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Victoria Doramus: A Creative Marketer and Consumer Trends Expert

Victoria Doramus is a specialist in trends. She spends her time identifying market partners to apply creative marketing solutions. Victoria has experience in consumer trends touching on lifestyle, design, and fashion. Her job involves identifying, documenting, and researching trends in different sectors. She also proposes appropriate remedies for companies looking to take advantage of the patterns.

Over the years, Victoria Doramus has gained insights into new innovative solutions and marketing strategies. It is due to her creative work. Her observations of market phenomena enable her to create excellent marketing strategies. Currently, Victoria is immersing herself into the charity world. She wants to explore better ways of helping those in need.

Victoria Doramus has built a career in the media field. She has mostly been working in the communications sector where she has played various roles. Some of her jobs have involved market analysis, creative campaigns, networking, and copy creation. Her work has enabled her to get practical skills in the creative/ artistic aspect of marketing, market research/ analysis, project management, networking, recruiting, and budgeting.

After completing her early education, Victoria attended journalism and mass communication classes at the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating with a BA, she joined Mindshare as an assistant media planner. Her job included creating multimedia and print advertising plans, plus building the company’s relationships with media executives.

Later, Victoria Doramus became a creative consultant for Stila Cosmetics, where she used visual material to embark on creative projects. After a couple of Stila projects, the marketing specialist joined Creative Artists Agency in 2007. She worked for three years at Creative Artists as a group coordinator. As part of her job, she maintained a trends correspondent’s international network, liaised with clients, and reviewed market reports.

At this time, Victoria was also writing articles for The Cassandra Report and Trend Central. She would later work at Trendera where she helped the company to create and develop client relationships. The specialist also supervised contract workers, acquired new business, and produced market specific products. Other than working for companies, Victoria has done marketing projects for journals, magazines, and high-end newspapers. She has also worked as film director Peter Berg’s assistant.