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Rick Smith Brings Expert Help to Securus Table

Securus is a successful company that is in the prison industry. They are one of the top companies and have been working since day one to provide the prisons with the support that they need in different areas of the prison. From their ability to make things better for the administration to offering people the chance to be able to enjoy all of the little things like commissary and visitation, Securus can stand behind it all with the options that they have. They want to make sure that the prisons they work with are taken care of and that they will be able to work well for the people who are in them and the people who are running them. While Securus is not a government body, they work closely with these prisons and with law enforcement agencies to give them what they need for the prisoners that they have. Read more on

Perhaps one of the most innovative things that Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus, has implemented in the prisons is the kiosk system. While many prisons have had kiosks in the lobbies and even in the booking areas, Rick Smith Securus has made sure that people are doing what they can to help the prisoners who are within the walls of the prison. For example, prisoners are able to find the help that they need in the form of calls, visitation scheduling and even emails where the program is available at. This helps to cut down on a lot of the work that officers would have had to do in the past.

As Rick Smith has taken over Securus as the CEO, he has made some major changes. The company was not necessarily failing but it was not doing as well as what Rick Smith thought that it could be doing. He implemented major changes and brought peace back to the company. It was a great way for him to provide people with all of the help that they need and the prisons with all of the experiences that they have had in the past. As far as Rick Smith is able to see, Securus has been much better because of the options that he has.


For Rick Smith to be able to try new things, he had to gain the trust of the company. He did that through showing them the proven record of opportunities that he created for the last company that he was the CEO of. This was also a prison industries company and Rick Smith showed Securus what he was able to do and how he helped that company to perform. He wanted everyone to know that was what he was going to do with Securus and it worked out.

Nathaniel Ru Elevates Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is high-end restaurant in the food industry that features salads. The company is backed by several impressive investing including Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case. They have experienced booming success and now have 40 different locations. Sweetgreen’s co-CEO, Nathaniel Ru, seeks to change the way people in American eat. He understands the allure of a quick stop for fast food, and wants to provide people with the option to eat something healthier instead. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru also maintains that Sweetgreen is best run on a technology platform. 30 percent of the purchases made at Sweetgreen are completed on their website or mobile app. It is part of who they are as a company. The company also believes in making all their employees work directly in the restaurants on occasion. the do this to keep on eye on what goes down and according to Nathaniel Ru, they want to decentralize because they do not support big corporate headquarters.


The co-founders of Sweetgreen are Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet as all first-generation immigrants and they met in college. They focused their attention on the food industry because they noticed that Georgetown had limited options for healthy food. They wanted to give people the choice to fill their bodies with something better. Over time, Nathaniel Ru learned that it is important to build a team because you cannot do everything yourself. He looks up to Kevin Plank and the work he has to the Under Armour company. When he is not eating salad at Sweetgreen, Nathaniel is earned Northern Thai food in restaurants that have good service.


Nathaniel Ru was born in 1985 in Pasadena, California. He attended the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and graduated in 2007. He earned a BS in Finance during his time there. He has always been very interested in entrepreneurship and it was at college that he was really able to explore his options. He actually came up with the idea for Sweetgreen with two of his friends while in college in Georgetown. He believes in created food that fits your values and is proud to have created a company that puts well-being, health, and happy living first. He is also concerned with the environment and worked hard to make sure their restaurants only leave a small carbon-neutral footprint. Sweetgreen is very eco-friendly. He has several investments in MeUndies, EatPops, Bond Streets, and LOLA.

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Doe Deere Takes Explains How She Starts Every Day

Doe Deere is the founder and creative force behind one of the world’s fastest growing makeup company’s, but she recently explained she is always looking to spend some time each morning to free her mind from the digital world that takes up so much of her time each and every day. The Lime Crime founder has spent much of the last few years honing her own morning routine that includes around one hour each morning making sure her makeup is perfect before arriving at her office around noon each morning; there is much more to the morning routine of Doe Deere than just her cosmetics use as the Russian born Los Angeles resident makes sure every aspect of her morning sets her up for a day of creativity.


As a business leader who has made her name selling cosmetics Online and marketing her products through various social media platforms one would expect Doe Deere to spend much of her time each morning on her phone or other mobile devices; however, Doe Deere undergoes something of a digital detox each morning as she looks to free her mind of events of little importance to her day as she monitors an internal Lime Crime messaging system and Instagram as she starts her day.


Doe Deere begins her day with a full glass of water around 8.30 each morning, which is the routine she has developed to ensure she gets at least nine hours sleep each day to maintain her flawless skin. After moving to Los Angeles from New York, Doe Deere realized the need for excellent hydration as the dry atmosphere of California can dry out the skin and have a negative effect on the residents of the state.


The majority of the morning is spent preparing for the day with the two cats owned by Doe Deere as she gets ready for each day with around one hour spent on creating the unique makeup looks Doe Deere has become known for. Although she is not a fan of too much exercise, Doe Deere also enjoys completing a series of stretches as she sets out on each day by loosening up her back with the camel/cat stretch every morning before arriving at the Lime Crime offices each day around noon and remaining there until at least six every evening.


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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Story Provides Invaluable Lessons for All NAACP Members

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made headlines after they won a case against County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the United States Court of Appeal.

It all started when these two fellows stumbled on vital information about the mischievous dealings of the County and some grand jury proceedings to bury the matter so as to save him from facing the wrath of the law. Lacey and Larkin, being human right advocates, reported the matter to appropriate authorities.

The County responded by organizing men to bundle them out of their homes at mid-night. Both men decided to take the case to the United States Court of Appeal with a request of $3.75 for the maltreatments they suffered. The court’s judgment turned out in favor of these daring human right advocates. The County was mandated to pay the $3.75.

Lacey and Larkin silenced critics when they pledge the said money to assisting migrants’ right organizations across Arizona. Those who thought that they were only interested in pocketing the fat sum of money had to do a rethink.

By dedicating the money to fighting human right abuses, Lacey and Larkin demonstrated to the world that their main goal is not in amassing wealth but in seeing people live in liberty. Both men have been working together for long; together, they set up Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

It is good for NAACP’s members to applause these noble men; both deserve all the accolades, but it should not stop there. The most important of all is the exemplary characters displayed. Lacey and Larkin believe that culprits of human right abuses most be brought to book. To both men, any attempt to let them off the hook will encourage many others to abuse the rights of their fellow human being. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Only by making culprits suffer punishment for the wrongs they do can others be deterred from perpetrating such nefarious acts. This mindset prompted them to blow open the misdemeanors of the County and eventually sued him to court.

In the same vein, NAACP’s members should not allow any discrimination on grounds of skin color go unheard. It should be brought to the attention of the public and efforts must be made to prosecute offenders.

Cases of victimizations and discriminations against color people keep surfacing by the day. There is hardly any aspect of human endeavors where these race-based discriminations are not obvious.

Men and women who believe in the equality of all persons, skin color notwithstanding, must call for a stop to these. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) provides a platform for fighting this race-base menaces.

Lori Senecal to Leave CP+B in Top Heights

Before Lori Senecal joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), there was no such position as global CEO in the MDC Partners agency. They just had to make it for her. It was a decision that soon bore fruit. A few months after her March 2015 appointment, she successfully landed CP+B, the American Airlines account to which TM Advertising had clung to for 25 years.

Injecting New Energy

According to Adweek, CP+B could never have got a better person to oversee its growth and expansion as well as coordinate its international offices. Apart from the American Airlines deal, Lori has transformed the agency’s culture, and the way it runs its business. CP+B are now among the top agencies with a strong local and global reach. According to Fast Company, in 2016, the agency won a place among Advertising Age’s list of Creativity Innovators of the Year. Lori was named among the four Agency Executives to Watch.

Leaving CP+B Better than She Found It

The agency would undoubtedly have had much to reap if Lori stayed at the helm for longer. However, much of the hard work which involved steering it to the global top seems to have been done. When she retires at the end of 2017, she would leave the agency not only better than she found it but also with a promise to go higher. She will be remembered for putting up an excellent leadership structure as well as developing the team that will take over after she is gone. One of the new leaders is Danielle Aldrich who has been elevated to CP+B West president from director of CP+B Boulder.

An Illustrious Career

Since her graduation from McGill University, Lori’s career in advertising has forever been on the rise. Her creative talent, unique style, and the will to stay away from the comfort zone have won great victories for her and the brands she has worked with (Coca-Cola, American Express, Xbox, BMW, Vanguard and Victoria Secret Pink). Some of the companies she has led to enviable success, besides CP+B, include Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners and McCann Erickson.


As the youngest of the four girls in her family, Lori Senecal must have received a load of attention from the rest of the family members. However, growing up in comfort in Montreal did not prevent her from facing the many challenges in the advertising and marketing world on her way to the top. She is known as one of the most resilient, skilled, knowledgeable, and talented personalities in the advertising industry.


Using the Securus Technologies System to Apprehend Criminals

Regardless the level of crime that a person has committed, these criminals need to be apprehended and brought to justice before they continue their illegal activities. Even after we identify certain suspects, they can be especially troublesome to apprehend because they have a huge network that is working to keep them off the radar while in plain sight. This was the case with two brothers we were desperate to get off the streets.


These two brothers had been in and out of the local correctional facilities numerous times on smaller charges, but these days they were getting involved with more serious crimes like armed robbery and murder. We knew we needed to act fast or someone in our town was going to be the latest victim of these two criminals.


As a police officer, I have access to a number of resources to help collect information on wanted suspects. Although none were panning out, I was about to get some help from the most unlikely source. One of the brothers was caught when an informant tipped us off he was drinking in a bar with his brother. We were able to arrest one, but the other escaped through a bathroom window. The bother who escaped vowed to kill every officer and their family if the brother was not released.


While we knew the brother in jail would not talk to us, we knew he was talking to his brother. Luckily for my team, he was using the Securus Technologies inmate call system complete with the LBS software, alerting us to conversations about the whereabouts of the missing brother. Even though the inmate spoke in coded terms, the software picked up on bits of information that would lead us to the hideout of our suspect and get him reunited with his brother behind bars.

The WIT Press: Accessing Innovation and Technology Journals

The WIT Press is a publishing center which was established more than 30 years ago. As part of the Wessex Institute of Technology, the press complements the work of the institution. WIT is located in the United Kingdom, but they have gained a good reputation all over the world. With their worldwide conferences on current issues in the Wessex Institute of Technology and innovation, the Institute attracts a faculty that has a rich blend of both knowledge and expertise.

One of the reasons why there are more and more authors sending their submissions to the WIT Press is because they are professional. They also have over 30 years of experience in the field of publishing. They have published many books and journal articles, some of which are international. They are also reputed because they touch on very diverse issues. They have publications in relation to innovation, the environment, sustainable development and other interesting topics.With regular access to learning material, anyone can learn about technology and innovation very easily. The best way to get access to such materials is to obtain it from the WIT Press official website. You can also get their books and journals in print form.

Jeremy Goldstein: A Greenwich Compensation Advisor Tycoon

Have you ever heard of the wonderful Jeremy Goldstein? He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which is a law firm that deals with advising compensation committees, management teams in executive compensation or any other legal issues related to the matter. Recently, the New York State Bar Association’s well-known Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched a new online platform for people who are looking for a great lawyer. This service is gracefully available 24 hours a day or the person can still use the phone service to do it. The online platform works by the person looking for a lawyer will go online and fill out a questionnaire about their legal situation and where they are located. The State Bar staff will look at the questionnaire and match the person with a nearby office that can fulfill the qualifications needed for the case.


Now on to Jeremy Goldstein, he was born and raised in the nice parts of Greenwich, CT. The 44 year-old extraordinaire has an impressive set of college degrees. Goldstein has a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University which he obtained in 1995. He was a really bright student in which he always finished his homework during class so that he could other things like studying law. One important thing about Goldstein is that he always asked for help when he needed it or was just simply confused about a class topic. Then he went to the University of Chicago where he received his M.S. in which right after he quickly acquired his J.D. from New York University School of Law. His J.D. was indeed the catalyst that catapulted his career in becoming an advising compensation expert in court cases.


Before owning his own firm, Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz law firm. This is where he would be part of the largest compensation transaction which was the Goodrich by United Technologies case which made Goldstein the number one person to call. This case would give him so much credibility and Goldstein decided to make a drastic move. Goldstein decided to open up his own firm which became known as the great Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates where he continues to advise compensation committees.


For updates, follow Jeremy Goldstein on Twitter.



Cowboy Bebop: The Sci Fi Anime for Us All


If you were like me then you probably got into anime at a later point in life. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to all of the shounen (anime for younger boys) ninja anime like ‘Naruto’ or ‘Yu Gi Oh’. As an older anime viewer it can be hard to find the perfect anime to start with. Fortunately we are here to help. Today we are going to talk about the greatest sci fi anime on the planet: ‘Cowboy Bebop’.


The anime ‘Cowboy Bebop’ follows the story of a spaceship named the Bebop and its motley crew of bounty hunters. The ship is captained by a buff man named Jett but the story primarily focuses on the super cool, kinda quirky, and definitely deadly Spike Spiegel. Spike and the gang are out to catch any bounty that they can in order to keep their ship in space and keep food on the table. While this is a boilerplate summary of the show it doesn’t really do service to the depth and nuance that the anime can provide.


What we loved most about ‘Cowboy Bebop’ is that it was unabashedly an adult anime. No, this doesn’t mean that there was ‘adult content’ but it does mean that every episode was mature, well written, and geared toward an audience that is paying attention. ‘Cowboy Bebop’ has great world building, an incredible soundtrack, and probably one of the best dubs in the entire world of anime. If you haven’t watched this classic show yet then you need to do so immediately!

Career Opportunities at The Wessex institute of Technology

Located within the marvelous New Forest Park in England, the Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational and research organization serving the international scientific community. The aim of the Wessex Institute of Technology is to develop a series of new innovative ways that facilitate the exchange of vital information between academics and professional users to promote legitimate business environments. There are many career opportunities available at Wessex Institute for individuals who wish to work with world-class prestigious contacts organised by a devoted team within the institute and its associate companies. The Institute provides Graduate Programmes, Specialist Research, an International Conference Programme, a Publishing Arm, Software Services and access to an American Office based in Boston. The Wessex Institute of Technology combines advanced research with industrial needs to provide solutions and expertise on information through professional work all while maintaining an international reputation in research quality.