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Tim Ioannides Has A Passion For Caring For His Patients

Tim Ioannides got interested in medical dermatology during his residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He learned a lot about cosmetic procedures there and knew that he wanted to do more than cosmetic work. He wanted to make a real impact for those who needed work done for medical purposes and he became passionate about that.

He decided that he would like to start his own practice based around what he wanted to do, and when he started Treasure Coast Dermatology, it was with the hope that he would eventually be able to focus solely on those who needed medical procedures done.

Tim Ioannides has been running his own practice for over a decade and a half, and he is board certified. He always makes sure to surround himself with a great staff so that everyone at his practice has the same compassion for those who they are serving and a passion for the medical practices that they are doing. He doesn’t believe in using electronic medical records but prefers to keep everything as simple as can be in his office.

Tim Ioannides cares about his patients and tries to connect with each of them on a personal level so that he can give them the good care that they need. Tim Ioannide tries to help them feel less anxious, and he is always trying to come up with the best solutions to every health problem that a patient is facing so he can give them good care.

About Tim Ioannide: