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EOS Presents Lip Balm in New Way

EOS Lip Balm is a big deal. Many people use this product, and there is still a lot of interest from new customers. Fast Company has been tracking the success of EOS,, and the sales are quite impressive. Much of this appeal for this company is marked by the strong determination of the founders of EOS to get an edge on the competition.

As Fast Company denotes, the road to getting an edge over the other lip balm competitors was built largely on making customers take notice of the lip balm. There are lots of other brands out there, but the competition has a small unit size for lip balm. Some people would not buy the lip balm jars because they thought that this was unsanitary to use their fingers to apply it. Others would stay away from the smaller tubes that would get lost so easily. The obvious choice for women that wanted lip balm products that would last for a long time was the EOS lip balm. This company would do a great job of changing the way that people perceived lip balm just by using a unique design to connect customers with the brand.

First impressions mean the world to customers that don’t spend a lot of time trying lip balm anyway. Most people never really used to pay much attention to what was available. EOS Lip Balm doesn’t allow you to ignore it though. It stands out. One cannot help but to see it when they are out and about. This results in impulse purchases for people that are standing in lines and waiting to check out on Target and Walmart stores. The reality is that people have to be exposed to something new to get their attention. EOS presented lip balm in a new way and gained attention.