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Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Says A Shaq Pizza In The Future Could Be Possible

With the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neil as one of Papa John’s franchisees and board members, CEO Steve Ritchie does not rule out the possibility that he might get his own Shaqeroni pizza someday. According to the energetic CEO who has been tirelessly doing almost everything to revive papa John’s image, the NBA superstar’s favorite pizza is the extra-large one with extra cheese with sausage. The faster that the pizza chain could get their celebrity endorser to pose for an Instagrammable photo and share it on various social media sites, so much the better.

Steve Ritchie recently disclosed that after the close of trading the sales of their international and North America stores in the first quarter dropped by 0.1 percent and 6.9 percent respectively. While there is a decline, the sales in North America shows improvement from the last quarter’s 8.1 percent plummet. Over time, Papa John’s offered new pizza flavors and offered more $6 pizzas.

According to CEO Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s is making small progress on the turnaround. He added that it will take some time to improve brand perception. Despite the issues the company is currently facing, it still got some parties interested. Just recently, activist investor Jeff Smith added a $200 million investment to the company.

Recently, it utilized the alternative to purchase $50 million more worth of Papa John’s stock. At present, Smith is the chairman of Papa John’s who was joined by the NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neil after a new tie-up. In one of his interviews, Papa John CEO Steve Ritchie shared that the NBA Hall of Famer has been in the company’s commissary sharing his ideas.

The CEO added that the NBA superstar has also started his outreach activities to different communities in his desire to help repair the image of the company. According to Steve Ritchie, Shaquille O’Neil is all in for Papa John’s.