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Securus Technologies Can Now Detect Drones

Why Increased Facility Monitoring Is Necessary


Unfortunately, many facility related crimes start with an inmates communication with the outside, but it’s not to say, all inmates commit crimes beyond incarceration. Technology experts at Securus say, more law enforcement personnel are reluctant to work in a correctional facility. Most law enforcement staff say, the pay doesn’t outweigh the risks. Securus Technologies, CEO, Rick A. Smith has set crime prevention measures in place to stop telecommunication related crimes. Their current technology has been used to secure their network including surveillance and monitoring features. Their technology has been in use since their days of being a network regulation provider of other networks.


Securus Initiates Drone Detection Technology


Drone technology is a new feature that allows correctional facilities to detect and stop drones mid-air. They have been responsible for a lot of contraband entering the facility. Drones are harder to catch because they can be flown at any time, day or night, and can be extremely hard to detect. However, correctional facilities now have the option of utilizing technology that is designed to detect drones and prevent facility related crimes or a threat to inmates and other correctional staff members.


Other Securus Technology


They have been responsible for other technology that has been popular among their clients. Securus is dedicated to reducing crime in the toughest facility by 46%. Their wireless containment technology will intercept the use of illegal cellphones. There want be a need to add additional facility staff because their technology is installed by Securus personnel and accessed remotely. They’ve also acquired GovPayNet technology that allow them to process payments with 1 to 24 hours for most transactions. The GovPayNet technology is the largest government payment processing system of debit and credit cards in the network.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Proudly established in 1993, the Securus network once monitored other providers before becoming a big name calling network. They have been poised to help their inmates have access to quality services along with their family and friends. You may find yourself paying too much with your current provider and looking for a change. Securus has a list of services and features on their website for new account holders. Simply, register for a Sercurus account through the JPay network or add features on your existing account. Securus is one of the very few networks that offer features liker remote visitation or online inmate photos.


You don’t have to feel like you’re being punished for another inmate call by paying excessive fees. The Securus network gives their customers the option of knowing their connected over a secure network that costs far less with the popular Securus Technologies inmate calling provider.