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A renowned business leader in the realm of online dating companies, Greg Blatt has mastered the art of CEO success. He has been on the move and focused on his career pathway toward business leadership. Blatt’s business success did not happen overnight, but started with him furthering his education at Colgate University and continuing his education to receive a Doctorate of Law from Columbia Law School (Chronicleweek). 


He worked hard, stayed committed to his career goals, and stayed forward focused in taking the steps that would develop him into becoming an accomplished and successful business leader.


While working toward growing in business and leadership development, this businessman went to work at a law firm as an associate. Later he transitioned and Blatt worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Blatt grew in success and would be promoted to Executive Vice-president in General Counsel and Business Affairs. He continued to be on the move in his career and became the Chief Executive Officer of three online dating companies. 


As CEO of Tinder, Match Group, and IAC these companies flourished under his business knowledge and leadership. The growth of all three of these companies under his leadership speak volumes and the revenue increase drove these companies to the place of being successful businesses. Under his leadership Tinder Plus was launched and the subscription base grew to over a million users. Greg Blatt’s executive guidance created a rarity of a five-fold increase of users that most business executives could only dream and hope for. Blatt has been recognized and praised for his hard work, his business and leadership expertise, and his success by his peers in the corporate business world.


Many executives would be basking in the light of success. Greg Blatt is not one of them. The challenges of new opportunities continue to ignite the fire of his desire to continue to push himself to achieve new endeavors. Blatt is a successful business executive and leader that much can be learned from. However, you better try to keep up with this over-achiever, because you will not find grass growing beneath this corporate executive’s feet.

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