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Stephen Hicks Leads Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

There are a number of financial services firms that specialize in assisting corporations and institutional investors. One of the most reputable firms around that works with these entities is Southridge Capital. This firm was founded during the 1990’s and is currently based in Fairfield, Connecticut. It has another office location in New York City which allows it to have a centralized presence in the finance industry. The firm specializes in a number of services that pertain to capital management, raising capital, debt restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. For over twenty years, Southridge Capital has established itself as one of the most trusted firms in the financial services industry. With its group of top executives and skilled professionals, it has been able to provide valuable assistance to corporations and institutions looking to enhance their financial situation. You can visit Bloomberg for more.


Southridge has established itself as a leading company in the financial sector due to its wide range of services. The firm specializes in corporate finance, funding and commercial real estate. Its corporate finance division works with clients who are looking to issue stock, evaluate their finances, manage their debts and also complete mergers and acquisitions. The funding services division helps clients get the capital they need in order to raise capital. They are able to do this with equity swaps debt purchases. Lastly, the firm will help clients find and acquire real estate to help them operate their businesses. Southridge Capital offers office space to rent for many companies that are in need of more spacious environments. For more details visit



Stephen Hicks is the individual who serves as the top executive of the firm. He is the firm’s chief executive officer along with its founder. While serving as the chief executive officer, Stephen regularly seeks new clients to help grow the firm. He also actively participates in coming up with strategies and policies to help the firm achieve its particular goals. These include getting more clients, providing better service, and introducing new services. Like many other entrepreneurs, Stephen Hicks was working in his field for another employer. His last job before founding Southridge Capital was at a hedge fund firm in New York City.



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