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The Benefits of Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter. JetSmarter is an app that makes private jet traveling cheaper. Sergey was named as one of Florida’s top working professionals. He developed the idea of JetSmarter in 2009 after realizing that most planes average 200 hours per year when they could be averaging at least 1,200. He figured travel could be cheaper by buying the idle of time and breaking it up by seats. This makes the whole process cheaper and would encourage more people to fly privately. There are many benefits to flying privately. With flying privately, you won’t have to wait in the long lines at the airport, you are more likely to arrive closer to your departure time, and the experience is more calm and intimate.

JetSmarter has lowered the cost of flying privately. Travelers can typically join for $15,000 during the first year and then it drops down to $10,000 after. JetSmarter offers 120 flights per day worldwide. Members are allowed to hop on existing flights or schedule their own. Worldwide, they connect to over 3,200 airplanes in 172 countries.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov stated that most customers are not only drawn to JetSmarter by their affordable prices but are also drawn to them by their type of lifestyle. The customers are more than willing to pay a little more to relieve the stress of a typical flight. Customers are also drawn in by the ability to meet potential business partners, which makes the process all the more worth it. JetSmarter helps its customers save time and relieve stress.

How Jack Plotkin Thinks Telehealth Could Influence The Future

Jack PlotkinMany people are used to getting in their cars and driving to the doctor’s office whenever they have an appointment but this may soon become a thing of the past with the newest innovation known as telehealth. If you’re not familiar with this, it is simply the concept of consulting with your doctor without being in the same room with them. For many people, this may seem rather appealing but unfortunately, it’s not exactly available to the average person as these types of procedures typically come with an exorbitant price tag. Jack Plotkin thinks it will interest people to know that these types of procedures aren’t covered by Medicare or Medicaid. There are also no major health insurers who are willing to subsidize this type of treatment.

As such, this type of system is only available for those who are able to afford the inflated price tag that comes with it. Of course, there are other hurdles telehealth has to overcome before it becomes available to the middle class. Many doctors and nurses these days are finding themselves unable to access the medical records of the patients they are currently attempting to diagnose and subsequently treat. Those electronic medical records are typically locked securely and, as such, they are not available at the average call center. However, there are people out there currently attempting to rectify this situation with a new platform known as Virtual Health.

Jack PlotkinWith a planned release in the next year or two, this new system is designed to combine the electronic medical records with the rest of the medical database thereby making it much easier for doctors and nurses to access. Despite these obstacles, though, it is still more readily available thanks to the new innovation of wearable health gadgets. This is due to the various smartwatches people have nowadays that can track your biometrics and send this data directly to the medical lab for your doctors to analyze. Jack Plotkin says it makes it easier for them to successfully diagnose and treat whatever diseases or illnesses you may have at any given moment.


Things you need to know about Sergey Petrossov

Sergey PetrossovThrough JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov has discovered his strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurship. Though he is an oracle in the field, he concentrates on correcting the issues that bring his business down. During the launch of the company in 2013, he knew that he would rise by partnering with celebrities and smart people. Jay-Z and other celebrities are part of his successful enterprise. With the help of the funds they contributed, JetSmarter came to life and it has continued to shine. The venture is known for the jet booking services it provides to its customers. Through the app that Sergey created, people can easily book their preferred private jets online.

Sergey serves his clients with diligence. He offers them security to protect them from theft while they are traveling. Besides, the data that they share with his enterprise is secured through encryption to prevent cyberbullies from accessing it. With this, his clients barely suffer humiliation from people with ill motives.

Additionally, Sergey Petrossov focuses on bringing value to the lives of others through the services he provides at JetSmarter. Entrepreneurs that focus on the happiness of their clients continue to bring more revenue in their businesses. By minding the feelings and feedback of their clients, it gets evident that their ventures will proliferate. According to Servey, business people that mishandle their clients and sell low-quality goods to them are more likely to fail in their endeavors. Besides, every entrepreneur must be aware of the goals of their clients and offer them guidance on the things they can do to achieve them.

Sergey has brought convenience to his customers as he lets them decide on the time they want to travel. Each client can create their flights according to the time they are available and free to travel to any of the continents outlined in the firm’s schedule. The flexible nature of his services has eased his customers from the cumbersome issue of rushing in the last minutes. Petrossov shuns arrogance at work. According to his experiences in the sector, leaders may get angry at work due to poor performance by their employees. He advises them to maintain a clear mind, so they can settle every issue without destroying their relationships.

HCR Wealth Advisors – Investment Tips in Your Best Interest

HCR Wealth Advisors

Achieving financial growth over a period of time requires a good amount of financial planning, and the sooner you start, the better it can be for you in the long-term. Often times, people are so focused on their professional career and day-to-day life that they skip out on comprehensive financial planning, and it is why seeking the help of professional financial consultants such as HCR Wealth Advisors can be instrumental. With years of experience in the financial planning world, HCR Wealth Advisors can help you build a personalized financial plan that can guide you in the right direction when it comes to wealth creation.

HCR Wealth Advisors is an RIA or a registered investment advisory firm that can help you glide through any and all life transitions without any financial struggles. The stages of life that one passes through are always knitted closely with the financial factors, and it is important that it is given due attention in order to avoid disputes and hassles later on. HCR Wealth Advisors have guided hundreds of clients over the years since its inception in 1988 to a build personalized wealth creation strategy designed to assist them in move ahead with financial confidence that is needed in turbulent financial times. If you are seeking the help of a professional investment advisory firm, consulting with the financial planning professionals at HCR Wealth is something that you should consider. Whether you are selling or buying a business, going through a divorce, buying real estate or need help with building an investment portfolio, HCR Wealth can help you take care of your finances in a professional manner and adjust anything necessary to help to ensure that you are on the right path to achieving your goals.

It is not always easy for people to make decisions about their investments because they are not updated on the latest developments in the market. HCR Wealth Advisors are experienced and can offer advice to people when it comes to investing their hard-earned money. They will be able to invest with confidence.


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Marc Beer’s Accomplishments

Marc Beer holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business from Miami University. He studied the course in 1987, which paved the way to his lucrative career due to the skills and knowledge that he got. He is a problem solver to many challenges and issues that his company experiences from time to time. Put, Marc Beer is proficient in marketing pharmaceutical products. As an entrepreneur, he is a master of selling the items in a strategic way to attract customers. His work is remarkable since he dedicates time in helping out those who need the treatment the most.

In 2000, Marc Beer started to climb the career path by establishing the ViaCell Company. It was a biotechnology organization that thrived and gave jobs to more than 300 people. Its specialty was collecting stem cells from the umbilical cord and using them to treat various body ailments. By 2007, he sold the venture to PerkinElmer at a price worth $300 million. It was the peak of his accomplishments since he had nurtured many people and succeeded business-wise. His net worth has grown over the years, making him a prominent entrepreneur.

The crowning moment that Marc Beer experienced was being the chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Renovia. Together with Yolanda Lorie, and Dr.Iglesias, they formed Renovia which assists women with pelvic floor diseases. They came up with machines that diagnosed and treated the ailments. He mainly saw the need to eradicate such disorders since they affected about 25% of the women in the United States, yet it was costly. In 2018, his efforts came to pass since the company saw the inception of Leva. It is a system that strengthens and trains muscles on the pelvic floor. Thanks to health care investors, the project was successful, and the FDA approved the product.

Marc Beer is good at working with other people by instilling practical expertise with them. He focuses on their capabilities and the organizational structure to acquire excellence. Efficiency and effectiveness are also essential when it comes to resource utilization. He ensures that they set goals so that it can be crystal clear what exactly they will achieve. Fund allocation is also crucial so that the outcome will be positive. Furthermore, he offers pieces of advice to other business owners across the world. 

In terms of philanthropy, Marc Beer is on the boat and has made significant contributions to society. He is a board member in the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation that gives financial aid to cancer patients and their loved ones. Moreover, he is a member of the Erytech Pharma that assists people who are in strenuous health situations. It is also reflected in his family because since he lost his wife, Marc Beer raises his children with love and care. Learn more:

James River Capital’s Paul Saunders Recommends 7 Ways To Fund Your Business Ideas

There’s no doubt that all people have thought of a business idea at least once in their lives. Entrepreneurs are people who will attempt to make their business ideas come true by making the business. To do so, entrepreneurs often find themselves looking for ways to fund their business idea.  Learn more:


Having a business idea is the easiest part of starting the business. You need to find a problem or two that needs a solution, develop and sell the solution to the market, and earn money afterward. Often, the hardest part is having the funds to develop the product. Paul Saunders, the chief executive officer of the James River Capital Corp., offers tips on how to start and fund a startup.


  1. Bootstrapping


Bootstrapping is a funding system in which the entrepreneur gets the initial funding from his or her own personal savings, credit cards, or even borrowing from family and friends. Paul Saunders recommended to be patient and spend more time in building savings. Investors are likely to become more attractive if the entrepreneur already contributed his share in the venture.


  1. Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is a relatively new way to gather funds for a new product and is actually very popular in the tech industry. In crowdfunding, the entrepreneur will present the idea to the masses for its development. After the development and delivery of the product, those who gave their support will be given an incentive.


  1. Business Loans


Banks are traditionally where budding entrepreneurs get their initial findings with bank loans. In order to get approved, you should have a great credit score. You will pay for an interest in the fund that you use. For entrepreneurs who want to start a small business, a Small Business Administration or an SBA loan is preferable.


  1. Local Loans


Local loans are loans that are given by local investors and business centers. Business development centers are usually found inside universities. The entrepreneur will meet investors who will help him or her get local loans if the business idea is profitable.


  1. Angel Investors


An Angel Investor is someone who is a member of the Angel Capital Association. Usually, these investors will invest their spare money to the ideas which they find promising. Angel investors can give $10,000 or more in investments. These investors can also help entrepreneurs find the right investors for their ideas.


  1. Venture Capitalists


Venture capitalists are companies or individuals who invest money from their own clients to invest in high-return companies. These investors are aiming to get 3-10 times of their investments within 5-7 years.


  1. Trading Equity


And last but not least is to make a public company by doing an initial public offering. This will not let you incur debt, but you will not own the company 100%.


Paul Saunders is leading the James River Capital Corp., an investment firm that is currently based in Richmond, Virginia. It was founded in 1995 by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. The company focuses on corporate credit, equity strategies, asset-backed securities, and more.

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Marc Beer Discusses The Business Of Medicine


The world of medicine keeps evolving as more ways to treat different issues are discovered. While there are a lot of scientists and doctors behind these developments, there are also professionals such as Marc Beer who use their abilities to get products to the market after arranging to finance for their development. Marc Beer has been working with different pharmaceutical companies since the 1990s and has been a part of several important medications that changed the lives of the people who needed them.


Currently, Marc Beer holds the position of co-founder as well as Chief Executive Officer for Renovia, a company that focuses on developing products for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorder. There are millions of women around the world who are dealing with pelvic floor disorders and Renovia hopes to be able to improve many of their lives through the products under their development. Pelvic floor disorders are becoming an increasingly big concern to Americans as they look for options to avoid surgery. Learn more:


When Marc Beer was still a child, he developed a fascination with what modern medicine could do for people. Not only could modern medicine helps sick people on an individual basis, but it also could change the future of mankind. This is why he knew he wanted to be involved in the industry at some level. People no longer have to die at an early age because of diseases like cancer and diabetes now that they have developed and approved better treatment options. He helped to found Renovia after being approached b a doctor about the idea and they decided to make it all a reality and started building the company.


While the company may not have turned a profit just yet, Marc Beer says that this is normal for the industry. Renovia is still in a very early stage when it comes to a pharmaceutical business and profit will come later after more products are approved and brought to the market to help the women who have pelvic floor disorders. So far, they have already had 2 successful rounds of funding for the company. Some of the investors from the first round also joined for the second round of funding as well.


One of the toughest things that Marc Beer ever has had to do in his professional life is to let go of certain team members. He is very close with his team and wants to see them all succeed, but sometimes they are just not a good fit for the company that they were working for. It’s important that you have a strong team as well as strong products if you want to make it in the fast-moving world of pharmaceuticals.


Smita Shah: Encouraging More Women to Become Engineers

Smita Shah is one of the brightest engineers in the United States today. She is the founder of SPAAN Tech, and she leads the company to provide engineering solutions to a wide array of clients. She said that managing her company is not easy, because people would always have the assumption that girls like her should not be trying out a career in the engineering sector. This is what she wanted to change, and she is becoming an inspiration for many young girls across the United States who also wanted to pursue a career in the STEM sector. Smita Shah is encouraging a whole generation of women to take up a career based on STEM and becoming the next engineers and scientists of the future.


Smita Shah used to study in India when she was younger. She recalled that being bright in science and math is unusual for girls in India, and her classmates felt surprised knowing that she can solve math problems in front of the class, competing with the boys. Later on, she immigrated to the United States because she wanted to take hold of the opportunities found on the other side of the world. She entered MIT when she was in college and took a degree in engineering. She worked so hard for her degree, and when she graduated, she decided to establish a business that would provide engineering solutions to the public.


She established SPAAN Tech in 1998 and admitted that it was too difficult to manage at first. She revealed that she established the company without thinking about the disadvantages. She only thought that establishing a business can take her somewhere, and ignored the negative things that could happen to her career. Through her determination to succeed, Smita Shah started to offer her company’s services to many entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and in the long run, the company became well-known because of the services that they provide. She also gained recognition and awards from several organizations because of her role in making her company succeed. Today, Smita Shah is enjoying the fruits of her labor, and she is encouraging the girls across the country to emulate her success. Learn more:


She stated that in the United States, the STEM sector is still dominated by men, although there are massive changes that are happening on universities and colleges across the country. In her alma mater, the female population is currently at 47% of the entire school population. She stated that it is a big step towards her aim of inviting more women to participate in the industry. Smita Shah felt positive knowing that her influence towards the young girls in the country would have a positive effect on the number of women who will be taking up engineering degrees in the future. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

HCR Wealth Advisors: Dealing with Divorce

There comes a time for many individuals when they feel they have found that special someone to spend their life with. Fast-forward several years later and the couple ends up one of the many married couples who end up getting a divorce. HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that understands that there are many factors regarding the divorce process that may cause people to pay more than they should in an already stressful time.

Many couples undergoing divorce believe the first thing to do is to hire a lawyer specializing in family law. It may be wiser to find a financial advisor who has training in matters such as divorce. Financial problems are a leading cause of divorce in the United States. Family Law attorneys may not be able to guide couples going through a divorce on financial questions they may need answering. It is becoming more common for clients undergoing divorce to hire financial advisors as the first plan of action in a divorce due to financial complications.

A misconception in the divorce process is that the couples should go through mediation because it is more inclusive of both parties, as well as cheaper. This may not always work out because when a couple is at the stage where they are trying to get a divorce, it is almost impossible for them to agree on anything and they can no longer communicate properly. Mediation is not a viable option if this criterion can’t be met with both parties. Mediation is often extremely time consuming and ultimately fails in many cases. HCR Wealth Advisors can advise on the positives and negatives involved in mediation and determine if it is a good choice for both parties.

HCR Wealth Advisors has focused on helping its clients through significant life changes, such as going through a divorce. They take the time to ensure that their clients understand the divorce procedure. They can help their clients when it comes to dividing the assets when an agreement is reached, and they build a financial map for their clients to follow when the divorce is finalized. HCR Wealth Advisors can help to form financial strategies for couples going through a divorce and can try to assist in making a difficult transition as smooth as possible.


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CEO of Nexbank Speaks at Latest Conference

The President and CEO of NexBank John Holt attended the latest Texas Bankers Association meeting. He served as one of the panelists for the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the conference, Holt was part of a Banker Panel Discussion that addressed reinventing community banking. The event was held in an effort to help improve services and operations for community banks. This would help provide many people in the industry with valuable insight on how to better satisfy customers as well as make innovative changes in the commercial banking industry.


Each year the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is an event that allows bank leaders, consultants and advisers to talk about current banking issues. They are able to share their perspectives on a number of opportunities and challenges that are currently present in the banking industry. Some of these issues are also challenges that bank leaders are facing. As a result, the panelists and participants look for ways to devise effective strategies for making improvements in the banking industry. Some of the most common strategies used include mergers and acquisitions activity, organic growth and also expanding branches.


NexBank is a leading financial services company located in Texas. It serves as a commercial bank that provides a wide range of services to its clients. The bank has three core businesses which include commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. Each of these divisions are available to help customers make deposits, get mortgages and also receive financial advisory services. NexBank also provides financial and banking services for institutional clients, financial institutions and also corporations. All of the services are available for companies and institutional clients throughout the nation. During the last few years, NexBank has expanded by acquiring other financial institutions to offer more services that include college savings plans as well.

NexBank Capital Inc. Quarterly Profile June 2017 from jrotter