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The Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport is located in Apia, Samoa. It is one of the cheapest airlines that offer both local and international fights. The airport is strategically located in that it nears many facilities as well as attractions that visitors do not have to travel for long distances after arriving in Samoa to find them.

Since its renovation and reopening, Fagali’i Airport has had several airline companies working in it in conjunction to the national government. The airport aims at offering better and improved services to its customers at all times and in that case, it has partnered with other service providers to make sure that new travellers experience fewer struggles on their arrival in Samoa.

Whether guests wants to have a place to sleep, eat or even to learn more about Samoa, they can have them at their disposure. Fagali’i Airport is close to hotels and Robert Louis Stevenson museum according to They can have their accommodations and food at these hotels as they visit the museum to learn more about Samoa through historic materials and stories found within the museum.

The airport is small in size and also contains smaller planes as compared to other airports. It does not have a complicated building structure and does not offer waiting terminus on The simplicity of the airport makes travel easier and quicker.

Due to its capacity, the airport does not have sophisticated operating procedures such as electric security checkups. Instead, a simple procedure is followed and the airport operations continue according to This means that travelers do not have to spend a lot of time going through long and complicated procedures. However, security is taken with a lot of seriousness and it does not mean that since simple procedures are carried out that any illegal activity can be allowed within the airport.

Since Fagali’i airport is located away from busy towns and cities, and very few passengers lack transfer arrangements, there are few public vehicles that pass through it. Therefore, if one is not lucky enough to have transfer arrangements, they can use these public means or a taxi to transfer them to their destinations at a fee that they agree with the drivers.

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