foods that are included are panini, pizza, Tofu, meatballs, hotdogs, turkey products, bacon bits, bacon slices, fruits, onions, cucumbers, chicken fried steak, chicken wings, pepperoni, flavored sausage, cooked link sausage, chicken nuggets, steak, pot roast, fresh dough, fresh entrees, meatloaf and many more. The sky is literally and figuratively the limit. On top of that, OSI Group does an amazing job of creating custom-foods. If you have an idea in mind, then this company can definitely personify that idea. All in all, OSI Group is raising the bar higher than before, and it is changing the current status quo.

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Securus Technologies Highly Appreciated Correctional Firm

Securus Technologies has been gaining tremendous support from the law enforcement agencies and inmates since the time it was launched in the year 1986 when two major correctional firms, Nevercom and T-Netix merged. The merger helped the company gain access to millions of inmates and a vast existing market to develop further. Securus Technologies has been focusing on growth from the very beginning of its launch and developing new products and services has been a part of their plan. Securus Technologies has one of the broadest products and service portfolio in the market today, which helps the customers to get all their services from one company without having to knock on the doors of the counterparts.


I have been the customer of Securus Technologies for nearly a decade, and as an inmate, I have never come across any problem that would get on my nerve. I have used the inmate communication services of other companies as well, but what I like about the services of Securus Technologies is that it is swift and non-interfering. The technology infrastructure of the company is healthy and growing, and as the company invests millions into research and development, the support is only poised to grow further in the future. Securus Technologies has been in the news lately for all the right reasons, starting from the appreciation it has been getting in the industry by the analysts as well as the customers and also for acquiring Jpay Inc.


Securus Technologies published a media release recently that contains many of the customers’ feedback on its services. The positive comments in the press release have made it clear that the contribution of the company in the correctional field is immense, and its importance seems to be growing with time. The firm feels honored to serve the community and make it a safer place.



Rise of Brown Modeling Agency

Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South merged together in April 2010 to launch a more versatile modeling company. Upon relaunching company services in September 2015, under the name “The Brown Agency”,the combined forces of their trade and craftsmanship created special leverage with a unique edge to the talent agency that other talent agencies are not able to provide. With Wilhelmina Austin and Justin Brown collaborating, The Brown Agency has become one of the most respected modeling talent agencies in central Texas with a broader spectrum of portfolio possibilities for company clients and improved opportunities across the country for the affiliated talent.


Whether it be commercial fashion or theatrical media, the agency leads central Texas in top commercial talent and modeling with impressive exposure to some of the world’s largest and well-known brands such as: Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and thousands of others. The Brown Agency will have established headquarters located in Austin Texas, while other offices will be included in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Justin Brown, who was former head to Wilhelmina Austin will lead as president and CEO of The Brown Agency, while Michael B. Bonnée,(Heyman Talent-South founder) will lead expertise for the theatrical division. According to Michael B. Bonnée, since the company launched, The Brown Agency has been able to successfully book recurring roles in productions like: Leftover, American Crime and Queen of the South, with more expected roles in the future.


Since The Brown Agency has been established, A greater height of opportunities and excitement has be made for greater talent to arise and showcase the beauty and art to be appreciated from around the world. From celebrity hair and cosmetic stylists, stage designers, fashion designers, show producers, actors, musicians, and video or print models have been able to be a part of developing fun and impressive opportunities for a larger scope of hopeful and aspiring talented people to have in the commercial, fashion and talent industries.


You have seen The Brown Agency’s own affiliated talent if you have seen fashion models strutting the runways for New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and countless other appearances. Justin Brown recognizes that their success is as good as the talent they employ and takes pride in selecting, preparing and coaching talent agents to become the best professionals they can be. If you would like to share your talent, you can learn more at: You can visit their Instagram page.


Dallas, Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery & Things You Need To Know

Are you happy with your physical appearance? If you’re not happy, then would you be willing to undergo surgical procedures to change your appearance? Although no one is perfect, some individuals have seemed to hit the jackpot in the genetics department. Unfortunately, these blessed individuals make-up a small percentage of the world’s population. For the rest of us, you can either workout to get the body of your dreams, or you can undergo a cosmetic procedure. That procedure just so happens to be the butt lift. The buttocks is one of the body’s showpieces, but it’s a body part that could use some uplifting.


If you feel like your buttocks isn’t up to par, then you should consider getting a butt lift. This procedure is a surgery, but it’s not as in-depth as surgeries for other body parts. For individuals that are truly interested, you should first start out with some research of the subject. Next, you should search for the best surgeon that you can afford because it does cost between $2,000 – $10,000. Some good things to know is that you should generally be in good health. Heavy-drinking and heavy-smoking isn’t accepted here because it can interfere with the healing process once the procedure is over.


There are two types of butt lifts, which includes the Brazilian butt lift and the traditional butt lift. Brazilian butt lifts are more popular as they’ll give you nice, perkier bum. On top of that, the surgery is less invasive. Small incisions and liposuction is the name of the game as your surgeon will be transferring fat from one area to your butt.


Traditional butt lifts are invasive in it deals with removing layers of fat, removing tissue and removing excess skin. In some cases, the underlying muscles may need to be tightened. Traditional butt lifts require much more attention, but you’ll end-up having a better backside in the end.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Provides Individually Focused Patient Care

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a big decision for patients and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is dedicated to making sure their experience is the best possible from start to finish. Based out of Dallas, Texas with hospital affiliations at multiple hospitals in Dallas and the surrounding areas, Jejurikar has been practicing both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for two decades and counting.

A diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar received his MD from the University of Michigan where he also completed his residency and earned a biomedical science bachelors degree. One of his class’ top students, Jejurikar was invited into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. His aesthetic surgery training was completed during his time at the Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. After completing his training, he joined the team at Scott and White Medical Center where he acted as a Senior Staff Surgeon.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikas is one of the most compassionate doctors in the United States according to his patients’ ratings and reviews. This accomplishment was affirmed by Patients’ Choice and the American Registry upon receipt of the Patients’ Choice Award and Compassionate Doctor Certification. Only three percent of currently practicing doctors received this recognition in 2012 and it is an honor that Dr. Sameer does not take lightly.

Known affectionately as Dr. Sam by many of his patients, he is published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery and the Journal of Surgical Research among others. The board certified plastic surgeon has also has presented and spoken about plastic surgery across the country.

The Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport is located in Apia, Samoa. It is one of the cheapest airlines that offer both local and international fights. The airport is strategically located in that it nears many facilities as well as attractions that visitors do not have to travel for long distances after arriving in Samoa to find them.

Since its renovation and reopening, Fagali’i Airport has had several airline companies working in it in conjunction to the national government. The airport aims at offering better and improved services to its customers at all times and in that case, it has partnered with other service providers to make sure that new travellers experience fewer struggles on their arrival in Samoa.

Whether guests wants to have a place to sleep, eat or even to learn more about Samoa, they can have them at their disposure. Fagali’i Airport is close to hotels and Robert Louis Stevenson museum according to They can have their accommodations and food at these hotels as they visit the museum to learn more about Samoa through historic materials and stories found within the museum.

The airport is small in size and also contains smaller planes as compared to other airports. It does not have a complicated building structure and does not offer waiting terminus on The simplicity of the airport makes travel easier and quicker.

Due to its capacity, the airport does not have sophisticated operating procedures such as electric security checkups. Instead, a simple procedure is followed and the airport operations continue according to This means that travelers do not have to spend a lot of time going through long and complicated procedures. However, security is taken with a lot of seriousness and it does not mean that since simple procedures are carried out that any illegal activity can be allowed within the airport.

Since Fagali’i airport is located away from busy towns and cities, and very few passengers lack transfer arrangements, there are few public vehicles that pass through it. Therefore, if one is not lucky enough to have transfer arrangements, they can use these public means or a taxi to transfer them to their destinations at a fee that they agree with the drivers.

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