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Dr. Johanan Rand Offers Insight on How to manage Age-related Effects.

Aging is a natural process which cannot be stopped, but nevertheless, it can be managed to help reduce the intensity of the effects that come along with old age. There are many health physicians out there who will suggest to you a number of do’s and don’ts but none will match the solutions offered by Dr. Johanan Rand who has been practicing for the last fifteen years. He offers commiserative care and inventive medical methods to cater for clients who are suffering from damaging effects of aging.


Treatment programs


Dr. Johanan Rand utilizes well researched and advanced medical procedures to treat these symptoms associated with old age. This includes a number of complications such as menopause, insomnia, depression and erectile dysfunction. He uses a combination of unique treatment formulas including creative weight loss programs to rid off his patients these old age complexity.


His treatment formula is at the long end designed to find out and eventually solve the root causes of the problems. At the same time, the medication proves instant relief from the associated symptoms. His program also caters for patient education. DR Johanan Rand says that clients who understand his model of treatment are more likely to appreciate and participate in the program.


The doctor employs a combination of therapeutic techniques such as physical therapy, hormone therapy, and dieting formulas. He says these are the backbone of his treatment plan with the goal of restoring the body back to premium health and optimum performance. Dr. Johanan Rand is licensed to practice medical acupuncture and he can therefore, us this method of immediate pain relief to his patients who are in acute physical displeasure. Additionally, he is also certified to practice cortisol injections, nerve blocks, and Steroid injections. This places him ahead of many other physicians because he is in a position to offer both natural remedies and traditional solutions to pain relief.


More about Dr. Johanan Rand


He is the founder and President of Healthy Aging Medical Center located in New Jersey, which provides medical solutions and rehabilitation to age-related effects. He studied at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York where he learned the skills and background to become an expert doctor dealing with age-related complications.

Benefits of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Practiced by Dr. Dov Rand