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IC System Drives the Collection Mission with Compassion

There are many reasons why IC System is an outstanding collection agency. The company has been in existence for over 80 years. The collection agency handles receivable accountable assets on behalf of thousands of clients. It was founded by Jack and Ruth Ericson in 1938. It has its headquarters in St. Paul Minnesota. The driving force behind the company success is derived from its core values of providing honest, ethical and efficient service to its clients. The company has been managed by members of the Ericson family for three generations now.


Why So Successful


IC System has been consistent and true to its values. It has consistently maintained its focus on the core values with which it was launched. The organization reached the finals of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics. It has reached the finals for three consecutive seasons. It must be noted that such a feat is not a mean one, especially, given the type of service that the company offers. Not many debt collection agencies will even be nominated for such an award, let alone, reaching the finals. The company also thrives on innovation in its niche. It has been a leader in innovative solutions in the debt collection industry. It was the first organization in its class to move from typewriters to computers in its daily business activities and transactions. It has always kept a keen eye on the state of the art technologies. The company has also embraced TCPA, 501(r) and CFPB.


Community Sensitivity


IC System has several CSR initiatives running. It does not do it for sheer publicity but for the firm belief that the company owes it to the community for its success. IC System makes donations in the form of money, time and material support to needy people. It organizes such campaigns every year to rein in as many needy people as possible and provides support to various homes that support needy children and the elderly people. The organization has previously made contributions to events such as the Special Olympics, to bodies such as, Toys and Tots, the Red Cross, among others. It also encourages its staff to participate in its in-house volunteer programs aimed at supporting communities.

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What to Do When You’re Contacted by IC Systems

Jeff Aronin Adopts Patients With Orphan Diseases

Try to imagine suffering from an agonizingly painful disease so rare that it goes undiagnosed for a decade. Desiree Lyon doesn’t have to imagine that scenario. Ms. Lyon suffers from a rare disease (also known as an orphan disease) called acute intermittent porphyria.


Porphyria can adversely affect urinary health, attack the central nervous system and cause severe abdominal pain. Desiree Lyon endured 100 flare-ups of the latter.


After being diagnosed Ms. Lyon found relief from injections of the drug Panhematin. Panhematin was taken off the market after the company that produced it, Abbott Laboratories, decided to stop production of Panhematin rather than revamp the production facility.


Fortunately, rare disease suffers have a friend and ally in Jeff Aronin. In 2000 Mr. Aronin founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Ovation kept Panhematin on the market by educating the medical community about porphyria. This education led to the diagnosis of enough cases of porphyria to make producing a treatment profitable.


The DePaul University graduate was inspired to put his MBA to use producing pharmaceuticals after meeting a child who suffered seizures. Since the seizures could be controlled with meds the boy was spared undergoing a risky surgery.


A humanitarian first and foremost Mr. Aronin decided his company would focus on developing treatments for rare diseases. Within nine years Ovation was so successful that it was purchased for $900 million by the Danish company Lundbeck. Lundbeck retained Jeff Aronin as CEO.


Today, Jeff Aronin continues his work on behalf of those with rare diseases as Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon finds financing and talent for start-up pharmaceutical companies.


Harmony Biosciences is one of the companies Paragon helped to get established. A research company Harmony focuses on diseases that affect the central nervous system. These diseases include narcolepsy an inability of the body to regulate sleep cycles causing unusual sleepiness during waking hours. Harmony is also seeking a treatment for a symptom of narcolepsy a sudden loss of strength known as cataplexy.


The Aronin Family Foundation advocates for patients with rare diseases. The foundation has also made considerable donations to medical facilities around the world.

Jorge Moll Was At The Head Of A Ground Breaking 2006 Study That Has Shed Light On Human Motivation To Help Others:

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist who serves in the role of President-Director at the highly respected D’Or Institute for Research and Education located in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. He is a graduate of Rio De Janiero’s Federal University’s medical school. He embarked on his highly successful career in neuroscience after completing his residency at the same institution. Jorge Moll’s publications in this field are many in number and include works on topics ranging from social behavior in the human species including behavior revolving around moral judgement, ADHD, depression and the human emotions of guilt, embarrassment and shame. Jorge Moll is also a distinguished member of several prestigious scientific societies including the International Neuroethics Society, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the Society for Neuroscience.


Jorge Moll was the head of a revolutionary study that took place back in 2006. The landmark study, which took place at the National Institute of Health has shed light on some interesting questions regarding the way brain and its physiology has an impact on a person’s moral compass. Jorge Moll conducted the study along with his colleague, neuroscientist Jordan Grafman. The basis of this groundbreaking study was a scan of the brains of those participating in the study while they are given different scenarios regarding giving money to philanthropic organizations versus keeping the money for themselves. The results that the study yielded were very interesting and showed clearly that people experienced activation in the primitive areas of their brains when they did something that benefitted others rather than themselves. This runs contrary to the idea that concepts like morality emanate from a more high system of thinking and may well come from the same areas of the brain that validates more base emotions such as sex or enjoyment of food. The implication is that humans give back to others because it activates the pleasure centers of the brain. There is a further suggestion that Jorge Moll points out from the results of this study. The human concept of right and wrong may originate in these same areas of the brain and may be activated by these same types of actions.

Lee May and Beamridge Help to Knock Out Transportation Issues for Nemesis

Beamridge is a design and build contractor that resides in Chislehurst ,Kent. They provide top quality projects for huge housing associations and also the simplest private developers. They thrive on developing long-term relationships with clients and are always looking of ways to expand their base. They want to give their customers more bang for their buck.


Beamridge has one fantastic key to their success and that is their advisor Lee May. May stays involved in all types of charities. This brings this company and its community closer together. They have a couple teams they sponsor and they currently have an event that has arrived that will help one of them.


Some areas Advisor Lee May has been involved with may come as a surprise. A recent event was a 10k run that aided Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to help buy mini dmini bus. This goes to show his dedication and drive to be involved in his own community.


May and bean Ridge have started a crowd funding page to help raise money for The Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. If you, or someone you may know, would like to donate please go to the link below.


Lee May is a huge boxing fan so this run and crowd funding is very important to him. Nemesis ABC Helps young boxers become successful in competing in tournaments by improving all aspects of their training. Mays and Beamridge feel that community is important. With the fight and the dedication they have, why would anyone not get involved with such a dedicated team?

Perry Mandera on Staying Productive

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc., a transportation and shipping company based out of Illinois. His experience in this industry began years earlier. After graduating high school, Mandera joined the Marines Reserves. While he was in the Marines, he was in charge of transporting troops and supplies.


Even though Mandera’s livelihood depends on the success of his business, he is equally committed to giving back to the community and charitable work. As often as possible, Mandera, donates supplies, time, resources, and money to a number of programs; particularly programs with the goal of helping the less fortunate.


All of Mandera’s experiences have given him wisdom and advice that everyone can benefit from. From how he begins his day, how is able to stay productive, to various failures and successes he has had.


Perry Mandera ensures that he stays caught up, and in order to do this, he responds to all phone calls and emails before he goes to bed. Upon waking up in the morning, he does the same thing; this way he starts out his day caught up instead of behind. During his lunchtime he meets with vendors or employees to ensure that jobs are getting done and to receive or give updates as necessary. He also attends a number of events after work throughout the week and still makes sure that he makes time for his family.


Being so busy requires Mandera to stay productive. One way he does this is by completing jobs correctly the first time, that way he doesn’t have to spend time redoing it in the future. Additionally, if he, along with his employees, do the job right the first time, it allows other people to complete their jobs instead of having to fix other people’s.


Despite his success, Perry Mandera has had some unfortunate failures. At one point he invested into a company that ended up losing him a lot of money. While it obviously didn’t make him happy, he learned and grew from the experience; and that is what is the most important, to constantly learn and grow.

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Questions About The Custom Companies Inc and CEO Perry Mandera

Dr. Johanan Rand Offers Insight on How to manage Age-related Effects.

Aging is a natural process which cannot be stopped, but nevertheless, it can be managed to help reduce the intensity of the effects that come along with old age. There are many health physicians out there who will suggest to you a number of do’s and don’ts but none will match the solutions offered by Dr. Johanan Rand who has been practicing for the last fifteen years. He offers commiserative care and inventive medical methods to cater for clients who are suffering from damaging effects of aging.


Treatment programs


Dr. Johanan Rand utilizes well researched and advanced medical procedures to treat these symptoms associated with old age. This includes a number of complications such as menopause, insomnia, depression and erectile dysfunction. He uses a combination of unique treatment formulas including creative weight loss programs to rid off his patients these old age complexity.


His treatment formula is at the long end designed to find out and eventually solve the root causes of the problems. At the same time, the medication proves instant relief from the associated symptoms. His program also caters for patient education. DR Johanan Rand says that clients who understand his model of treatment are more likely to appreciate and participate in the program.


The doctor employs a combination of therapeutic techniques such as physical therapy, hormone therapy, and dieting formulas. He says these are the backbone of his treatment plan with the goal of restoring the body back to premium health and optimum performance. Dr. Johanan Rand is licensed to practice medical acupuncture and he can therefore, us this method of immediate pain relief to his patients who are in acute physical displeasure. Additionally, he is also certified to practice cortisol injections, nerve blocks, and Steroid injections. This places him ahead of many other physicians because he is in a position to offer both natural remedies and traditional solutions to pain relief.


More about Dr. Johanan Rand


He is the founder and President of Healthy Aging Medical Center located in New Jersey, which provides medical solutions and rehabilitation to age-related effects. He studied at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York where he learned the skills and background to become an expert doctor dealing with age-related complications.

Benefits of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Practiced by Dr. Dov Rand

Stansberry Research’s Steve Sjuggerud on the Japanese Stocks’ Fate

Stansberry Research was established as an autonomous firm that engages in investment research. The founder of Stansberry Research, Frank Porter Stansberry, writes pieces of opinions that discuss issues covering the auto bailout, the European financial panic, etc. Steve Sjuggerud is the editor and founder of the Stansberry Research True Wealth publication, which started in 2011.


In November 2016, Steve Sjuggerud commented that the Japanese stocks were “one-way-bet”, which means that Japanese stock investors cannot expect that the said stocks will get any better.; and during that time the policymakers of Japan were concerned that a deflation is about to happen in their country.


To avoid the looming situation, the central bank of Japan – Japan Bank, gave a guarantee that it would propel the inflation higher at whatever cost. To make it short, the Bank of Japan became more determined its past stimulus campaign by reducing interest rates more and increasing its huge measurable easing plans. The Bank assured everyone concern that it will carry on with its efforts for an indefinite period until such time that inflation rises over its longstanding 2% objective.


The regular subscribers of the Digest would remember that Steve Sjuggerud considered that the move would provide an enormous boost for the Japanese stocks. Thus by far, he was correct since the Japanese stocks have risen 20% from that time.


However, on March 9, 2018 (Friday), Haruhiko Kuroda (Governor of the Bank of Japan) stated that they would be winding-up the Bank’s vast stimulus program – as per a report made by Bloomberg. In his statement, Governor Kuroda said that he and the policy board members deem that prices will increase and reach the 2% target by 2019. And considering this it is just but rational to end the program at that same time.


Although Governor Kuroda did not state that the bank will actually end its stimulus program at on the cited time. And despite the announcement, the Japanese yen further increased and the Nikkei 225 Index lurched to almost 3%.


Based on the announcement of Kuroda, Steve Sjuggerud opined that investors can still safely invest and trade Japanese since the Bank of Japan does not merely want to reach the 2% target but would want to overshoot it, which would not happen in 2019.


Roberto Santiago; How to Establish a Colossal Business Empire from Humble Beginnings


In business, having a role model or a mentor comes in handy. In fact, it does not matter if the role model in question helps directly or indirectly. What matters is the fact that the role model shares the reliable skills with the specified entrepreneur. For that matter, Roberto Santiago comes in as a revered entrepreneurial expert who disseminates helpful entrepreneurial tips to his role models. As such, most entrepreneurs in Brazil can attest to his input in their lives. For instance, since he writes about business on his blog, he has received a massive social media following thanks to his dedication to change the lives of young entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, for Roberto Santiago to have come all the way, he must have begun his career from a lower point. Here is a look at his early life and career.


Background Information


Growing up in Joao Pessoa, Santiago always wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, he did not have a role model to guide him through the right path to becoming one. Therefore, he decided to join a school and pursue the relevant academic credentials for him to be able to find a job opening in the market. As a student at Pio X Marist, he dedicated time and resources to attain good grades. As such, he was now able to land a job opportunity at a pioneering manufacturing company by the name Café Santa Rosa.


Establishing a Career


Being a dedicated employee, he had a special connection with his clients. Therefore, they preferred dealing with Santiago, unlike other employees who spent most of their time in the business of generating profits rather than connecting with their clients. Additionally, he built strong entrepreneurial relationships that contributed to more positive appraisals. Being visionary, he quit his job to establish a business where he supplied construction materials to manufacturing facilities.


Starting Business


The cartonnage company he started registered performed well. Even so, he still wanted to pursue more businesses, and a mall is all he could think of at that moment. Therefore, as he went about his daily routine in business, he decided to conduct extensive research on the viability of the retail industry. Because Brazilians did not have a major shopping mall that could provide all their personal use and household items, Roberto decided to purchase land and construct a mall. He would later call it Manaira Shopping Mall.


Features of the Mall


Since its inception, the mall has been a significant attraction site where most Brazilians spend their time enjoying different activities. Moreover, having taken the project managers two years to clear the construction, the mall had several features including shopping areas, one major gaming area, a concert hall at the rooftop, a fitness center, a college, a food court and a banking hall. Other than that, the roof has a hall that goes by the name Domus Hall.


The Domus Hall


Perhaps the Domus Hall receives more clients because it is too attractive. For starts, it is air-conditioned. Moreover, it is big enough to accommodate about 10,000 clients at the same time. Additionally, it has a mezzanine level that accommodates several clients for concerts and musicals.



The General Observation



It is evident that Roberto Santiago established a successful business empire from his dedication and the desire to succeed. From his life, entrepreneurs can learn to be resilient and persistence in achieving their dreams.



Dr. Saad Saad Makes Catheter Placement Safer

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so says Dr. Saad Saad. In his career as a pediatric surgeon, he realized that certain procedures could be made easier if the equipment was just a little bit different. This is why Dr. Saad Saad used his expertise in both surgery and engineering to create the equipment that he wanted to work while performing procedures on his patients. Before going into medicine, Dr. Saad Saad had plans to go into the field of engineering. His mind was changed when he realized that he wanted to work in air conditioning instead of the desert heat like his engineer older brothers.


Dr. Saad Saad has made several modifications to existing procedures to make them better and safer for the patients and the medical professionals involved, he has also created a few of his own. Two of his most notable creations are the patented trackable catheter and improved endoscope with built-in suction and irrigation. Both of these were created to improve upon procedures that he performed frequently as a pediatric surgeon. In fact, he has used both of these inventions during procedures himself and truly believes in their benefits. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuwait after becoming a refugee from the country of Palestine as a young child. While his family may have struggled financially, he and each one of his brothers and sisters did exceptionally well in their careers. The greatest mentor of his career was Dr. H Biemann Othersen who he met in South Carolina. One of the most important lessons he received during his training was that all children deserved to be treated well despite their backgrounds and upbringings. All children deserve proper medical care no matter how noble or humble their bloodline is. This is one of the reasons that Dr. Saad Saad dedicated so much of his time to medical missions in places like Jerusalem where the children do not have much access to quality medical care.


To become the success he is today, Dr. Saad Saad said he just insisted that it happened and would not accept failure as an option. As a refugee, he knew he had to succeed in his life. When he wants to achieve something, Dr. Saad Saad makes sure that he puts the time into research. Researching a topic properly is exceptionally important and helps in the process to achieve results. Another important piece of advice he has for success is to stay as organized as possible. Staying organized helps Dr. Saad Saad to stay efficient and helps him accomplish the tasks he has set out to do as he does not tend to procrastinate as much.

Jose Hawilla and The Elements That Shape an Impeccable Business Leader

Those who survive in the world of business are the strongest and could be imperturbable. They understand how terrifying the world of business today. They know by experience what it means to be immensely burdened with challenges and uncertainties that are a normal occurrence to any business leader. Right now there are many qualities that can make sure that you increase your chances of survival in such a hostile business environment.



How To Be An Entrepreneur



There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to be an entrepreneur. Some of the factors that contribute to a business success can sometimes be about the personality. Businessmen have their business blood. They have the kind of characteristics that won’t be able to be replicated by others. Only those businessmen who are brilliant enough to have these characteristics as well as the luck to sustain it can succeed in the world of business. You can visit to see more.




Other than characteristics, it also helps to be able to be in the right environment that’s conducive to risk-taking and entrepreneurial pursuits. Starting your own business could get you in trouble and into a lot of hurdles if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could lose a lot of your money and you could drain your resources immediately. Fortunately, in an article from The Balance, we can learn that one of the top places today that offers the place for entrepreneurship is the United States, which is followed by other countries, such as Sweden and Canada. Also, about knowledge of how business should be done, we learn that one of the few people today who understand the importance of these factors is Jose Hawilla.



About Jose Hawilla



Hawilla is the founder of the Traffic Group, which is a sports marketing team that helps with exposure and branding of many sports personalities today. It’s also safe to say that the leadership Jose Hawilla shows for the company is one of the reasons why Traffic is able to employ many journalists and push for various newspaper projects today. Right now, the marketing firm is responsible for the publication of multiple newspapers. You can checkout for more details.