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Smita Shah, President of SPAAN Tech Inc.

Smita Shah is an engineer by profession with a license in multiple states and has extensive business education and engineering from Oxford University, MIT and Northwestern University. She is an influential business pacesetter and a high profile speaker often quoted in national international and local media.


Ms. Shah has received several business achievement awards. She has served under the administration of White House and on board of directors in leading organizations and businesses. SPAAN Tech Inc was founded by Miss Shah in 1948, an engineering company which gives substitute solutions for difficult technical projects.


Ms. Shah is a bold visionary who has built a recognized award-winning business by Inc Magazine. It was acknowledged as one of those companies with very fast growth. She has also been acknowledged for her commitment in strengthening international partnerships and got awarded the recognized Medal of Honor by Ellis Island.


Instead of being comfortable with her success, Smita Shah has committed her time to give help to her fellow women to experience a similar kind of success in masculine careers. She has turned it to her life’s ambition to instruct up-and-coming women entrepreneurs whenever she is able.


Miss Shah says that the greatest impediment that women face at the workplace is connected to poor self-image. Because there is a lack of female role models who exhibit power in the business world, women are not able to view themselves as successful and strong.


According to shah the beginning of success for a female entrepreneur is to have a shift in self-image; however, this shift comes by encountering a successful and strong woman that has conquered the business world on her own.


Shah puts it that women are not represented in the highest positions in the business. In her view, it takes only the ability and dedication to be a top female entrepreneur. Nonetheless, talent has no gender, and if you’ve got a skill in any field, Miss Shah has some direct tips to help you achieve the success you desire. Learn more:


  • Believe in yourself- Smita Shah strongly believes it is important for female entrepreneurs to acquire healthy self-image.
  • Examine your abilities thoroughly- when asked about the obstacles a female entrepreneur should overcome, Smita said, to believe in your abilities is of much importance as having confidence in your inborn worth
  • Exerting a strong presence- In the business world, how you present yourself matters. Shah brings to our knowledge that first impressions are impossible to overcome.
  • Don’t agree with female stereotypes- Don’t accept preferred treatment simply because you’re a female and neither offers special conduct to the men that are around you.

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