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Steve Lesnard Helps The North Face Deliver A New Product And A New Approach

North Face hired a new branding guru and went on a mission to change the way that it marketed its products to the public. That is not surprising to see that one-two correlation, but it is surprising to see just how well this new branding mission has worked for the company. They call their marketing campaign FUTURELIGHT, and it intends to reach out to their core customers to let them know that they hear them and that they can provide them with the products that they need for their on-the-go life.

Steve Lesnard is the name of the guru who has been brought on board with the company, and he points out that he feels that The North Face needs to add real value to their customers in order to remain relevant to those customers in general. After all, think about how much pressure there is to innovate and stay on top of things these days. The North Face creates clothing that can keep a person safe and comfortable in temperatures ranging from -50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people are well aware of this today, but it was not something that was happening in the industry before this company burst onto the scene.

The marketing project known as FUTURELIGHT was put out before professional snowboards, trailer runners, climbers, and others. Basically, anyone who might be drawn to The North Face as a brand in the first place was who they wanted to put these messages in front of. It is about drilling down to find the customers who truly value the product and reminding those customers what makes this particular product so important in the first place. Given all of this, having Steve Lesnard around seems to have paid off for the company. They are taking a new approach, and they are loving the results it is producing for them.

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