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OSI Group Makes the Burgers that McDonald’s Customers Come to Love

McDonald’s has an estimated 36,000 restaurants located around the world. They serve over 69 million people a day and is a multi-billion-dollar corporation. All McDonald’s restaurants have their menu shipped to them. In other words, nobody prepares the food from scratch inside of the restaurant. Instead, line workers prepare the food according to instructions. Each menu item takes up to 5 minutes to prepare for the customer. The reason why the food can be made so quickly has to do with food preparation.

OSI Group is a food company that has its headquarters in Illinois but has branches located throughout the world. OSI used to be known as Otto and Sons. When Ray Kroc opened the second McDonald’s franchise is Des Plains, Illinois he used this organization to provide the meat. For many years, Otto and Sons (or OSI) helped to define the taste of McDonald’s as most people know it today. That is because they were one of five original meat suppliers for the organization. This homogenous taste has been established at most McDonald’s restaurants.

Gunzburg, Germany is home to an OSI Group location that serves McDonalds in and around the region. This is the largest OSI location within Europe. It is also the first place where OSI set up its operations when it first entered Europe. OSI sort of followed McDonald’s when they located into this area. OSI hasn’t been an official supplier of McDonald’s for a very long time. However, the two organizations have agreements in place which allows the company to provide some of the burgers for some of the customers in Germany. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group is responsible for playing a critical role in McDonalds history. While they are not solely responsible for the taste that people come to enjoy. Their participation into the franchise has helped to make McDonald’s into what it is today. OSI makes it a point to supply the best beef (and chicken) for McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches. They have a very thorough screening process for their meat, and they ensure that McDonald’s chains get the best meat products possible. OSI will continue to do its best to provide some of the best tasting burgers for the McDonald’s chain.