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Your Big Idea Might Come To Life With The Help of Allied Wallet

Starting a new business can be a very daunting process and Allied Wallet wants to help entrepreneurs along the way. They are doing this by bringing back its campaign that is known as their “My Big Idea” campaign. Through this program, the payment processing company is encouraging people to share their ideas with them and is offering to share their tools in order to help these ideas be brought to life. 

The founder of Allied Wallet, Dr. Andy Khawhaja, believes that entrepreneurs and merchants are much more able to achieve the success that they are hoping for as long as they are given the right tools to proceed forward. As part of the program, they are even offering a free iPad to one of their submitters who have shared their big idea with them. At Allied Wallet they hope that the iPad will help them grow their business.

Allied Wallet is one of the largest providers of payment solutions throughout the world and plays a big part in the world of e-commerce. Currently, their payment solutions are offered in 196 countries which is a big deal for those entrepreneurs who do business internationally on a regular basis. There are a lot of tools on the internet that entrepreneurs have access to and Allied Wallet wants to make sure that entrepreneurs know about all of their options as they start their business and try to help it grow (Twitter). 

Allied Wallet has been revolutionizing the world of e-commerce for years and continues to make innovations to this day. The payment processing services that they offer are PCI compliant and are available for businesses of almost any size. The payment gateway Allied Wallet offers is state of the art and is designed to optimize the process of making an online transaction. 

With the tools that the company offers, their customers are able to do business internationally in a secure and convenient way. The global economy is changing thanks to the internet and Allied Wallet is constantly finding new solutions for their customers. If you are interested in submitting an idea, it can be done through their website’s My Big Idea page.

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Talkspace Therapy App Review

Therapy is something that most people need at one time or another. It helps people through difficult times in their lives. Therapists range from emotional to physical support. Millions of people use therapists every year and most love the experience. It helps them to know that someone is there to listen and to help them.

So many people love therapists but they hate having to go sit in an office and wait for an appointment. Well I have some great news for you, it’s an app called Talkspace. This is an app that connects you to therapists online. You can use this app to talk to therapists on your phone. This app is cheaper than a face to face therapist session and they are available five days a week. You can talk to a licensed therapist anytime, anywhere. This app is also secure so none of your information gets out. All you have to do is download the app and answer afew questions and you will get a list if the best therapists around that will fit your needs. This app is also effective. Most people stop going to therapists because of the wait for appointments and the wait at the office. And some people dont like face to face conversations. Well this app will solve all of those problems. Talkspace gets high reviews and is loved by its clients. Our therapist are friendly and knowledgeable. Our clients have called this app the best. View all post at

Therapy is a long and challenging find road to alot of people. It is needed for some people to get through life’s challenges. There are so many kinds of therapists from marriage counseling, to personal support. Our app Talkspace has them all. You are sure to love this app and everything it has to offer. Let Talkspace make life easier for you and your family, its fast, easy, and affordable.


Dallas-Based Bank Dominates 3 Categories In Best Performing US Community Banks

This year, the S&P Global Market Intelligence, a provider of multi-asset class and real-time data, research, and analytics, released its list of the Best-Performing US Community Banks. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s report, a bank in Dallas was able to top the three categories in this year’s list. The categories are in equity, efficiency, and asset quality.

The said company, NexBank Capital Inc, is a bank based in Dallas, Texas which offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services to clients and financial institutions. The bank successfully ranked first all over the country with the most annual return on average tangible common equity or ROATCE. In addition, the company managed to clinch two number 3 spots. It earned the third spot for the best efficiency ration, as well as Texas ration, and outpaced all its competition within $3 billion to $10 billion in assets. To see more you can visit

S&P Global Market, which is a subsidiary of S&P Global Inc., ranked the companies based on six core financial performance from a 12 month period which started in January and ended in December last year. All banks evaluated are in the $3 billion to $10 billion range. The six core financial performance includes net charge-offs as a percentage of average loans, pretax return on average tangible common equity, net interest margin, and loan growth, and the three previously mentioned metrics above.

NexBank was founded by James Dondero, which is also the Co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. He is known for his management and leadership which helps in ushering growth to both of the firms. NexBank is focused on giving its clients the best services that they can give as a financial service provider. They serve leading financial services to individual, corporate, and institutional customers.

The executive team is led by John Holt, the current president, and chief executive officer of the firm. Matt Siekielski is the current chief operating officer while Stacy Hodges is both the chief financial officer and the chief risk officer. Rhett Miller is the current chief credit officer. NexBank’s core business lines are commercial banking, mortgage banking, institutional services, and personal banking. One of their mission is to deliver uncommon value at every opportunity. You can checkout



 Hyland’s, A Trusted Brand Since 1903

Hyland’s is a longstanding homeopathic company that offers an array of natural solutions for pediatric and adult medical needs. They pride themselves on keeping their products safe, gentle and easy to administer. They are most known for Hyland’s teething tablets.

George Hyland, a pharmacist, originated the company in Los Angeles, where it still remains today. His belief is that natural products can work as good as, or better than, conventional medications. Homeopathic products, like Hyland’s teething tablets, are more popular than ever as many consumers are wary of prescription medications with harmful side effects. Hyland’s has been able to serve this need and will continue to do so. Those core beliefs have kept this company relevant for over a century.

In 1923, Hyland was joined by Cecil Craig, a new pharmacy graduate. Craig managed the manufacturing lab in the basement, while Hyland managed the retail pharmacy upstairs at their storefront.

The Hyland’s teething tablets were developed by Hyland in 1940. He wanted to give his daughter aspirin for pain, but she was unable to swallow pills. This led him to develop a quick-dissolving tablet that was easier for her to take. That’s when Hyland’s teething tablets were born. Much of Hyland’s success is attributed to Hyland’s teething tablets.

The company has expanded over the years and moved to larger facilities to accommodate its growth. With modern times approaching, Hyland’s needed to adapt to stay prosperous. They meet present-day customer’s needs by developing new products and being active on social media. They have blogs, newsletters and even a Facebook page! Hyland’s has come a long way since 1903.

Hyland’s teething products remain popular because, well, babies still have teething pain. They plan on developing new safe and gentle solutions to families looking for a safer alternative to conventional medications. They have stayed true to their roots and plan on keeping up with the times. This business model has served them well for the past century!

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Stream Energy : Philanthropic Company Culture

As the people of Houston Texas where forced to watch as their homes and business were ravaged by the strong winds and waters for Hurricane Harvey, one company was getting ready to deliver aid to the community. Stream Energy, one of the leading providers of energy and other services in the state of Texas in conjunction with their philanthropic branch “Stream Cares” was able to provide many in the community with basic necessities during this difficult time for the city. The act and execution of the aid was a prime textbook example of how corporate philanthropy has become an essential part of a companies ability to create brand recognition and loyalty.

According to WalletHub, Texas is ranked one of the least giving states, a ranking that Stream Energy is fighting to make irrelevant. The incredible projects seen by Stream and its employees have captured the attention of other high-level executives as a means to enhance their own brands with loyalty and protection. It is well known that when a business is involved within the community, any internal scandals that may arise can be better maintained by the company due to brand loyalty.

Stream Energy also promotes a company culture of philanthropy amongst their employees, in fact, many of them volunteering for projects all across the city. A great example of passion projects created by Stream Energy employees is the “Operation Once in a lifetime” initiative. The project involves fundraising in order to provide local veterans and their families with financial support. In addition, Stream Energy employees also donated their time to provide transportation every December to veterans and their families to local restaurants where they can enjoy a great meal consisting of burgers, ribs and other delicious foods. There is no doubt that we have seen the last of Stream and their tireless work to continue new progressive and innovate ways to be apart of the community.