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Securus Technologies Highly Appreciated Correctional Firm

Securus Technologies has been gaining tremendous support from the law enforcement agencies and inmates since the time it was launched in the year 1986 when two major correctional firms, Nevercom and T-Netix merged. The merger helped the company gain access to millions of inmates and a vast existing market to develop further. Securus Technologies has been focusing on growth from the very beginning of its launch and developing new products and services has been a part of their plan. Securus Technologies has one of the broadest products and service portfolio in the market today, which helps the customers to get all their services from one company without having to knock on the doors of the counterparts.


I have been the customer of Securus Technologies for nearly a decade, and as an inmate, I have never come across any problem that would get on my nerve. I have used the inmate communication services of other companies as well, but what I like about the services of Securus Technologies is that it is swift and non-interfering. The technology infrastructure of the company is healthy and growing, and as the company invests millions into research and development, the support is only poised to grow further in the future. Securus Technologies has been in the news lately for all the right reasons, starting from the appreciation it has been getting in the industry by the analysts as well as the customers and also for acquiring Jpay Inc.


Securus Technologies published a media release recently that contains many of the customers’ feedback on its services. The positive comments in the press release have made it clear that the contribution of the company in the correctional field is immense, and its importance seems to be growing with time. The firm feels honored to serve the community and make it a safer place.