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Using the Securus Technologies System to Apprehend Criminals

Regardless the level of crime that a person has committed, these criminals need to be apprehended and brought to justice before they continue their illegal activities. Even after we identify certain suspects, they can be especially troublesome to apprehend because they have a huge network that is working to keep them off the radar while in plain sight. This was the case with two brothers we were desperate to get off the streets.


These two brothers had been in and out of the local correctional facilities numerous times on smaller charges, but these days they were getting involved with more serious crimes like armed robbery and murder. We knew we needed to act fast or someone in our town was going to be the latest victim of these two criminals.


As a police officer, I have access to a number of resources to help collect information on wanted suspects. Although none were panning out, I was about to get some help from the most unlikely source. One of the brothers was caught when an informant tipped us off he was drinking in a bar with his brother. We were able to arrest one, but the other escaped through a bathroom window. The bother who escaped vowed to kill every officer and their family if the brother was not released.


While we knew the brother in jail would not talk to us, we knew he was talking to his brother. Luckily for my team, he was using the Securus Technologies inmate call system complete with the LBS software, alerting us to conversations about the whereabouts of the missing brother. Even though the inmate spoke in coded terms, the software picked up on bits of information that would lead us to the hideout of our suspect and get him reunited with his brother behind bars.