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Rebel Wilson: The Story Of One Romantic Cat

We may be full of romantic comedies, but when a romantic plot has a non-romantic background, then it can be very interesting. So, have you seen the movie Isn’t it romantic? This comedy has seen the daylight just in time – on Valentine’s day. The comedy has succeeded in filling our hearts with love, joy, and laughter. Starring Rebel Wilson, the movie “Isn’t it romantic?” will keep you watching and laughing out loud for a whole 90 minutes of lasting. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

This unbelievably fun movie will make you laugh, but you will also most certainly begin to ask yourself – do we need more romance in our everyday lives? The answer would be – Yes! Yet, this is not some cheap and tacky love comedy, even though you might not think so, according to its title.

No matter what some of you think – romantic comedies always are always so fashionable and extremely fun. The true validation of such movies always comes from the heart of the audience. After the premiere of “Isn’t it romantic?”, the reaction of the audience speaks for itself. It seems like we are eager to see a good romantic movie which will move us, make us laugh and make us wonder.

Romantic… Is It Really?

After the “Muriel’s Wedding” and the amazing Tony Collete, we were waiting for another Aussee star who will shine that much. And we got her! Rebel Wilson gave us the opportunity to see it all. A cute face, funny accent and all the girls around the world could identify themselves with this clumsy girl’s love problems.

No matter of its ordinary script, the movie “Isn’t it romantic?” offers its viewers a lot of fun, laughter and of course – the romance. Though it does not have a very original story, all the lacks were compensated with the tremendous comedy talent and personality Rebel Wilson has shown. For those who still haven’t seen this movie (if they exist), this is the short story…

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is cute, but a bit frustrated Aussee girl with a lack of self-a-steam. She struggles with weight and has completely no faith in love nor romance. Natalie’s doubts were nurtured even throughout her adulthood, and she is totally repulsive even to the idea of love or romance.

She hates romantic movies, and she is quite shocked when her life becomes a romantic comedy. She moves to New York where she works as an architect working on a major hotel project for a handsome billionaire Blake. One day she gets mugged in a subway, and accidentally hits her head.

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While waking up at the hospital she sees a hot doctor and felt embarrassed. But after leaving the hospital, things were much different.

She accidentally got hit by a billionaire Blake’s limo. Blake gently took her home and left Natalie his phone number by writing it down on flower petals. So, romantic, isn’t it? Afterward, Natalie’s life slowly turns in a romantic movie…

Wilsons Birthday Present To Her Fans

Rebel Wilson has recently turned 39, and for that occasion, she made quite a surprise to her fans.

Since Wilson is currently preparing for the new upcoming movie The Cats, she shared some of her birthday moments on Instagram. She actually took photos and uploaded a video with friends while they were performing an act called “catzercise”.

Wilson was performing wearing a funny cat costume with cute kitty ears. Well-known as a person with a sense of humor, Wilson could not resist writing the comment below the photo. In her funny manner, she said: “Don’t be a pussy and try it.”

The inscription tells everything.

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