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Prevagen: A Potential Prevention of Memory Loss While You Age

Prevagen is a new dietary supplement that could enhance your brain and that has shown in studies that it can stop some memory loss while you age.

There is some evidence that Prevagen has some promise as a way to deal with aging and memory. There was a placebo-control, double-bind clinical study where this supplement improved cognitive function over 90 days.

In another 90-day clinical trial, a group of adults took one Prevagen pill per day and it showed improvement in memory.

So far, researchers have found that it supports healthy brain function, improve memory, makes a sharper mind and causes your thinking to be clearer. The evidence has caused people to be excited about this new dietary supplement.

Other than studies of Prevagen, there have been studies of the link between physical mental fitness. These studies mostly come to the conclusion that physical activity improves mental activity.

Getting physical can help you prepare for creative projects, interviews, and exams. Physical activity also helps the brain from cognitive changes that are caused by age.

When you do exercises like aerobic exercise, the part of the brain that is most affected is the hippocampus. When well-controlled studies have been done on the elderly, adults, and children, the hippocampus becomes stronger as well as their bodies. The hippocampus is responsible for learning and memory. By boosting the hippocampus, it also boosts your heart.

In conjunction with exercise, Prevagen could definitely improve your memory.

What is Prevagen made of? It is made of something called apoaequorin. It is a substance that comes from jellyfish and can improve brain function. In the United States, you can buy it over-the-counter at the local pharmacy without a prescription.

Who is the creator of Prevagen? Quincy Bioscience is the creator of this supplement and has the patent for it as well.

Quincy Bioscience is a biotech company that focuses on the commercialization, development, and discovery of technologies or substances that will hopefully help with the changes of brain function that happen when you age. They are particularly interested in cognitive health as well as memory. What particularly sets it apart from other applications is that it has the patented ingredient called apoaequorin. This ingredient has an innovated way to help brain cells as people age.

In 2004, Quincy Bioscience, the creator of Prevagen, was first located at the University Research Park that is located in Madison, Wisconsin. When they were located at this research park, they had formed a partnership with Dr. James R. Moyer, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

This doctor is one of the leading experts in the memory and cognitive function fields. This company eventually moved to Middleton, Wisconsin in 2015.

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