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Reasons why Sam Sotoodeh is a Trendsetter in the Investment World

News & Observer Building has dominated the property market news for the past 24 months. Although the building was “perceived” to be pricey by the local investors, the recent change of ownership under $22 million deal was phenomenal. The Acquisition Group made the final purchase after several attempts of acquiring the building becoming futile. The consistent in the company was a perfect illustration of the company’s nickname-patient investors.

What does this transaction say about Acquisition Group and Sam Sotoodeh (the company president)? First, Sotoodeh is one of the most determined investors. Although there was no sign of the deal going through, he was persistent enough. He applies this same approach in all his dealings whether he is on real estate or in securities investments deals. Second, Sam Sotoodeh is one of the best negotiators in the investment industry. Employing his negotiation skills to close the News & Observer Building deal was not a typical achievement.

Apart from being an exceptional real estate guru, Sam Sotoodeh has been instrumental in some of the high profile acquisitions in the last 36 months. The reasons why most big companies trust Acquisition Group in their transactions is because apart from being knowledgeable on international business dynamics, he (Sotoodeh) has a big personality. An example of a high profile deal was in the recent Raleigh negotiations.

What makes Sam Sotoodeh such as exceptional businessperson? There are three main contributors to Sotoodeh proficiency. His educational background, experience, and his strong personality are his best tools. As an alumnus of the famous California State University and later Cornell University, Sotoodeh was exposed to the best educational foundation especially in the world of Economics. He can read investment trends purely on the economic perspective.

Although an excellent educational background is vital for a successful career in investment, personality and experience are more important. Being a president of the investment company, his ability to employ his strong personality during negotiations makes him stand out. The Acquisition Group continues to make significant closures in the investment world purely on Sam Sotoodeh strong personality.

Besides, his experience in the world of investment has made him broaden his investment niche to other fast-growing areas. Currently, he has vast interests in arbitrage, oil and gas business, and securities investments markets.

Sam Sotoodeh’s: Linkedin.