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Darien Dash Gives Great Advice To His Many Clients

When Darien Dash was in college at the University of Southern California, he and his cousin decided to create a record label. They came from a family that is involved in the entertainment industry, and they were knowledgeable enough about entertainment to do things well. They signed hip hop artists to their record label and made over $100 thousand with it. Darien Dash’s cousin continued to work in that industry after they graduated while he moved on to other things.

Darien Dash saw the needs in minority communities and knew that he had to do something about them. He wanted to give them access to the internet and was able to get help from President Clinton and Carly Fiorina to make that happen. He and Carly Fiorina started Places of Color, a technology firm that was built to give cheap computers to those in minority communities in New York and New Jersey. The firm did so much good work that it was recognized both regionally and nationally as the Technology Firm of the Year. To know more about Dash visit

Darien Dash moved on after his work with that firm and started another firm, which is all about advising those who are involved in many industries. He is highly sought-after for his financial and business advice, and he helps CEOs who are running large and small companies. He also helps professional athletes and those who are involved in entertainment. Dash works in New York City and has a team that he trusts. He says that it is important to keep an eye on everything that is going on with his business, especially the financial side of things, and he makes sure to do that. He works long hours and is always there when his clients need him. He has been involved in many positions in the business world and his time spent in those roles taught him everything he needed to give good advice to others.