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Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps

Talkspace has only been in the market for a short time but already made a huge impact in the lives of very many people. The app focuses on offering its customers online therapy. The institution was founded by Oren Frank, and it has been doing so much for its clients. Just recently, the organization announced that it was going to partner with Michael Phelps so that they can offer the right mental care to the people who need it. Talkspace believes that more people are improving their current mental health in the presence of personalities who have gone through similar problems in the past.

While speaking about the new partnership to the international community, Talkspace CEO, Oren Frank has said that the new partnership with Michael Phelps will feature a US national television campaign. During the campaign, Michael will speak to the audience concerning his personal experiences and also encourage more people to speak about their mental health. The platform will also be used to talk to the people about the benefits of having an application such as Talkspace. Michael has dealt with depression and many other personal problems in the past. Like many people, the businessman chose to keep quiet, and this brought him a lot of suffering. With the help of professionals such as Oren Frank and his team, the employees in the United States will have a better future. Problems such as anxiety are dealt with online.

In the modern times, there have been so many cases of sexual harassment. Most cases reported shows that women are mostly affected. Regardless of the age and gender, sexual harassment has so many consequences on the people who are affected. There are few individuals who have been living very miserable lives because of their encounters in the past. Talkspace has been observing these numerous cases, and it has come up with some few tips to help the victims. According to Talkspace, it is possible for the people who have been sexually harassed to live happy lives just like the other individuals in the society. Talkspace have professionals who handle their cases online, and they ensure that the patients have a complete recovery.