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Yanni Hufnagel Answers the Question: Why Lemon Water?


Here is a refreshing thought.  For a total hydration experience, drink water made from naturally-squeezed lemons. Why? How is that so? Yanni Hufnagel of Lemon Perfect has the answers.

What Are Some Benefits?

Did you know that organic lemons have many nutritional benefits? What are they? Check out this list:

  • Vitamin C for antioxidant power
  • Vitally important electrolytes
  • They support good digestive health
  • They contain natural energy
  • They will increase your metabolism

Those are merely some of the nutritional pluses of lemons.  They are also known amongst health experts for other great properties.  For example, clearer skin, relieving stress, collagen synthesis and as part of a recovery regimen.

How is Lemon Perfect Water Different?

For one thing, the process of extracting the lemon juice is far better.  They only use organically grown fruit.  They NEVER use heat in the extraction process.  Instead the manufacturer insists upon cold-pressing half of a lemon at a time.  Following that, it is squeezed with a high-pressure device.  What this method does is create the super-fruit’s freshly squeezed nutritional benefits.  The result is the most hydrating water anybody will ever drink.

Other Perks

If what we just described is not enough to convince you, the other perks ought to do the trick.  Lemon Perfect water is also the best tasting water on the planet.  There is NO sugar added to it, so no cavities from it.  Plus, it only has five calories per bottle.  How is that for a refreshing beverage?

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Important Facts about Lemon Perfect Water

According to their main man, Yanni Hufnagel, this water is absolutely SAFE for diabetics.  He guarantees this.  There is no sugar at all in this beverage, and it boasts an incredibly low Glycemic Index factor.  Yanni says it has a “negligible impact on blood sugar levels.” 

One more fact, if someone is on a diet, this is the perfect drink for them.  Nutritionists around the country recommend it for virtually every diet.  To see a complete list of applicable diets, or for much more information on this product, go online to right now.