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Southridge Capital Financial Services with a Difference

Southridge Capital is amongst the most prominent names in the finance industry of the United States. The company has helped hundreds and thousands of individuals to achieve their financial goals through personalized financial solutions. In the last few years, Southridge Capital has spent millions on research to ensure that they can provide the right financial information to the clients that they can use to invest in the market. Southridge Capital regularly publishes insightful financial news and updates to help the clients make informed decisions regarding their investments. Recently, the company published an article in which they detailed report about the use of cryptocurrencies worldwide.


With time, more and more people have started using cryptocurrencies globally, and its acceptance has been increasing as well. The financial analysts at Southridge believe that it is necessary for the people to accept the new financial trends and go with it after doing careful research. If you are looking to invest in any kind of currencies then investing in cryptocurrencies is definitely a good idea. People, who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio, investing in cryptocurrencies would prove to be fruitful. Southridge Capital helps people not just by providing them with all the information they need, but also educate them on different financial products so that they can be sure that they are making the right decision.


The CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks, was recently interviewed and asked about how he got the idea of creating the company. He said that he was working for a small NY hedge find company, but the owner decided to move to Australia. It was then that he decided to start his own company and his previous owner allowed him to do that while still working for his previous owner as it took around a year to close his business in NY. He believes that his experience is the reason why people trust him with their money and seek assistance from him. In the future, he plans to start a channel or podcast solely for cryptocurrencies where he would provide information on new trends in the cryptocurrency market. For more details you can visit




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Paul Mampilly Believes Hard Work Is The Key To Investing

The world of investing has been changing a lot in the last decade or so. Technology that used to only be available for the largest financial institution is now easily accessible by almost everyone. Paul Mampilly, a seasoned investor and now publisher, is excited about the potential that this technology is bringing to investors who have made the decision to go about it on their own. In his new position at Banyan Hill Publishing Paul Mampilly is able to share his knowledge about the financial industry and investing with people from many different walks of life.

Robots and artificial intelligence are now using algorithms to help make good investment decisions by predicting the possible outcomes of each transaction. Prior to the utilization of this technology, this work was tedious and left to be completed by humans. This practice has completely changed the way investing works.

Paul Mampilly believes that putting in the work is something that can’t be avoided in order to successfully invest. He starts his day early and works at least until the markets are closed for the day. 12 to 14 hours a day are spent by Mampilly reading and researching what is going on in the markets to ensure that he is making the best decisions possible.

Born in India, Paul Mampilly worked his way up from living in tiny village to being a successful investor on Wall Street. At a young age, he knew that he wanted to become a success and through a combination of aggressively approaching his ambitions and good timing, he achieved just that. His sister joined him on his journey from a small village to the biggest city in India, Dubai and eventually became college graduates.

Paul Mampilly began his career in finance as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust Company before becoming a full portfolio manager. He made the transition into a research assistant after Bankers Trust was acquired by Deutsche Bank. No matter the position that he held in the industry, he believes in being diligent with his work through proper research and following up on potential investments.

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OSI Industries Merger and Growth

OSI Industries is one of the largest providers of food in the entire world. They have around 20,000 employees and have 65 different facilities in 17 countries! The founder of the company, Otto Kolschowsky, was one of the members of the German immigrant population in Chicago at the turn of the 20th century. In 1909, he open his first butcher shop and retail meat market on the West side of the city. He did well and after about 10 years, he was able to bring his business into the wholesale side of things. In 1928, the family business was renamed Otto & Sons. They were a stable business for many years afterwards.

Over the next 2 decades, Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Industries. They needed to make sure they offered the best products, especially since they were the hamburger supplier of McDonald’s. In the 1970s, new technology started coming out and they were able to improve their business and the services they could offer. As of May 2018, OSI Industries merged with Turi Foods. Together they created Turosi Pty Ltd. This merger will incorporate Turi’s knowledge of Australian poultry farming and OSI’s size and reach.

This means the new merger can offer several different products from both ends. Both companies will be continuing running their plants in Thomastown and Geelong, while other materials will be process in Broadmeadows, Eagle Farm, and Blacktown. Turi is one of the biggest companies that offer poultry, so teaming up with OSI Industries is a huge step forward. Not only do they supply to supermarkets, but they also supply to butcher shops and restaurants. The businesses will be working together to come up with new services and try to expand the company even further than it already is. People from both companies are very excited and confident of the successes that are sure to come.

A glance at Paul Mampilly, the finance guru

Eric Dye recently featured Paul Mampilly, a top guru in the finance arena, in his esteemed podcast and there is no doubt that he was the perfect fit for the interview. Paul, an MBA holder from Fordham University, boasts a proven track record of Paul Mampilly’s expertise in dealing with numbers and stocks. For instance, working in Wall Street is something most MBA holders dream about, and unfortunately, they never get to fulfill. But for Paul, it was reality and a privilege that he enjoyed fresh from school after he got an opportunity to work at Bankers Trust, an A-list finance facility in Wall Street.

Besides Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly also went on ahead to work with many other high profile institutions within the same ream such as Deutsche and ING banks respectively. He later moved to Kinetics Asset Management where he began serving as the company’s hedge fund manager, a role he executed exceptionally well. Within a short span of time, Paul helped increase Kinetics’ fund’s value to about $25 billion, a factor that saw the company get honored as the World’s best Hedge fund.

Even though Paul Mampilly was now living the dream of many, he felt that he was only helping the wealthy become even wealthier instead of assisting those who are still trying to make their way up the ladder and thereby ,opted out. He left Wall Street and embraced the path of entrepreneurship. Since then he has enjoyed massive benefits and has impacted the lives of myriads of traders worldwide in equal measure. Thus one can safely refer to him as; a financial and business big wig.

It is thanks to these unique qualities, achievements, and vast knowledge that Eric Dye featured him in his podcast. Both Eric and Paul boast diverse knowledge about the finance world and they discussed various issues affecting the stock market and some common yet suicidal errors that people make while making their initial trades. Paul Mampilly even let the world know about some of the people he looks up to for motivation.

During the interview, Paul revealed that he stands out by always going the extra mile for his clients. For instance, he dedicates about 12 to 14 hours of his day to reading about stocks that his clients invest their hard earned cash on. It is through such practices that Paul Mampily ensures his clients are on top of the game when it comes to stock trading.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Mampily is a household name in the world of finance thanks to his numerous accomplishments.As shown earlier Paul has worked with various A level finance facilities and has helped propel them towards success. Currently, a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the CEO of Profits unlimited and various other newsletters, Paul ensures that even the average stock traders get a piece of the pie, through his prudent financial counsel.

The successful journey of OSI Food Solutions in becoming a world leader in the food industry

Over the years, the food industry has undergone a significant transformation that has ensured production and processing of quality food for consumption. Companies have merged across the globe offering quality food supplies with high safety standards. OSI Food Solutions is one of the oldest food processing firms in the United States of America. The history of the firm dates back to 1909 during the migration of Germans into the United States of America. The company started from humble beginnings as a food distribution and processing firm in Illinois, Chicago and later partnered with other companies and restaurants. Due to its unwavering core value of high-quality products, the firm has been able to attract a good number of companies across the world that has boosted its operations.

OSI Food Solutions prides itself on the development, production, and distribution of custom food products and solutions worldwide. The company has established some core values that help in guiding it towards customer satisfaction. Here, the firm focuses on Custom food solutions, Efficient and trustworthy supply chain, Exceptional culinary skill and global flavor knowledge and Unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices among others. The company focuses on the establishment and explores innovative solutions to ensure customer needs are guaranteed. Working together as a team has been the driving force towards the success story of the company towards making new partnerships and collaborations.

Due to the increased quality assurance and supply chain, the company has opened branches in some of the leading European markets. Recently, OSI Food Solutions received a standing ovation from the United Kingdom. The company received a Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. The company received the award for playing a vital role in the management of environmental risks. Through its good environmental solutions, the firm has been placed on the global limelight of being among the 18 organizations globally to ever receive the award. The award is pegged on many indicators that culminate in the picking of a specific company to be crowned. OSI Food Solutions was established by the Otto Kolschowsky, and the family lineage has continued maintaining and carrying the brand across many generations.

What enables Ted Bauman to achieve success?

Ted Bauman comes from Washington D.C. He spent his young life in this city before he later went to South Africa where he would achieve great things. Ted loved education and studied hard to get a position at the University of Cape Town. He obtained is history and economics degree from the prestigious institution and later got a job as a fund manager where he supervised housing projects. Ted Bauman worked for more than two decades in South Africa before moving back to the United States where he went to work with Habitat. He came up with a project known as Slum Dwellers International which has helped a lot of people up to date.

Currently, Ted Bauman works at Banyan Hill Publishing where he is the director of the editorial team. He joined the organization in 2013, and he has since worked successfully. He specializes in several areas like providing security to various businesses, coming up with strategies in investment, issues related to international migration and private equity. Since Ted Bauman joined Banyan Publishing, he has helped a lot of investors through his great insights. His contributions at the platform have made him influence others in making major decisions with the influence of government.

When interviewed, Ted shed light as to why he succeeded. However, he says he is a human being like others. But his ability to follow his schedule has enabled him to stand out from the crowd and give the best. He wakes up early in the morning and first takes his daughter to school before he can move to his basement office where he starts working immediately. Ted is also interested in the current technological advancement because he is sure it will help him to improve his business performance.

Most of his readers and subscribers are interested in reading his work because they know it is helpful in their daily investment decisions. Ted Bauman believes that he can use the experience he has gained to help others to live useful lives. His articles aim at explaining to other to understand the current economy. He wants them to make good investment decisions.


Randal Nardone is a self made billionaire who slowly rose through ranks to become number 557 in the list of world’s billionaires. According to Forbes, his net worth currently stands at $1.8 billion.

Nardone joined Fortress Investment Group in 1998 as co-founder and principal. In 2013, he became the Chief Executive Officer after serving in interim position for two years. His wealth has often been attributed to the stake he has in the company. Additionally, Randal Nardone is said to have been compensated over $100,000,000 in cash, making him one of the richest men, not just in America, but the whole world.

Under his leadership, the Fortress Investment Group was said to be managing more than $70 billion is assets that are split among credit funds, liquid hedge funds and private equity.

Four years ago, Institutional Investor, a reputable international business publisher named Fortress as Hedge fund manager of the year. This was when Nardone was in charge. His company has also been recognized as Management Firm of the year. He has gotten accolades on his guidance in management of credit funds.

Randal Nardone previously worked as Managing Director of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Before that, he was a principal at BlackRock Financial Management.

Even though he seems to prefer the field of finance, Nardone did not train in it. He has an undergraduate degree in science from the University of Connecticut , and a Juris Doctor (J.D) from Boston University.

His success has often been linked with his ability to network with investors and research to know what will work best for his company. He also uses technology and social media to help drive the agenda of Fortress across the globe. Due to his successful career, business schools have always used his company as a model of management and growth of a company. Randal Nardone is married, but keeps his private life private. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

Talkspace Partners with Michael Phelps

Talkspace has only been in the market for a short time but already made a huge impact in the lives of very many people. The app focuses on offering its customers online therapy. The institution was founded by Oren Frank, and it has been doing so much for its clients. Just recently, the organization announced that it was going to partner with Michael Phelps so that they can offer the right mental care to the people who need it. Talkspace believes that more people are improving their current mental health in the presence of personalities who have gone through similar problems in the past.

While speaking about the new partnership to the international community, Talkspace CEO, Oren Frank has said that the new partnership with Michael Phelps will feature a US national television campaign. During the campaign, Michael will speak to the audience concerning his personal experiences and also encourage more people to speak about their mental health. The platform will also be used to talk to the people about the benefits of having an application such as Talkspace. Michael has dealt with depression and many other personal problems in the past. Like many people, the businessman chose to keep quiet, and this brought him a lot of suffering. With the help of professionals such as Oren Frank and his team, the employees in the United States will have a better future. Problems such as anxiety are dealt with online.

In the modern times, there have been so many cases of sexual harassment. Most cases reported shows that women are mostly affected. Regardless of the age and gender, sexual harassment has so many consequences on the people who are affected. There are few individuals who have been living very miserable lives because of their encounters in the past. Talkspace has been observing these numerous cases, and it has come up with some few tips to help the victims. According to Talkspace, it is possible for the people who have been sexually harassed to live happy lives just like the other individuals in the society. Talkspace have professionals who handle their cases online, and they ensure that the patients have a complete recovery.

Southridge Capital And Its Visionary Founder Stephen Hicks Has Built A Tradition Of Success That Goes Back More Than Twenty Years:

Southridge Capital is a leading private equity firm that provides security brokerage and investment banking services as well as structured finance and professional advisory services for public companies. The firm is based out of Ridgefield, Connecticut. The firm takes a huge amount of pride is the quality of its executive leadership team. The Southridge Capital executive team is known for having a deep knowledge of the marketplace. The team is also known for its ability to put together and put into action, finance plans for its customers. The firm has invested an impressive $1.8 billion toward helping companies grow since its 1996 founding. This has included the financing of more than 250 different public companies. For more details visit



In recent Southridge Capital news, the firm’s highly respected Chief Executive Officer Stephen Hicks, announced that the company has entered into a deal with Elite Data Services, Inc. for an equity purchase. Hicks is also the organization’s Chairman of the Board. Technology company Elite Data Services, Inc. produces software applications that advertise the assets that it controls. This is done through the utilization of high tech proprietary technologies that the company develops. This unique business model is what has attracted Southridge to become involved with Elite Data Services.


About CEO Stephen Hicks:

Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996 when he decided to set out on his own after a period of time working in the hedge fund industry. He spends a significant part of every day reviewing Southridge Capital’s portfolio and deciding on which priority tasks need to be accomplished on that specific date by himself as well as his team of staff members. During these busy days, Stephen brings ideas to fruition by utilizing his years of experience in the financial industry. The fact that the team at Southridge Capital knows a number of other entities on Wall Street means that they often come to the firm when they are in need of financing. Stephen also spends a lot of time, along with his team, searching for companies that can use the kind of help that Southridge offers.


According to Newswire, Stephen Hicks believes that starting a channel devoted purely to cryptocurrency would be a really good business idea for someone to take up. Cryptocurrency is the current trend that excites the CEO the most. It is this kind of vision that has helped Stephen lead Southridge Capital to the massive success that it has achieved in its twenty-plus years in business.



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The Lacey and Larkin Initiative Against Joe Arpaio

On October 18, 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two former dropouts of the Arizona State University, were unethically and illicitly apprehended and imprisoned below the charges of divulging details regarding an adjudicators enquiry in their issue of Phoenix New Times, exposing the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The men were taken away in immaculate SUVs with Mexican license plates and retained into separate confinements which were both achieved by Sheriff Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio, well known as the anti-immigrant Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, has over the years brutally tormented the immigrants by his exaggeratedly antagonistic law enforcement procedures. There were several events of Arpaio’s initiatives against immigrants which remained delimited and hidden for years, till they eventually became more apparent before almost 10 years.

Finally the moment had arrived when Sheriff Arpaio was charged with the accusation of violating the rights of Latinos and other migrant groups. However, Joe Arpaio continued being insolent of the custodies and sustained his motive of boosting his workforces to continue ethnic reporting of Latinos and immigrants. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

After continuing his torment over the innocent immigrants, his activities finally gathered attention of the reporters. Arresting Larkin and Lacey turned out to be an act of doom for Arpaio for not only they were released within 24 hours of detention, but in the late 2013, Maricopa County had to pay up a total sum of $3.75 million to settle a lawsuit that Lacey and Larkin had trailed against Arpaio for unlawful arrest and exposing more of his derelictions and corrupt activities.

Arpaio was not in an expedient or beneficial situation since the settlement issue. He lost the reappointment for a probable seventh term as Sheriff and to his dismay, in July 2017, Arpaio was charged with allegation of disdain in court during the Melendres suit. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

However, his strong political involvement found him a spot of decent elegance within the Trump management and to the oval office. Having endorsed in the crusade for Donald Trump bought Arpaio a good place in Trump’s eye and hence was pardoned of all charges.

Over the following years, the business partners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, used the money achieved from the settlement to inaugurate the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, with the intention of dispensing the proceeds from the defrayal to Latin-American groups throughout the state of Arizona.

The fund started to fight back in contradiction of the pomposity of Arpaio, making his goal of slurring the opposition even more challenging to achieve. There was a much sturdier stance against Arpaio and was charged with criminal contempt in 2017, with an offense that can be punished with a maximum sentence of six months. Hence the partners brought good use out of the settlement amount.

Village Voice Media Holdings, as the company came to be known finally, grossed a standing for long-form investigative reporting and magazine-style feature writings and local events.

Larkin and Lacey sold the company to a group of Long time company executives which in the long run reached nearly 9 million print readers every month and another 56 million viewers monthly online and harvested several journalistic honors, including prize like the Pulitzer Prize.