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Sheldon Lavin, the Hands behind the Success of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin can only be described as one of the most persistent and focused business personalities the world has ever had. Lavin started in the food industry about four and a half decades ago. Before venturing into the food processing industry, Lavin worked in the finance sector. He had a successful career in the industry and owned a financial company.

Sheldon Lavin’s stint in the food industry began in 1970 when financed the then financially distressed Otto & Sons. Later on, he joined the company as a partner. Under the visionary leadership of Lavin, Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Group.

After a few years of dedication and hard work, the veteran entrepreneur was able to spearhead the growth of OSI from a small domestic food producer to a robust international corporate body. Today, OSI Group has a significant presence in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Additionally, the company has several subsidiaries including OSI Industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI International. The latter is the parent company for all the Groups international investments.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is the President of OSI International. His primary role as the president involves overseeing the Group’s international expansion. Additionally, Lavin also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Under his leadership, OSI has expanded into China, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

Sheldon Lavin has also led the OSI Group to make major strategic acquisitions around the world. Such major acquisitions include the purchase of Roy Mark, a leading chicken products processing company. Later on, OSI also acquired Dove Valley and GW Padley Poultry to increase its capacity to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for its poultry products. Other acquisitions include Amick Farms, Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Weihai Poultry Development Co. in China.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is still dedicated towards further expansion of the company. According to him, the long journey towards prosperity is a testimony of selfless sacrifice and the desire to succeed. He is happy that OSI has circled the globe and is now the leading supplier of value-added protein foods and other delicacies in the world.

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