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Unroll Me email service

Many email services are solving the problem of email overload. Unroll Me attempts to organize your the mess left in your inbox but subscriptions that most people receive everyday. This a free service but has it’s share of kinks. Unroll Me works with Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo email account. It is also said to be working on support for AOL and other email services. All you do is sign up for your free service and link email account. Unroll Me automatically scans you email account for subscriptions and in a few minutes shows you Rollup which is an over view of subscriptions you receive everyday and groups all those emails together. It did group some emails wrong so you may want to double check. You do have complete control over your Rollup, so it’s easy to transfer messages back.

You’re also able to set the time of day you want Rollup to run its program. If you don’t want to wait for Rollup you can login to your account and take a look at your Unroll Me folder. All messages are added to this folder and will appear on your mobile devices or any browser. If you want Unroll Me to monitor two emails, you’ll have to login separately to each account. It doesn’t blend Rollup accounts. There were issues from some people that message icon sometimes wouldn’t allow you to view a particular message. Instead, it opens a page on the Unroll Me site. Or sometimes is would bumped from the page.

Unroll Me is similar to Sanebox, that has a $5-per-month service. It cleans your inbox only displaying messages that are more important. It also offers additional features such as sorting important emails into folders, an archive and a folder to view at a later, and a folder for newsletter. It also makes it easier to find messages when you need it.