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Unexpected Holiday Fun With Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is taking off as a star that seems to know no boundaries. She has been able to make waves as Fat Amy in “Pitch Perfect,” and now the character of Natalie and “Isn’t It Romantic” will be another groundbreaking role for Rebel Wilson.

If there is one thing that fans of Rebel can say it is that she has a great agent that is seemingly looking out for her best interest when it comes to these roles. She has made some great strides when it comes to movies, and “Isn’t It Romantic” is another comedy that she can add to her list of comedic roles that you may not have expected.

When you look at films that Rebel Wilson has starred in people can see that she is always going to play something of any centric character. This is what she has been known for.

Her ability to steal the spotlight is based largely on her ability to create a character that people can relate to without fitting directly into the movie as a stereotype. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The character of Natalie is who Rebel Wilson is playing, and there is a clear indication that this character has no desire to believe in the romantic comedies. It appears that our character has witnessed a lot of these movies as a child, but her mother has given her a clear indication that these types of movies with a fairy tale ending are not for plus size girls. When she takes all of this type of logic as a young child she naturally choses to remain somewhat cynical about love. When she becomes an adult the world may still contain the romantic comedies, but she has nothing better to do than pick these type of films apart because she does not believe in this.

Rebel Wilson has been acting for quite a while, and it appears that she is someone that has been able to transition quite well into the movie world even though she is not American. She has taking it upon herself to create a place in the industry for a plus size woman that is not part of the traditional romantic comedy culture. She is breaking boundaries on so many levels, and even her fans and her native land of Australia are gearing up to see “Isn’t It Romantic.”

It isn’t an action movie, but this could become a real blockbuster hit that takes a great look at what the culture has become so fascinated with. Women love the romantic comedy. They have become very supportive of this type of role because it plays into the fantasy of what many women would like to see in their own life.

What Rebel Wilson takes a chance to do is present a completely different perspective. She takes it upon herself to build a completely different world where women are going to be able to voice their opinions about what they may not necessarily like about romantic comedies. That is where her direction is going with this film.