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James Dondero

James Dondero is the CO Founder and President of the company called Highland Capital Management that is located in Dallas, Texas. Dondero first founded the company in 1993. The company is a credit market that works as an investment manager and is one of the largest alternative credit managers. There is a vast number of specializations within the company such as credit strategies, collateralized loan obligations, etc. Visit to know more about him.

James Dondero received his Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. For four years he worked with American Express, managing about $1 billion in funds. He then worked with Protective Life’s GIC as a chief investment officer. Within the four years he worked as a chief investment officer he helped the business grow to over $2 billion. Dondero now has over 30 years of experience working with credit markets. He has experience with bonds, bank loans, mortgage backed securities, market debt, stocks and more. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero is a hard working man who is not only involved with business but also is a major philanthropist and is an active supporter for community based development projects. Dondero has recently been involved with a major project, the re-establishment of hippos at the Dallas Zoo. It had been a long 15 year since there were hippos at the zoo and it left many overwhelmed with happiness. In 2001 when the zoo’s famous hippo passed away, the hippo exhibit was abandoned. But James Dondero was able to make a $1 million donation through his investment firm and this helped to construct the exhibit. It is called the Highland Capital Lodge and is 5000 square feet with displays and different views of the hippos and their habitat. This includes an under water view making it possible to see a 3000 pound submersed ‘river horse’ in a 120,000 gallon African waterhole. Bringing the hippo exhibit back has caused an increase in the number of daily visitors. There are now two jovial hippos that were brought in from different parks with a smooth transition to their new home. Dondero made it possible with the donation from his company to have these majestic beauties brought back to the zoo.


CEO of Nexbank Speaks at Latest Conference

The President and CEO of NexBank John Holt attended the latest Texas Bankers Association meeting. He served as one of the panelists for the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the conference, Holt was part of a Banker Panel Discussion that addressed reinventing community banking. The event was held in an effort to help improve services and operations for community banks. This would help provide many people in the industry with valuable insight on how to better satisfy customers as well as make innovative changes in the commercial banking industry.


Each year the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is an event that allows bank leaders, consultants and advisers to talk about current banking issues. They are able to share their perspectives on a number of opportunities and challenges that are currently present in the banking industry. Some of these issues are also challenges that bank leaders are facing. As a result, the panelists and participants look for ways to devise effective strategies for making improvements in the banking industry. Some of the most common strategies used include mergers and acquisitions activity, organic growth and also expanding branches.


NexBank is a leading financial services company located in Texas. It serves as a commercial bank that provides a wide range of services to its clients. The bank has three core businesses which include commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. Each of these divisions are available to help customers make deposits, get mortgages and also receive financial advisory services. NexBank also provides financial and banking services for institutional clients, financial institutions and also corporations. All of the services are available for companies and institutional clients throughout the nation. During the last few years, NexBank has expanded by acquiring other financial institutions to offer more services that include college savings plans as well.

NexBank Capital Inc. Quarterly Profile June 2017 from jrotter

The Commitment of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is much more than a sports fan. He is a business man who has built an impressive resume. Currently Edens is the Founder and Co-CEO of Fortress Investment Group. With his leadership, Fortress has made a major impact on a number of industries and companies. The company has built assets worth more than $400 million dollars. Edens himself has become one of the worlds top investment managers with personal assets worth more than forty billion dollars.

More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

The company Fortress has built industry-leading businesses in the areas of financial services, real estate, health and entertainment. Today the company is headed in New York where they continue to make an impact across the globe. Wes Edens has gone on to become the leader of many successful companies. He is the catalyst of the company Brightline. This company is responsible for building the first intercity passenger rail system in the United States. This system connects Orlando to Las Vegas. Years later Edens founded New Fortress Energy. This company has been largely instrumental in the movement to clean and renewable energy. In just four short years Edens has lead this company to become the global leader in clean energy infrastructure.

Wes Edens does have a passion for sports. He is currently the co-owner of two sports teams: the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and the Aston Villa Football Club. The Bucks have become one of the NBA’s better teams and Edens has help to bring the city a half-billion dollar stadium to play in. His love for outdoor sports like running, and jumping horses lead to his interest in owning a soccer team.

Philanthropy is important to Wes Edens. He is responsible for developing the The Edens Family Fund for Climate Change Research at Princeton University. He is active on many professional boards and commissions. Edens is committed to giving back and using his knowledge to help others.

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Services at Sussex healthcare

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 and has provides medical care to the locals in the Sussex region. This independent company aims to care for older adults and the mentally ill in the same area.

The company has two experienced chairpersons. Boghani Shiraz and Shafik Sachedina. They have made exceptional leadership advances in this healthcare facility. Their skills have to lead to the success of Sussex healthcare.

Sussex began as a single facility in 1985 and has grown up to over 20 facilities. All these facilities are under the Sussex. Daycare and state of the art gym are among the 20 facilities at Sussex healthcare.

The company helps both young adults with cognitive issues like neurological disabilities and older adults with suffering from dementia. It has facilities that care for patients with limited health needs besides the ones with extensive care needs.

The staff at Sussex healthcare

The two managers have employed highly skilled caregivers. These employees are well trained to care for the people who are and will continue to live at Sussex. The management continuously educates the caregivers and compensates them to make sure the services rendered are equal to the patients’ needs.

The staff believes that the people under their care need access to social, recreational and leisure facilities. They think that the medical services are not enough for these patients.

The facilities at Sussex are building in a way that they encourage their patients to live in them. They also remain active and engage the environment like personal leisure and plans of their interests.

The other better part of Sussex is that it has skilled chefs who prepare nutritious meals to the patients inside or even their residential areas.

The adult care facilities are well build to accommodate them and their conditions. Some are in the general building while those with adverse conditions live in specialized facilities under the care of trained personnel.

The young adults of about 7 to 19 years have their special tree house educare. These individual mainly have autism. These children are also accessed to education facilities in New Barn School. This school has a 52 –week placement and awaking curriculum.

About Sussex Healthcare:

Shafik Sachedina Ensures Sussex Healthcare is Offering Healthcare Services despite the Caregiver Shortage

Sussex Healthcare is a reputable organization that offers support services to seniors in the society. As people age, they develop various medical conditions that force them to seek the services of healthcare facilities such as Sussex. At Sussex, the seniors can get access to the specialized medical attention that they need. According to statistics, more than 10,000 individuals attain the age of 65 daily. These individuals need support from healthcare professionals and their loved ones. Through the leadership of Shafik Sachedina, Sussex Healthcare has been able to become a leading organization specifically when it comes to caring for the seniors.

Although Sussex Healthcare began by establishing one homecare facility, the organization has been growing exponentially. At the moment, Sussex has more than 20 homes. Most of these homes are located in the southern part of England. In each of these homes, the seniors are attended to by professionally trained staff. The employees understands the needs of each of the residents at these homes. They are also equipped with the necessary knowledge to care for individuals with neurological disabilities. Any older adult suffering from ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is free to seek the services offered by Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare has been present for more than 25 years. Throughout this period, Sussex has also won numerous awards courtesy of the professional services offered within the organization. As for Shafik Sachedina, he has played a major role in the growth of the organization since he is the co-chairman. He is also a professional dentist, which is why his input within the company is invaluable. Sussex is set to maintain its position as a leading healthcare organization that offers quality nursing support services thanks to the input of Shafik Sachedina.

Healthcare organizations such as Sussex have been facing challenges such as the shortage of workers. The main problem is that the demand and supply chain has been distorted. The population of people who need specialized healthcare services is growing daily. Despite these challenges, Sussex Healthcare is still dedicated to ensuring that the seniors are well taken care of. Shafik Sachedina is striving to ensure that the seniors are provided with the essential services that they need.

Shafik Sachedina’s: Twitter.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Running his Real Estate Business Successfully

One of the most famous Emirati billionaires based in Dubai is Hussain Sajwani, founder and owner of Damac Properties, which he founded in the year 2008. Hussain Sajwani had led a very successful career right from the beginning when he went to the United States on government’s scholarship to study economics and industrial engineering. After he was done with his education, he took a salaried job at the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries but left the job soon after to start his business in the field of catering. The catering firm that he started then continues to be operational till date, and DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani looks into its affairs from time to time. The catering business was his first business, and he has a close connection to it.

Hussain Sajwani’s Damac Properties was listed by Forbes for being the fastest growing global companies based on the increase in its turnover year after year. Damac Properties has collaborated with many international designers and developers to provide quality end product to the users. DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani understands clearly what the modern real estate buyers are looking for and it is for this reason he has also bought in firms like Versace, Bugatti, and others to design the interiors of his projects. Hussain Sajwani is also interested in the equity markets and has invested heavily in the stock markets across the globe, and his firm DICO Investments takes care of his investments. Hussain Sajwani is very conscious about giving back to the community and has also started many CSR programs at Damac Properties to impact the community positively. Hussain Sajwani is also very close to the United States’ President Donald Trump as their company has collaborated on many different projects together in the past and continues to work on different projects together currently.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is always looking for new opportunities to take his business forward. For it, he keeps a lookout on the change in policies not just in his country but around the world so that he can expand his business. He also believes in looking after his employees well so that they can give their best to their work.

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A Look at Glenn Schlossberg’s Company: Jump Design Group

Glenn Schlossberg is a guru in the fashion industry and is the founder of Jump Design Group. He founded the company in 1990 out of both passion for the fashion industry, as well as his career because he studied at the New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.


Glenn Schlossberg has seen the company grow over the years to become experts in the designing and manufacturing of different apparels and this has made the company penetrate into markets it never thought would be possible. To date, Jump Design Group has gained a presence in a number of countries worldwide, and the apparels are sold by a number of renowned retailers such as Zappos and Nordstrom.


Around the mid-last year, Glenn Schlossberg announced that his company would be making an acquisition of Cathy Daniels which is a sportswear brand. In the announcement, Glenn pointed out that Jump Design would be acquiring all Cathy Daniels assets although the brand’s sales team would continue with their work and so would Jerry Passaretti, the president, who would continue with the business but now under the main leadership of Jump Design Group.


The current CEO of Jump Design Group also made a statement during the major announcement, where he pointed out that the acquisition program was not meant to turn companies around, rather the acquisitions are to complement such companies with good marketing strategies as well as equipping them with their huge customer base.


He also highlighted that the company intended to initiate its innovative technology whose aim is to provide customers with the products they need in the fastest means possible, all this to boost the strong foundation that Glenn Schlossberg had set at the beginning of the company.


According to Jump Group’s CEO, the new technology would be implemented in the acquired companies which are actually already successful but would not afford to incorporate the said technology on their own. Jump Design Group’s main vision is to implement the technology and integrate it with the designing processes as well as manufacturing to come up with perfect end products with a reputable brand. Jump Design Group also intends to expand its market into sportswear as well as denim.


Jump Design Group is known for the manufacturing of dresses which are showcased on runways with reputable American Designers. The planned product line expansion has so far been received very well by the company’s designers as this will greatly help the company in positioning itself permanently as an all solutions apparels company. Learn more about Jump Design Group on LinkedIn.


Wen By Chaz Uses The Top Ingredients To Build Healthy Hair

Transform your dry brittle locks with the help of the uniqueness of the Wen by Chaz formula. They offer you an opportunity to get rid of excess particles that could be holding your hair down. Did you know too much oil and dirt can prevent your hair from growing? How WEN® led the way for the no-lather hair care trend? WEN is committed to providing you with light weight hair care products that are safe to use every day. In fact, they pride themselves in having hair care products that works well for all hair types. Customers notice less breakage after just 1 week of using Wen by Chaz.

You can enjoy a rich fragrance while you treat and nourish your mane. Their rich products satisfy your scalp with organic ingredients and an exclusive aroma, explains Customers can combine their shampoo and conditioner for the best results. You can use your regular hair care regimen with the Wen by Chaz hair care collection. You’ll love how your hair looks and feels with their products. The Wen by Chaz hair care collection trains your hair to be healthy. How much would you pay for locks that resemble the celebrities? Wen by Chaz is a big name hair care brand that’s affordable with most any budget. Visit the Wen by Chaz website for your purchasing options and exclusive promotional offers today. Click

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Michel Terpins’ High Flying Career in Rally Driving

About Michel Terpins

Michael Terpins is one of the rally champions from Brazil who actively participates in most of the race competitions. He is the co-founder of the Bull Sertoes team along with his elder brother Rodrigo Terpins who founded the team for the love of the rally racing. The brothers could be described as the cheap of the old block as their father Jack Terpins, was also a renowned sports person during his youthful days. Jack Terpins was a basketball star and played for the Hebraica Team back in the 60s and 70s and later become a respected sports leader of the various Jewish sports clubs.

Michel Terpins joined rally racing over a decade ago and first preferred the motorcycle category before moving to car racing. On the hand, his brother Rodrigo had joined the rally racing a while earlier where he participated in the T1 prototype category, which inspired Michel Terpins to participate in the same category. It was later on that the brothers who were very passionate about the motorsport formed the Bull Sertoes team and the Sertoes car racing competition respectively. Equally important, the rally competition formed by the brothers has since attracted many other rally competitors where it has already held over 20 editions.

About Michel Terpins’ Races

Michel Terpins’ victorious races on many occasions have been as a result of his great dedication for the sport combined with teaming up with Maykel Justo, an expert in navigation. The two have participated in various editions and won in most of the rally championships and among his memorable races was the 25th edition where Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo competed under the T1 Prototype category. The race was one of the longest stretches of over 3,300 km that was starting from Mato Grosso and passing through three states in Brazil, where the duo took 11:45m23s to complete the race and were position four in the T1 Prototype.

Further, Michel Terpins recently joined his brother to form a team as they were to pilot the new T-Rex car assembled by the MEM Sports Organization. The brothers have also participated in several other races and won in many of them, which has made them attract thousands of fans who attend their events and follow them in their social media pages. In addition, apart from being a sports person, Michel Terpins is a businessman as well and heads the Floresvale organization that focuses on environmental sustainability and reforestation programs.


Fortress Investment Group and Industry Success in Ultimate Partnerships

Fortress Investment Group and Industry Success in Ultimate Partnerships

Fortress Investment Group is a major asset manager in the market of finance and investments. Fortress is known worldwide for their efforts in the industry. The total value of their asset portfolio is in excess of $42.1 billion. As a result of this success in the industry of finance, Fortress is a respected asset manger. Clients enlist Fortress Investment Groups’s services worldwide in order to help them manage their portfolios. Fortress Investment Group hosts over 1,750 clients on an institutional level. Fortress Investment Group also serves a roster of private clientele as well. With a list of private clientele, Fortress can meet the needs of each individual client. When a client’s needs are adequately met, they are more likely to recommend the service and engage in future business. Visit

Fortress has been in business as an entity since 1998. SoftBank is a financial corporation. SoftBank recently initiated a deal with Fortress in order to consolidate efforts in the financial industry. SoftBank has agreed to allow Fortress to manage the existing assets they obtained as an independent company. When a company consolidates their business efforts with another major finance company, often times the original company is not allowed to continue to manage their existing clientele. SoftBank and Fortress have significantly benefited from this partnership as a result of proper business etiquette and industry-based financial reputation and success.

Fortress and SoftBank both hold quality reputations in the industry of business and finance. When both companies are aligned in goals and statistics, they collaborate effortlessly. Fortress is affiliated with SoftBank as a result of their recent alignment in partnership. SoftBank currently holds significant stocks in over 400 internet companies. They are a significant investor in startup companies in the tech industry. Many banks invest in startups, however SoftBank has invested in numerous tech companies. With both Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank involved in a financial partnership, each companies has significant opportunities for ultimate financial success.