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Isabel dos Santos Discusses Discrimination and Sexism in African Business Environment

Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world and the richest woman in Africa as well. The daughter of the late former president of Angola has excelled in entrepreneurship, philanthropic activities, and motivating students and upcoming entrepreneurs in various channels. Isabel dos Santos, in a recent interview, was discussing how she fairs in African business industry, which is dominated by male. In her response, Isabel notes some of the painful experiences and how she deals with them. 


According to Isabel dos Santos, discrimination and sexism are common issues of concern that all women working in Africa should understand. African society don’t accept women  that have a significant role to play in the growth of the community and other essential aspects of society. The tendency to view women as individuals who should stay at home taking care of their kids has not changed. 


Isabel dos Santos notes that, despite being a successful businesswoman, her opinion is second-guessed. She is not viewed as a person who can make deals on her own, especially when dealing with other businessmen. In a show of disregard and discrimination, most of the experienced business individuals who have influence in the society have a perception that Isabel is incapable of making sound decisions or negotiating a deal (Youtube). 


As a shrewd business person, she has had to deal with people who question her decision making. However, this has not derailed her to achieve success or continue with her thriving business activities. You might think that she, for being who she is hasn’t gone through this situations but Isabel has faced sexism and discrimination herself. However, she has had to incorporate creativity, skills, and experience when making decisions to prove the doubters wrong. She questions the double standards that are employed when comparing men and women, especially those in business.


Isabel dos Santos continues to highlight that, although discrimination and disregard for women in business is prevalent in Africa, it is a world problem and women in other parts of the world are experiencing the same. Women have to spend so much energy and dedication to put their point through and to be heard as well. The pressure is so much to independent women in business because they have to prove the society wrong by achieving success not only once but consistently. 

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