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Philanthropist Isabel dos Santos Supports Initiatives to Improve Quality of Life

Often referred to as Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos is reported to be the continent’s first female billionaire. The Angolan businesswoman’s current net worth is estimated to be $2.3 billion American dollars.

Isabel dos Santos is generous with her vast wealth and is a strong proponent of social responsibility, which she says should have the ultimate goal of improving quality of life. She prefers to focus her philanthropic activities on causes that support healthcare, children in need, and education.

Isabel Dos Santos has supported healthcare in several ways. Her company underwrites and operates a national anti-malaria campaign. A charity that provides clean water to underserved communities has also benefitted from her company’s donations. Sometimes Isabel dos Santos is able to support a charity that is involved in more than one of her area’s of charitable emphasis. For example, her company is one of the biggest donors for a pediatric hospital. Within her businesses, Isabel dos Santos has worked to cultivate a corporate culture that encourages social responsibility and employee volunteerism. In addition to making donations, her companies also operate their own social ventures. One initiative has provided over 10,000 sick or needy Angolan children with a special adventure day. Isabel dos Santos doesn’t delegate all of her charity work to subordinates. Coordinating a Christmastime charitable telethon on national television is an example of her personal involvement in social ventures.

There have been occasions when Isabel Dos Santos participates in socially responsible initiatives that may appear to be outside of her focus areas. For instance, she was involved in a project to develop a strawberry farm in Humpata, Angola. This agricultural initiative employs 120 women. Isabel Dos Santos is a strong advocate for the employment of women. She believes that employed women use their earnings for “family, health, and education”, which is consistent with the areas that Isabel dos Santos supports.