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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Planning to Make A Globally Renowned E-Commerce Platform

The e-commerce sector is one of the most fiercely competitive of any other industries out there and achieving success in this sector can be highly tricky. However, Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked past all the common perceptions to achieve unprecedented success in just over a decade. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded in the year 1998, and at the time, it was a completely physical retail operation. However, when the SARS crisis took over China and people were unable to come out of their homes, the chain of stores that Richard Liu Qiangdong owned suffered significant losses. During this time, Richard Liu Qiangdong assigned one of his executives to start online operations.

By the time, the SARS epidemic was completely over, Richard Liu Qiangdong figured out that the e-commerce sector has huge potential, and there is still massive room for the new players to make their presence felt. It is for this reason he chose to sell off the stores he owned to focus entirely on the e-commerce business. The name of the site went through several changes over the next few years to be finally named as, also referred to as Jingdong Mall. The e-commerce site by Richard Liu Qiangdong houses tons of products of different categories starting from electronic gadgets to mobile phones and from home improvement products to fashion accessories and apparels for men and women. The delivery time of is amongst the fastest in the industry, and the customers can expect their products to be delivered within six to less than twenty hours for most of the orders.

Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to integrate new technologies and business methodologies to ensure that the success of continues to move ahead sustainably. Even though the competition in the field of e-commerce is rising at an exponential pace, Richard Liu Qiangdong is not worried about the competition at all. It is because he is focused on improving the customer service, quality of products on offer, reducing the cost of its products, and streamlining the business operations for more efficiency. Richard Liu Qiangdong is confident that in the next few years, would be dominating the global e-commerce arena.

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