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Helping People With Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy option for people who are struggling with mental illnesses and need therapy, but do not like the thought of being face to face with a therapist.

A lot of times facing a mental issue can be embarrassing. People do not like to admit that they have a problem. They do not like to talk to people about it because they feel that they are being judged. Talkspace allows them to get the help that they need without having to be face to face with someone. They can receive the help that they need through an online chat session.

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Since being started Talkspace has had quite a few reviews posted on the internet about their services. Some of these reviews and some are not so good just like the reviews for many other businesses. The reviews say things like how down to earth the staff is. They talk about how you feel that you can talk to them about anything that you are facing. The only downfall you really see is the fact that it is an online session so sometimes you may face technical issues.

The reviews also talk about how much the patients love Talkspace because it allows them to talk about anything that is on their mind without being judged. They can get the help that they truly need and deserve without having to stress about it.

Talkspace is kind of a new option for people suffering from mental illnesses, but it is an option that is going to remain around for a pretty long time. More and more people are going to continue to reach out to Talkspace for help. The employees at Talkspace are going to continue to expand the company and try to make it the best that it can be. They hope to change the lives of many other people. Read More:

Talkspace Therapy App Review

Therapy is something that most people need at one time or another. It helps people through difficult times in their lives. Therapists range from emotional to physical support. Millions of people use therapists every year and most love the experience. It helps them to know that someone is there to listen and to help them.

So many people love therapists but they hate having to go sit in an office and wait for an appointment. Well I have some great news for you, it’s an app called Talkspace. This is an app that connects you to therapists online. You can use this app to talk to therapists on your phone. This app is cheaper than a face to face therapist session and they are available five days a week. You can talk to a licensed therapist anytime, anywhere. This app is also secure so none of your information gets out. All you have to do is download the app and answer afew questions and you will get a list if the best therapists around that will fit your needs. This app is also effective. Most people stop going to therapists because of the wait for appointments and the wait at the office. And some people dont like face to face conversations. Well this app will solve all of those problems. Talkspace gets high reviews and is loved by its clients. Our therapist are friendly and knowledgeable. Our clients have called this app the best. View all post at

Therapy is a long and challenging find road to alot of people. It is needed for some people to get through life’s challenges. There are so many kinds of therapists from marriage counseling, to personal support. Our app Talkspace has them all. You are sure to love this app and everything it has to offer. Let Talkspace make life easier for you and your family, its fast, easy, and affordable.


Roseann Bennett Analyzes the Benefits of Positive Thinking as a Mental Problem Prevention Strategy

According to Roseann Bennett, a licensed and experienced family and marriage therapist, most of the people try to concentrate very much on the negative happenings in their daily lives. For example, a person would be highly concerned on the fact that he does not have sufficient funds to spend the Christmas holiday in an exotic travel destination and fail to recognize that he has actually been able to witness the Christmas celebrations with his families, something that other families did not get.

Giving much attention on the negative aspects of our lives and what happened to us during the day is what causes mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Roseann Bennett notes that many people spend much of their time thinking of how they are a failure, which is a considerable cause for depression. Many people are currently experiencing depression and other mental challenges because they have played a major role in finding themselves in such situations.

The experienced therapist, Roseann Bennett recommends that individuals should give much attention on the things that make them happy rather than the things that make them to feel inadequate. In each day that passes, it would be much important to focus on the positives and accomplishments rather than to focus on the failure. Focusing on the positives helps an individual to have the necessary strength to move forward to the next step and towards their goals and objectives.

Roseann Bennett discusses the power of positive thinking in ensuring that an individual maintains both his physical and mental health. However, maintaining a positive thinking does not mean that you will not discuss the lows of the day and how you felt bad. It would be important to recognize the lows of the day while at the same time formulating strategies that would help you to avoid the lows the following day.

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Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps

Talkspace has only been in the market for a short time but already made a huge impact in the lives of very many people. The app focuses on offering its customers online therapy. The institution was founded by Oren Frank, and it has been doing so much for its clients. Just recently, the organization announced that it was going to partner with Michael Phelps so that they can offer the right mental care to the people who need it. Talkspace believes that more people are improving their current mental health in the presence of personalities who have gone through similar problems in the past.

While speaking about the new partnership to the international community, Talkspace CEO, Oren Frank has said that the new partnership with Michael Phelps will feature a US national television campaign. During the campaign, Michael will speak to the audience concerning his personal experiences and also encourage more people to speak about their mental health. The platform will also be used to talk to the people about the benefits of having an application such as Talkspace. Michael has dealt with depression and many other personal problems in the past. Like many people, the businessman chose to keep quiet, and this brought him a lot of suffering. With the help of professionals such as Oren Frank and his team, the employees in the United States will have a better future. Problems such as anxiety are dealt with online.

In the modern times, there have been so many cases of sexual harassment. Most cases reported shows that women are mostly affected. Regardless of the age and gender, sexual harassment has so many consequences on the people who are affected. There are few individuals who have been living very miserable lives because of their encounters in the past. Talkspace has been observing these numerous cases, and it has come up with some few tips to help the victims. According to Talkspace, it is possible for the people who have been sexually harassed to live happy lives just like the other individuals in the society. Talkspace have professionals who handle their cases online, and they ensure that the patients have a complete recovery.