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Steve Lesnard a Marketing Genius

Steve Lesnard is a renowned marketing genius who knows what takes to create thriving brands. Lesnard for decades has helped develop successful marketing strategies for world-leading companies and has been very instrumental in pushing world-renowned sports brands. The world of marketing is quite dynamic and keeps on changing. Modern marketing has moved into the digital online platform, and according to Lesnard organization that will leverage in digital marketing will become successful.

One successfully strategy that can push a product in the digital space is the keep it simple and make it memorable marketing technique says Steve Lesnard. This can be first achieved by getting the product storyline right and communicating the product benefits to the consumer outlining what is new and better. There is no room for error in the product introduction stage, and the marketing teams should focus on the most innovative and relevant features to communicate with the customers.

Steve Lesnard gives an example of Apple, a company that utilized this strategy and was able to push its product to the market successfully. Apple product iPod had a famous memorable and straightforward marketing campaign that stated 10k songs in your pocket. The campaign was simple and was well communicated to music lovers who wanted to listen to music on the go. Apple ever since has since then has been able to devise strategies and develop products that address the needs of the consumer. Take, for example, the modern Apple watch that today not only allows phone connections but also has become a wellness and safety product. The watch has the monitoring and measuring features that aide in health and fitness. The watch addresses the need of both the old and the young customers in a precise and straightforward manner.

Another company that is utilizing the keep it simple and make it memorable strategy and is doing well is Peleton. According to Steve Lesnard Peleton came up with the private indoor cycling studio campaign that completely revolutionized the fitness industry. The firm offers customers convenience by bringing the best of New York Fitness class right at the consumer living room. With their sports app, consumers can be able to engage in exciting fitness classes right at the comfort of their homes says Lesnard.