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Maarten de Jeu Advocates for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Maarten de Jeu is an icon in Fortune 100 companies. He is an esteemed advisor with a skillset in commercial real estate and how it impacts an investment plan. This makes him a reliable expert in providing advice and guideline on how an investor can venture into commercial real estate. 

There are abundant opportunities for commercial real estate investments as long as investors are connected to the right people who can help them turn their ideas into reality and have assets at hand. There is a striking difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate investments. One significant difference is that commercial real estate is more expensive, with higher returns. Besides rent, tenants of commercial properties pay extra money to cover renovations, maintenance, among other types of upkeep to increase or maintain the value of the property. However, many are unable to venture alone due to the high initial cost. 

Maarten de Jeu helps investors make it ease in commercial property investment. He recommends networking and pooling resources together to meet the initial cost. Soon, the rewards will be impressive. Unlike residential reals estate that requires long term investment to make returns, commercial real estate investments earn short term returns in the form of rent. These returns can either be used to address several problems that arise during renovation or moved to other investments. The continuous availability of cash helps investors to diversify in their portfolios with different opportunities. Learn more:

Maarten de Jeu points out that commercial property investment is not highly volatile. Unlike stock market investing that is subject to high volatility, commercial real estate circumvents those concerns. Commercial property tenant mostly signs a lease for around five years at a time. A shorter contract may be filed depending on local laws at an expense. Maarten de Jeu also shares about many tax advantages that come with commercial real estate investment. It may involve many forms of tax deductions such as depreciation deduction from its value when filing annually. This difference is subjected to maintenance, repairs, among other costs. 

Maarten de Jeu advises commercial real estate investors first to engage experts for credible information on the benefits and help them discover what they might not be aware of. De Jeu studied at Oxford University, where he graduated as the first candidate with an MBA. He got his first job as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development with Aviva PLC. This allowed him to work with high-net-worth international agencies and individuals. Maarten is the genius behind the founding of SVM Business Advisory, working with various companies that are aiming to secure a global footing. De Jeu is also a co-founder of SpeakUp and works with many European public companies to help them maintain compliance with regulations.

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How Marc Beer Began Creating Industry Juggernaut Renovia

Marc Beer holds over 25 years as an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sales and marketing industry, during which time he has been involved with quite a significant number of firms. Throughout this time, he has become well-known within the niche, with this primarily being driven by the creative and unique solutions that he’s developed to help lead firms to success.


After graduating from Miami University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Beer soon found himself working for Genzyme, where he predominantly served in its sales and marketing division. In the years following this, he was able to create a positive name for himself, which subsequently led to a variety of promotions. These eventually led to Beer being named the Vice President of Global Marketing at the company, which allowed him to have a significant hand in many of its operations.


During this time, he had developed a large interest in establishing a firm of his own. As time wore on, he soon realized that he could no longer ignore this urge, which eventually led to him departing Genzyme and founding ViaCell in 2000. Despite the significant risk that was involved in creating the company, Marc Beer would soon achieve a great degree of success with it.


As a result, the biotechnology company soon grew to employ over 300 people and was eventually listed on the NASDAQ. Throughout this time, the firm specialized in umbilical cord blood stem cell collection and preservation, with a focus on using them to treat various conditions. Eventually, this led to the company being sold for $300 million to PerkinElmer. Learn more:


Following this, tragedy would strike Marc Beer, as his wife would suffer from a pulmonary embolism that would claim her life. As a result, Beer took time away from his career to concentrate on his family and care for his three young children. Over time, however, his children would persuade him to get back into his entrepreneurial endeavors, which he eventually did.


In the years following this, Beer would begin working with a variety of organizations, with each of these see a large amount of success. In 2016, he would go on to create Renovia Inc, a firm that specializes in creating diagnostic and treatment tools for women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. The company would subsequently go on to achieve a significant amount of success, with 2018 being quite an important year for Renovia, with this being for a few notable reasons.


The first of these is that the company was able to release its Leva device, which received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April of that year. Alongside this, Beer was able to lead the company through a Series B investment round that attracted $32 million in funding. Alongside this, the company would receive $10 million in venture funding.


Throughout this time, Marc Beer was able to attract investments from a variety of organizations, including The Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures, and Perceptive Advisors, among several others. With the funding, the firm looks to release several other devices in the coming years.

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Marc Beer’s Incredible Breakthrough in Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial career of Marc Beer has not been a walk in the park. It has been full of challenges, all of which he has overcome through his diligence and hard work. Since he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business from Miami University, Mark was confident that he would pursue a career in entrepreneurship. He started his career journey at Genzyme, where he worked as a sales and marketing personnel. In this pharmaceutical firm, he showed a lot of diligence and zeal in his work. This saw him rise the ranks and eventually becoming the Vice President of Global Marketing at the organization.


As the head of marketing, Marc Beer put a lot of effort to ensure that the company shone its way to the helm of the industry. He did this by promoting the organization’s medical products, which were designed for the people afflicted by the rare diseases, which were previously untreatable. People affected by those illnesses were medically underserved across the globe. His role in this organization challenged Beer to the extent that he felt the need to take his game a notch higher. He needed to develop solutions to the myriad of challenges that were faced by the pharmaceutical sector. This prompted him to quit his job at Genzyme to start his first organization.


In the year 2000, Marc left Genzyme and founded his new biotechnology company, ViaCell. He used the expertise and experience that he had acquired from his previous job to drive his company into success. The organization grew such that in 2005, it had hired more than 300 employees. In the same year, the company went public. This made it very easy for Beer to consolidate funds, which he could use to conduct laboratory and other medical research. He was determined to come up with solutions that would make the work of medical practitioners more efficient and comfortable. ViaCell specialized in collecting and preserving blood stem cells of the umbilical cord, which would be used to treat various human health conditions.


In 2007, the worst and least expected happened— Marc Beer’s wife succumbed to pulmonary embolism. This was immediately after he had sold his firm to PerkinElmer. The occurrence left Marc devastated, with the responsibility of taking care of his three children. He dedicated himself to the task, full-time, to ensure that his children got the love that they deserved. This almost derailed his entrepreneurial career. However, after seven years of taking care of his children, one of his daughters decided to come to his rescue. She recalled a piece of advice that her father had given her a while back, about living with purpose. In her view, driving them to and from school every day was not the primary purpose for his father. She, therefore, asked his father to continue pursuing his career without feeling tied by family issues. Learn more:


Fortunately, Marc Beer followed his daughter’s advice and returned to his entrepreneurship career. He launched his latest company, Renovia, where he is the current CEO and a co-founder. Over the last decade, Renovia has enjoyed some tremendous growth under the able leadership of Beer.

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Greg Blatt Doesn’t Worry About Being Conventional

Greg Blatt has spent time as the CEO of Match Group and Tinder. He was also the CEO of IAC as well as the general counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Blatt has learned a lot during his time as an attorney and business leader, and he shared some of his insights with IdeaMensch.

Conversations Are Always Better In Person

Greg Blatt prefers to have conversations in person because he feels like it’s easier to build relationships that way. However, he does concede that having meetings through video technology is a great way to talk to people if they can’t physically be in a room together. He says that it is preferable to talking on the phone because you can actually see who you are speaking with.

The BlackBerry Is Better Than the iPhone

Blatt said that he does enjoy what his iPhone can do, but he also thinks that the BlackBerry was the superior device. He told IdeaMensch that the iPhone has contributed to the degradation of the English language and the ability to use it properly.

He Doesn’t Really Bring Ideas to Life

As a leader, Greg Blatt understands that he doesn’t really bring ideas to life. Instead, he puts others in position to bring his ideas to life. Furthermore, an idea isn’t really worth pushing unless there is a consensus that it is the right one to pursue. To gain consensus, Blatt will ask his team as many questions as he can think of to ensure that an idea can eventually benefit the company in a tangible way.

About Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt was a writer up until the time he started working as general counsel for Martha Stewart’s company. He graduated from Colgate with an English degree before eventually moving on to Columbia to get his law degree.

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Marc Beer – article recap

Marc Beer has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 25 years. His companies reached the top because of his propensity to develop workable solutions that are the immediate answers to the problems of the day. 


After graduating from Miami University with a degree in business, Marc Beer went directly into pharmaceutical sales. He eventually became the vice president of global marketing at Genzyme. With this promotion, Genzyme became a global company that was able to address the needs of 350 million medically underserved people. The new product line that Marc Beer and his company were presenting to the world treated the more than 7,000 rare diseases that weren’t being adequately treated in the past. 


Marc Beer became energized by helping solve medical problems for the medically underserved population, so he wanted to do even more for these people. It is the reason that he launched his own business. 


The first company that Marc Beer launched was a biotech company that he called “ViaCell.” The company eventually went public in 2005. This company collected umbilical cord blood and preserved it so that the stem cells could be developed and used to treat various illnesses. 


At this time, Marc Beer was also a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that is being publicly traded. He also held several sales and marketing positions in major companies. He was also a founding chairman of the board of directors of Good Start Genetics’ compensation committee. He held the same positions with Minerva Neurosciences and was a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. Learn more:


Marc Beer had the opportunity to sell ViaCell to PerkinElmer for a whopping $300 million! This was a magical time for Marc Beer, but it was also the time that tragedy struck. 


A Moment of Heartbreak


Very soon after his business success, Marc Beer lost his beloved wife to a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42. Marc took the time to give his three children all of the attention that they needed at this time, but his 14-year-old daughter knew that this wouldn’t be enough for him. She remembered the advice her dad gave her when she needed to live life with a purpose, so she gave his words back to him. She believed that Marc’s purpose was not to drive her to and from school every day. 


Marc Beer went headfirst into his next venture as the chairman, CEO and one of the founders of Renovia. Dr. Ray Iglesias is a gynecologist who wanted to avoid performing so many pelvic surgeries, and when he contacted Marc Beer, they came up with an idea that would work. 


Marc Beer, Dr. Ray Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie founded Renovia for the purpose of developing diagnostic and therapeutic devices for women experiencing pelvic floor issues. The new devices would give doctors new ways to diagnose these disorders quickly and treat them. Nearly 25 percent of American women suffer from these maladies.

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CEO Matt Fleeger is Responsible for Steering the Gulf Coast Western Company to Its Success

Gulf Coast Western is a venture led by Matt Fleeger to improve the oil and gas industries, which the majority of other industries and residential communities rely on for their daily activities. As the company president and CEO, Matt Fleeger reviews all aspects of daily operations and he has decided that combining talents, resources, industry knowledge, and experience is the best way to push the company forward.

Gulf Coast Western

The company’s primary focus is on the exploration, development, and acquisition of domestic oil and gas reserves, which are mostly located in the Gulf Coast region of America. More specifically, the company focuses on key properties that have both geological and geophysical advantages that already have well-developed structures because these have potential in giving better returns.

Matt Fleeger reviews the company’s performance through the years and he attributes their success to their open, transparent, and honest relationships with their accredited partners. He noted that theirs is more than just a business transaction. They have fostered mutual trust and respect, which can only be earned by dealing with each other with honesty and integrity.

This successful company that now employs hundreds of individuals across its varied locations is actually a small family business founded outside Dallas, Texas in 1970. Today, after almost 40 years in the industry, they now have locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. On top of that, they manage to serve more states with the company’s output.

Matthew FleegerIn Southwestern Louisiana, the company has expanded its footprint by collaborating with two partners: Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. This partnership has enabled Gulf Coast Western to continue to develop hundreds of prospects in the area of their mutual interest which covers many miles and spans across many towns.

Part of this partnership also includes an agreement with Warhorse Oil and Gas that the Gulf Coast Western company will operate the majority of the development wells and they will also manage the various operators that already currently operate the producing wells.  This includes the following companies: LLOX, Union Gas, Endeavor NG, Zachary Exploration, and Neumin Production. With all these acquired wells, Matt Fleeger expects to add 800 barrels daily to their production.

Maarten De Jeu Shares some of the Necessary Qualifications of a Corporate Development Expert

Maarten de Jeu is a prominent Chicago based serial entrepreneur and business consultant with decades of expertise in international business. De Jeu, on a day to day basis, offers startups, multinational companies, and high net worth individuals with strategic business advice. The advice has propelled them to more significant successes in the world of business. De Jeu is a highly learned businessman. He is an alumnus of the University of Oxford where he graduated first in his class. De Jeu, after completing his university education, began a successful career in the world of international business, real estate investment as well as financial services among others. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, De Jeu held senior positions in global companies such as Aviva plc. At Avic he held the position of Director of Strategy and Corporate Development in the North American office and International Strategy Manager at the London based office. Other international firms that De Jeu served include TVDK Management Consultants, Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING among others.

It is in the year 2012 that De Jeu quit formal employment and pursued his passion for entrepreneurship. De Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory that is located in Chicago. The firm focuses on providing consultancy services to top companies such as the Fortune 100 financial services companies and startups, among others. Clients that have sought De Je services have significantly benefited from his deep understanding and in-depth knowledge of the international business world as well as cultural settings. Learn more:

One area that Maarten De Jeu is well versed in is the area of corporate development. Corporate development, according to De Jeu, is an area of business that focuses on making strategic business decisions to expand or restructure businesses. There are several ways through which business can be expanded or restructured, and they include mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint venture deals, and divestitures, among others. All business restructuring and expansion plans aim at achieving organizational excellence. Mergers and acquisition is the most common type of corporate development that many businesses adopt when they want to restructure, acquire investors, sell, or purchase another company. Large companies, when undergoing restructuring, often buy small potential companies. Some of the things that large organization looks at in small business they want to acquire include revenue, client base, and appealing cash flows, among others. Corporate development professionals who are tasked with mergers and acquisition before making such a move must first do a careful analysis of the firm that the company wants to invest. Some of the things that professionals assess include risks involved in the merger, among others. Once they have identified a profitable company to invest in, they negotiate the terms of the deal and facilitate the process.

People wishing to pursue a career in the corporate development field must have the following qualification and skills advice Maarten De Jeu. The qualification and skills include investment banking basic accounting knowledge such as preparation of financial statements, and computer skills are also a must, especially Excel and PowerPoint. Also, one will need to have work experience in the field of merger and acquisition and must be an excellent communicator and negotiator. A Bachelor of Science or Business Degree is necessary for the area, and those with an MBA might have an added advantage.

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The Benefits of Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter. JetSmarter is an app that makes private jet traveling cheaper. Sergey was named as one of Florida’s top working professionals. He developed the idea of JetSmarter in 2009 after realizing that most planes average 200 hours per year when they could be averaging at least 1,200. He figured travel could be cheaper by buying the idle of time and breaking it up by seats. This makes the whole process cheaper and would encourage more people to fly privately. There are many benefits to flying privately. With flying privately, you won’t have to wait in the long lines at the airport, you are more likely to arrive closer to your departure time, and the experience is more calm and intimate.

JetSmarter has lowered the cost of flying privately. Travelers can typically join for $15,000 during the first year and then it drops down to $10,000 after. JetSmarter offers 120 flights per day worldwide. Members are allowed to hop on existing flights or schedule their own. Worldwide, they connect to over 3,200 airplanes in 172 countries.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov stated that most customers are not only drawn to JetSmarter by their affordable prices but are also drawn to them by their type of lifestyle. The customers are more than willing to pay a little more to relieve the stress of a typical flight. Customers are also drawn in by the ability to meet potential business partners, which makes the process all the more worth it. JetSmarter helps its customers save time and relieve stress.

How Jack Plotkin Thinks Telehealth Could Influence The Future

Jack PlotkinMany people are used to getting in their cars and driving to the doctor’s office whenever they have an appointment but this may soon become a thing of the past with the newest innovation known as telehealth. If you’re not familiar with this, it is simply the concept of consulting with your doctor without being in the same room with them. For many people, this may seem rather appealing but unfortunately, it’s not exactly available to the average person as these types of procedures typically come with an exorbitant price tag. Jack Plotkin thinks it will interest people to know that these types of procedures aren’t covered by Medicare or Medicaid. There are also no major health insurers who are willing to subsidize this type of treatment.

As such, this type of system is only available for those who are able to afford the inflated price tag that comes with it. Of course, there are other hurdles telehealth has to overcome before it becomes available to the middle class. Many doctors and nurses these days are finding themselves unable to access the medical records of the patients they are currently attempting to diagnose and subsequently treat. Those electronic medical records are typically locked securely and, as such, they are not available at the average call center. However, there are people out there currently attempting to rectify this situation with a new platform known as Virtual Health.

Jack PlotkinWith a planned release in the next year or two, this new system is designed to combine the electronic medical records with the rest of the medical database thereby making it much easier for doctors and nurses to access. Despite these obstacles, though, it is still more readily available thanks to the new innovation of wearable health gadgets. This is due to the various smartwatches people have nowadays that can track your biometrics and send this data directly to the medical lab for your doctors to analyze. Jack Plotkin says it makes it easier for them to successfully diagnose and treat whatever diseases or illnesses you may have at any given moment.


Things you need to know about Sergey Petrossov

Sergey PetrossovThrough JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov has discovered his strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurship. Though he is an oracle in the field, he concentrates on correcting the issues that bring his business down. During the launch of the company in 2013, he knew that he would rise by partnering with celebrities and smart people. Jay-Z and other celebrities are part of his successful enterprise. With the help of the funds they contributed, JetSmarter came to life and it has continued to shine. The venture is known for the jet booking services it provides to its customers. Through the app that Sergey created, people can easily book their preferred private jets online.

Sergey serves his clients with diligence. He offers them security to protect them from theft while they are traveling. Besides, the data that they share with his enterprise is secured through encryption to prevent cyberbullies from accessing it. With this, his clients barely suffer humiliation from people with ill motives.

Additionally, Sergey Petrossov focuses on bringing value to the lives of others through the services he provides at JetSmarter. Entrepreneurs that focus on the happiness of their clients continue to bring more revenue in their businesses. By minding the feelings and feedback of their clients, it gets evident that their ventures will proliferate. According to Servey, business people that mishandle their clients and sell low-quality goods to them are more likely to fail in their endeavors. Besides, every entrepreneur must be aware of the goals of their clients and offer them guidance on the things they can do to achieve them.

Sergey has brought convenience to his customers as he lets them decide on the time they want to travel. Each client can create their flights according to the time they are available and free to travel to any of the continents outlined in the firm’s schedule. The flexible nature of his services has eased his customers from the cumbersome issue of rushing in the last minutes. Petrossov shuns arrogance at work. According to his experiences in the sector, leaders may get angry at work due to poor performance by their employees. He advises them to maintain a clear mind, so they can settle every issue without destroying their relationships.