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Hedge Fund Specialist Mark Holyoake Focuses On Private Equity Investments

British entrepreneur Mark Holyoake methodically built Oakvest Holdings into an international real estate and food sector investment company. Mark sees investment opportunities other high-power investors overlook. In 2010, Mark’s acquisition company, International Seafood Holdings bought Iceland Seafood International. Iceland Seafood International (ISI) is one of Iceland’s top seafood companies.

Mr. Holyoake and his team bought ISI at the right time, according to the other investors who believed Holyoake could turn one of Iceland’s oldest seafood company into a profitable company. Iceland’s economy went through a difficult time at the turn of the 21st-century. In 2010, Iceland’s banking industry was a mess. Foreign investment in Icelandic companies was a risky venture.

Even though there were challenges to face in Iceland’s fragile economic atmosphere, the University of Reading graduate decided Iceland Seafood International deserved an injection of cash and new management so the 87-year-old company could expand across Europe. Under Mark’s leadership, Iceland Seafood International has generated exceptional growth and profits for the last nine years. The company net worth increased ten times thanks to Mark Holyoake’s business sense and financial support.

ISI CEO Benedikt Sveinsson shared Mark’s enthusiasm. Today, ISI operates two distinct divisions and there are eleven subsidiaries that handle business in Europe and Asia.

Sveinsson and Holyoake resigned from ISI’s board in 2019. Mark’s board resignation was due to internal restructuring and Mark’s desire to focus on British and Spanish investments going forward. Magnus Bjornson filled Sveinsson seat and Jakob Valgeir Flosason took Holyoake’s seat.

Mr. Holyoake currently resides in Ibiza. He recently bought the Herdade da Comporta property in Ibiza with Spain’s Carvalho family. That acquisition is Mark’s first business venture in Spain. Even though Holyoake resigned from ISI board, Mark is still a major investor in the expanding Iceland seafood industry.

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