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Securus Technologies Clamping Down on Drugs in Jails

Drugs in the prison are more dangerous than they are out in the streets in many cases. The reason being in you have such close quarters between inmates and authorities, the inmates outnumber the officers, and many of the inmates have nothing to lose by causing trouble if they are there on an extended sentence. Inmates have the ability to be more violent than usual when they are under the influence, so we have to take extreme measures to try and limit the flow of these drugs into the hands on any inmate.


The efforts that we take to stop the flow of drugs inside the jail start with us clamping down on the interaction between guest and inmate in the visitor center. This is where things can easily e passed from one to another, so we not only warn guests of the trouble they face, we search them and the inmates. We do detailed searches of the inmate cells to make sure nothing is hiding they can use. We have a team that checks letter the inmates receive, and we used to monitor the calls the inmates make.


When Securus Technologies updated the inmate call monitoring system we had been using, our efforts to control drug usage increased. The new monitoring system is in thousands of different jails, and the LBS software allows my team to be able to be in other places while the software is scanning all the calls for specific chatter. The company is based in Dallas and all 1,000 employees are committed to making the world safe for all.


Now if an inmate is trying to ask a family member to sneak in drugs to the jail or they are talking about drug use, we can take immediate action to clamp down on the drug use.