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Jose Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF Into the Retail Industry

The Brazilian brothers Fabio and Jose Auriemo started the construction company JHF in 1972. In 1995 the brothers had a strong disagreement about the direction of the company and therefore split it into two completely separate companies. Jose took ownership and leadership of JHFI which continued o concentrate on construction. Fabio took ownership and leadership of JHFS. The brothers have long since made up but have continued to keep the companies separate. Jose Ariemo Neto first began working for his father’s company JHSF in 1993. Beginning in the late 90s, Jose Ariemo Neto was instrumental In helping lead JHSF Participacoes SA into the retail industry and then the luxury retail industry.

JHSF’s first luxury store today includes 180 internationally distinguished and hugely popular brands. It was such a huge success that Jose has since led JHFS to build luxury malls in every single major Brazilian city. He also helped expand the company outside of Brazilian borders into Brazil and the U.S. Jose has also made JHSF into some very wise investments. For instance, he has partnered with Rogerio Fasano, owner and operator of the Fasano hotel chain. JHSF also currently owns and leases several very high-class commercial buildings.

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Serge Belamant: The Wizard of IT

Whether one uses credit, debit, or Bitcoin, trust and security are important for both sender and receiver. The idea of blockchain technology, or documenting transaction data isn’t new. Nearly two decades ago, Serge Belamant implemented the use of blockchain technology for securing data in transactions. Serge Belamant’s developments would jumpstart the use of these systems in the years to come. Belamant, a French-born inventor, began as an engineering major at Witwatersrand University and later switched to computer science. After getting a job at Matrix Engineering Inc., Belamant helped create software that observed the water levels in dams. Years later, Belamant was hired to lead the IT division at SASWITCH.

Having an outdated system that could not move transactions quickly enough, Serge Belamant came to the rescue. He created a switch where all of the RSA banks could be connected to the same ATM switch. After this, SASWITCH became one of the largest ATM switches in the world. After leaving SASWITCH, Belamant founded Net 1 Technologies in 1989. In 1995, Net 1 was contracted by Visa. Using Belamants’s Universal Electronic Payment System, Net 1 created the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized card. This type of card helped with storing transaction data, and fraud prevention. In 2001, Serge Belamant patented the earliest form of blockchain technology. In the form of a smart card, Serge Belamant created a system that stored the data of wins and losses of a player while betting from remote locations.

Years later, Belamant created a system that used identification markers to verify the data of transactors while also maintaining security. In 2012, Net 1 was contracted by the South African Social Security Association to help with paying over 10 million beneficiaries. Belamant used his new innovations in blockchain technology including morphing, which made smart cards easy to use with ATM and UEPS. In recent years, Belamant has moved on to another venture, Zilch Technology Limited with his son, Phillip. Belamant’s development of blockchain technology helped create the foundation for the system of storing data in cryptocurrency transactions. Learn More.