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Why Kushy Punch Is So Loved In The Cannabis Community

The cannabis industry is exploding. The legal cannabis market was able to bring in $12.2 billion in sales last year, with no sign of slowing down. A plant that at one time was completely vilified by the American Government is now making many people millions of dollars, and it is still only recreationally legal in 11 states. One of the main states that have been in the center of the Marijuana boom is California, and Kushy Punch is the perfect example of a cannabis company done correctly. Kushy Punch is a premium cannabis brand based out of Southern California, but have recently expanded to include Michigan and will include Nevada and Arizona by the end of the year.

The company launched in 2014 and has gained a massive following since then, many consider the brand to be one of the best names in cannabis. This isn’t only because of their award-winning products, but also because of the sense of community that comes along with the brand. Kushy Punch has stated that their end goal is “to live in a world where poverty and hunger don’t exist and people can work together to create healthy communities that can thrive as one.” This sentiment resonates with many of its customers and is a major factor in why this company has seen so much success.

As previously stated, Kushy Punch has won awards for its products including taking home the award for best CBD at the 2018 WeedCon for one of their latest lines of CBD. The line included a 500mg disposable CBD vape, a tasty 30ml tincture, a 1000mg CBD vape cartridge and a 1000mg CBD Oil Dispenser. That is just one of the many high-quality cannabis products that Kushy Punch has to offer. Ruben Cross, the CEO of Kushy Punch, has stated that their focus has been and will continue to be on creating the highest quality gummies in the world. This can be seen in their products, including one of their signature edibles known as the TKO. What makes the TKO special is that it contains 200mg of THC, which is enough to make even a seasoned Marijuana user feel like they need to sit down.

Growing Big With Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the found of is a e-commerce company that works out of Beijing. Liu started in hopes of making just a little extra money, but in reality he ended up designing a business that would carry him through the future of his life. He started the company around the year of 1998. When he first started the company it was just a small storefront, but it did not take long for the company to begin to grow. Richard Liu took the business to the online level around the year of 2004. As he did this he began to learn more about technology and what technology could bring to his future. begin to see a huge rise in popularity. He soon realized that if he took the company to the international level then he could be even more successful so he did just that. As he took on this opportunity to grow his business he realized that he should have a way of protecting his business and his products in the event of loss or damage. This helped more people be able to trust his work and what he had to offer them. By 2014 had over three thousand stations all across the world that helped with their delivery and almost two thousand stations that allowed for pickup of products.

After going online quickly became the country’s biggest online company offering direct sales. Richard Liu never dreamed that his small storefront business would quickly become a national phenomenon, but he is so proud of what he has built. Richard Liu knew that he needed to make a little money to get through life so he took a chance on the small store. He put in some learning and developed a huge feat.