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Roseann Bennett Analyzes the Benefits of Positive Thinking as a Mental Problem Prevention Strategy

According to Roseann Bennett, a licensed and experienced family and marriage therapist, most of the people try to concentrate very much on the negative happenings in their daily lives. For example, a person would be highly concerned on the fact that he does not have sufficient funds to spend the Christmas holiday in an exotic travel destination and fail to recognize that he has actually been able to witness the Christmas celebrations with his families, something that other families did not get.

Giving much attention on the negative aspects of our lives and what happened to us during the day is what causes mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Roseann Bennett notes that many people spend much of their time thinking of how they are a failure, which is a considerable cause for depression. Many people are currently experiencing depression and other mental challenges because they have played a major role in finding themselves in such situations.

The experienced therapist, Roseann Bennett recommends that individuals should give much attention on the things that make them happy rather than the things that make them to feel inadequate. In each day that passes, it would be much important to focus on the positives and accomplishments rather than to focus on the failure. Focusing on the positives helps an individual to have the necessary strength to move forward to the next step and towards their goals and objectives.

Roseann Bennett discusses the power of positive thinking in ensuring that an individual maintains both his physical and mental health. However, maintaining a positive thinking does not mean that you will not discuss the lows of the day and how you felt bad. It would be important to recognize the lows of the day while at the same time formulating strategies that would help you to avoid the lows the following day.

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