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Securus Technologies Protecting Officers Working in Dangerous Prisons

I know every day I leave for work at the local prison that I could be the target of an attack from an angry inmate looking to take out their aggression on an officer. Me and my fellow officers will do just about anything to make sure we all leave our shifts unharmed. Over the years I have worked in this facility we have come up with a number of ways to take a proactive approach to maintaining order inside the jail.


To eliminate the flow of potential drugs from getting into the hands of the inmates, we search every visitor that comes into the jail, then we search every inmate before they are able to go back to their cells. To stop the threat of weapons being made or used on others in the prison, we do surprise cell inspections. Many times we can recover items that could have put us all in danger.


This year we were informed by our superiors that Securus Technologies was installing their telephone monitoring system throughout our facility. The LBS software would give us an upper hand now when the inmates were discussing anything concerning violence, drugs, or weapons. Now we could focus our efforts on inspections and searches, while the software scans the calls for any verbiage that could result in violence in the jail.


Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith says his monitoring systems are already in thousands of prisons, and his staff of over one thousand employees are dedicated to helping make the world a safer place for all to live.


To give you an example as to how effective this new call monitoring system works, already this week we got an alert about an inmate making a weapon in his cell, inmates hiding weapons in the yard, and inmates requesting their family to smuggle in drugs at the visitor center.