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Luis Carlos Trabuco, A Famous Brazilian Insurer

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current president of an institution called Bradesco Bank. It happens to be the second biggest bank private bank by assets and also second largest bank equity in Brazil. He has received several awards because of his achievements at the institution.

For example, in the year 2015, he was considered to be the employer of the year in the category of finance by a magazine called Isto E Dinheiro. He also happens to be in the Brazilian list of the most influential personalities. In the year 2016, Forbes Magazine listed him as one of the best CEOs in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also a great scholar. He went to Sao Paulo University and pursued Philosophy. Before that, he has graduated with a Socio-Psychology degree from the Fundacao School of Politics and Sociology that is located in Sao Paulo. He believes in uniting claws, wisdom, and persistence and later transforming them into results. He is always focused on what he does in his entire life.

In the year 2007, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was awarded a trophy of having been the Insurance Personality of the year. The market for the insurance in Brazil is very promising and also very stable. During his 38 years of experience at Bradesco, he definitely qualifies to be the most influential personalities. He has a lot of experience in the banking sector. He started with the position of marketing and then was promoted to the rank of a vice president.

Trabuco says that the sector of insurance is surely an extension of the social welfare and also a state arm extension. The great executive bets on the power of the Brazil. The urgency of insurance in the country is currently becoming a great necessity. The demand is becoming so high as the country continue to grow. He has been able to turn efforts and commitment in results and then greater company profits. He believes in persistence and competence. As a Philosophy graduate, he has been able to understand the market sector very well and his confidence has driven him to greater heights of his life.

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End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones For Alabama Senate Seat

At the very core of our nations existence is the concept that the government works for the people and not the other way around. For the majority of our nation’s history this has largely been the case. However, a monumental case before the Supreme Court in 2010 fundamentally shifted this power dynamic. When a conservative group named Citizens United argued that monetary donations were an extension of freedom of speech and that corporations were people the shift completely changed. Nowadays the government is bought off by corporate lobbyists and big money donors. The American voter on average is not being heard by their constituents. However, this does not mean that there is no hope. A group named End Citizens United has sprung up in order to fight to make a difference.

Fundamentally the problem in politics has been around forever as lobbyists have always been some level of a problem. Now, however, thanks to the Citizens United ruling they are able to be brazen and out in the open about their political bribery. This brazen nature of the system working against the people caused End Citizens United to come together and now the leadership of PAC president Tiffany Muller is guiding them into the future. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has vowed to make a tangible difference in the fight against the problem of campaign financing. End Citizens United’s primary goal is to put legislators in place within the United States government so that they can champion a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision. That is a monumental task due to the very partisan nature of politics right now in America but it is a challenge that they are still willing to take on.


In order for End Citizens United to actually make a difference they have to get people on their side at the highest level of government. That is why End Citizens United has endorsed Democratic nominee Doug Jones as he battles for a seat in the US Senate in the state of Alabama. Doug Jones will be going against Roy Moore, a Republican, on the December 12th special election. Next year, in 2018, End Citizens United knows that they have a real chance to make a difference politically thanks to the Congressional Elections. Championing guys like Doug Jones gives them a chance to get in on the ground floor and make a functional difference.

Doug Jones is a former US Attorney who played a huge part in bringing members of the KKK responsible for the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing that murdered four little girls. End Citizens United is a grassroots effort that is funded by American voters without any special interests or mega donors getting in the way.

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Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger is a businessman. Since his days at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, he has been running businesses. Founding his first business in 2007, “Business Associates Europe”, while still attending the university. This company was about the development of strategic and innovative services to bring students and consulting professionals together, in an attempt of bringing an in-depth research portfolio of all the top companies both within and outside of the Netherlands.


After graduating, he partnered up with a poker player to make a jump in the e-gaming industry, by creating StrategosPoker–an online poker site which teaches the dynamics of playing poker at the competitive level, and how to generate a generous income while doing so.


Tobias then became a managing director for an entrepreneur training academy. This academy offers entrepreneurs the personality empowerment all over Europe and the Middle East. The subject of personal empowerment has always been one of Tobias’ passions, and how this empowerment can create a prosperous life filled with peak performances in both professional as well as personal lives.


When Tobias Jaeger launched AXIOM Pictures, it was the first of its kind in the way of entertainment equity funds for Europe. AXIOM Venture Capital was created as a way of joining the entertainment industry with the world of finance. Tobias is the managing partner of AXIOM; thereby, he is in charge of M&A advisory as well as corporate finance.


He was also a member of the “German Armed Forces” and in 2006 he co-founded, “Support German Troops.” This group is non-political, non-governmental, and lead by citizens to create an initiative for support the German Armed Forces.


Tobias loves to travel and meet people. He has lived and studied in forty-three countries and four continents, speaking fluent German, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.


A typical day in the life of Tobias Jaeger would begin by him creating a list of what he wants to accomplish that day. Keeping it short, with high-priorities at the top, thing that will make the most impact on current projects at hand. He will also spend a lot of his time on the phone or in face-to-face meetings. He appreciates being invited to conferences and other industry events, as this gives opportunity to network, research, and stay on top of the industry. Tobias doesn’t like doing business over lunch, so when he meets someone for lunch it is a social affair.


Tobias Jaeger lives in Berlin with his wife and son.


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Rodrigo Terpins Wins Big In Rally Driving

Rallying is not an easy sport to participate in. From the harsh and rugged landscape to the challenges that come with the machine breakdown, the sport has its challenges. For an average person, it is not as easy as one plus two. In fact, without practice, commitment and resilience, it is impossible to succeed in rallying. That explains why Rodrigo Terpins has a massive base of followers for fans. The Brazilian rally driver has been trending for years, thanks to his commitment to the ever-transforming sport.


Rodrigo Terpins is fondly applauded for his success in rallying. Perhaps his character has massively contributed to this success story. Terpins is the son of the famous Jack Terpins. Jack loved basketball and was a huge part of the game in the 70s. Rodrigo’s commitment and resilience in rallying come from his father, Jack Terpins. These traits have contributed to his success. He keeps showcasing unmatched teamwork and management when he is on the terrain. Assisted by his partner, Fabricio, Rodrigo Terpins is a huge team participant whose company can be enjoyed. Aside from that, there is the factor of being in charge of the car that is used for rallying.


Terpins is a proud member of the famous Bull Sertoes, a rallying team. He calls the shots in this team. This is because his performance is outstanding. With Fabricio, they make an exciting team that keeps masses glued to the rallying events. The duo has managed to record an incredible track record of excellent performance. Such performance was witnessed in August 2014 when the duo landed the eighth position in the 22nd edition rally. Being a race with seven stages and 38 participants to beat, Rodrigo did well. He was also surprised by his performance. Offering a speech about it, he stated that the competition was tough, but he managed to emerge position eight.


Terpins’ performance reflects teamwork, persistence, dedication, and resilience. For a role model, he is doing well. Most rally drivers prospects can look up to him for inspiration. With Fabricio, they make a strong team that can survive tough rallying, terrains. Follow him on Facebook to know more.

Securus Technologies Protecting Officers Working in Dangerous Prisons

I know every day I leave for work at the local prison that I could be the target of an attack from an angry inmate looking to take out their aggression on an officer. Me and my fellow officers will do just about anything to make sure we all leave our shifts unharmed. Over the years I have worked in this facility we have come up with a number of ways to take a proactive approach to maintaining order inside the jail.


To eliminate the flow of potential drugs from getting into the hands of the inmates, we search every visitor that comes into the jail, then we search every inmate before they are able to go back to their cells. To stop the threat of weapons being made or used on others in the prison, we do surprise cell inspections. Many times we can recover items that could have put us all in danger.


This year we were informed by our superiors that Securus Technologies was installing their telephone monitoring system throughout our facility. The LBS software would give us an upper hand now when the inmates were discussing anything concerning violence, drugs, or weapons. Now we could focus our efforts on inspections and searches, while the software scans the calls for any verbiage that could result in violence in the jail.


Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith says his monitoring systems are already in thousands of prisons, and his staff of over one thousand employees are dedicated to helping make the world a safer place for all to live.


To give you an example as to how effective this new call monitoring system works, already this week we got an alert about an inmate making a weapon in his cell, inmates hiding weapons in the yard, and inmates requesting their family to smuggle in drugs at the visitor center.

The Amazing Successes of Louis Chenevert

Does the name Louis R. Chenevert ring a bell? Well, if not, maybe it should. His former workplace was United Technologies Corporation (UTC), where he was the chairman as well as the CEO. He holds a bachelor’s degree in product management from HEC Montreal.

His Work Experience
Early on, he was employed by General Motors for 14 years. In 1999, his leadership skills were so evident such that he became the president at Pratt & Whitney. It is after this that he joined UTC. At UTC, the year 2006 saw him get appointed as the chief operating officer.

Achievements at UTC
Under Chenevert’s leadership, UTC was able to remain highly ranked in aerospace. Its headquarters are in Connecticut. Its ranking was pure with no cases of employee exploitation. His role was evident considering the smooth running of the business.

One of the greatest achievements during Chenevert’s time at UTC is that, regardless of market changes and highly competitive companies, UTC remained intact. It was never phased out due to its well-laid out strategies.

During his time at UTC, he was able to ensure that the share price of the firm saw a rise which was initially $37 to $117. In return, that meant more dividends and an increase in the shareholder value. In 2012, he was able to lead negotiations for acquiring Goodrich.

Among his active aspects is that he is a think tank. This is because he was able to come up with creative ways on how to tackle such a massive investment. The company’s main ventures are in the aerospace and building.

Awards He’s Won
In 2009, he received the Honor Award from the National Building Museum. Later, in 2011, he was given an honorary doctorate which was from HEC Montreal. Also, the same year, the U.S Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine named him Person of the year.

One of the key things is that UTC has an aerospace systems unit in charge of manufacturing all materials involved. Louis was able to oversee the geared turbofan engine. This particular engine is the best quality in the aviation sector. All in all, Louis is a leader who implements well-laid strategies for the various companies he’s worked for.

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Business Guru

Daniel Mark Harrison is a man to be revered in his various business sectors. Harrison has become a force to reckon with, he is a smart businessman and entrepreneur as well as a brilliant author and blockchain evangelist. He is a very educated man and since nineteen ninety-eight to two thousand and eight, Harrison went through different levels of higher education and therefore achieving a BA in theology from the University of Oxford, at the BI Norwegian Business School he received a Master’s in Business Administration as well as a Masters Degree from New York University in Journalism.

Currently, Daniel Harrison is the CEO as well as the Chairman of Daniel Harrison & Co. Ltd (DMH&CO). Since 2015, Harrison has been the owner as well as the manager of this company, his empire can be credited to his brilliance and skills which he utilized to become the successful businessman he now is. Additionally, his family’s estates and businesses are managed by Daniel & Co. Ltd. The company’s offices are based in Hong Kong and Bangkok, as well as Singapore. Daniel Harrison work extends to being the Managing partner at Fin-tech and blockchain venture capital called Monkey Capital which he has begun in March of two thousand and sixteen and it’s described as a regionalized digital asset and a block chain investment bank.

Money Capital a regionalized hedge fund that capitalizes in the supply contracts of space X and Blockchain systems. The company has gained recognition like a six-star rating by Chris Waltzek a nationally syndicated radio host. Despite Chris Waltzek interviewing other prominent businessmen he awarded Daniel this high rating.

Harrison has had a successful streak in his career; he was the Chief Editor as well as Publisher of Marx Rand since 2015, which dealt with wide-ranging issues such as the uncovering of an FBI Agent who was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan as well as linking Toyota Vehicle manufacturers to acts of forced labor. He additionally wrote about how the US and FDA corporations have been unsuccessful in resolving occurrence of cervical cancer in Haiti.

Daniel Mark Harrison can be considered a genius in most of his fields and he has brought more employment as well as information to the people seeking it.

Todd Lubar – Putting Efforts to Make Each Home a Smart home

The 21st century has come with a lot of exciting technological innovations. Today, we have smart homes that have many interesting features. We now have doorbells that can ring when you get close to tripping the motion sensor. The lighting systems in homes are adjustable while others are computer controlled. It is now possible to adjust your thermostat to cool and warm your house when you are away from home.

In a report by Ideamensch, the most recent of these technological advancements is the voice activated digital assistant. This is a system whereby your house talks back to you. By the use of the assistant, you can perform tasks like sending your emails, ordering pizza, booking for cleaning services, turning your lamps on, and many others orders that you may give.

Over 30 years ago, someone dreamed of a technology whereby people can video conference. This is now a reality. The same way, Mr. Bucher dreamt of smart homes. Today, smart homes exist. The current technologies are ways much better than even what was used by NASA to get to the moon for the first time.

A disabled person living in a smart house can do almost everything by themselves. They can talk to their thermostats to switch on and off, they can control the temperature of the thermostats, and they can even talk to the lights to switch on and off. They can open and close their house and garage doors. This was not the case five years ago. These technologies are at an infancy stage, and it is expected that a lot of improvement will occur soon.

About Todd Lubar

Mr. Todd Lubar ( is a renowned real estate professional. Todd is a strong believer that one day all homes will be smart homes. Todd works in ensuring that the structures in Baltimore are turned into smart homes. He has taken advantage of the market that is emerging rapidly.

Currently, Mr. Todd Lubar is working as the head at TDL Global Ventures LLC. He is also the senior president at Legendary Investments. Todd holds a BA in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. Todd is a family man who treasures his family. He enjoys physical exercise to keep fit. Info sourced from

Osteo Relief Institute Orthopedic Center

Arthritis is a common disease affecting more than 15% of the total US population. This condition refers to joint pains and joint related diseases; with the common type being osteoarthritis. This disease occurs when cartilages around joint areas tear thus resulting in bones rubbing against each other. The basic symptoms of this condition are stiffness around the joint area and joint pains (Manta). The disease is likely to affect people who have excess weight, the aged, suffered an injury in the past, and people those who are genetically disposed of.


People who suffer from this condition are encouraged to do some exercise in order to ease the pain. In addition, these patients should seek physical therapy from a qualified therapist. Osteo Relief Institute is a center in New Jersey whose main purpose is to offer medical assistance to patients suffering from arthritis. The center offers quality services to patients namely; medical treatment of the condition, physical therapy, and medical advice on how patients can employ self-management tools to control the condition.


To facilitate this, Osteo Relief Institute has employed the best medical doctors in the field of orthopedic and neurology (HealthGrades). In addition, the center has qualified nurses who offer professional physical therapy. Besides medical personnel, Osteo Relief Institute has the best medical facilities in the state to assist patients. Why should you pay Osteo Relief Institute a visit? First, the center has excellent customer care services. Patients who visit the center are not delayed in long queues waiting to see the doctor.

In fact, many patients who visit the center are astonished by the professional care they receive from the staff at the hospital. Second, Osteo Relief Institute is the only center in the city of New Jersey that specializes in arthritis related cases. The center solely focuses on in treating patients with bone and joint related ailments. Thus, this is the best medical center patients should visit in case they have problems relating to bones. Finally, if you suffer from arthritis and live within New Jersey you should visit this center for quality and affordable services in comparison to other hospitals, centers, or institutes.

Visit Osteo Relief Insititue at

Becoming a better, healthier you!

Many people of age are now suffering from different types of arthritis. Just to name one, osteoarthritis is when the cartilage begins to fade away so the joint bones start to grind upon each other. It is a painful feeling for any person. The factors of osteoarthritis include family genetics, past injuries, and excessive weight gain.


We can help ourselves by stretching as a daily routine, being healthy, avoid staying in one position. Also, having a moderate exercise will help to decrease arthritis. There are options such as surgery.


Have no fear, Osteo Relief Institute is here (LinkedIn)! Their loving company and staff are here to help family members like you avoid serious surgeries. They have FDA approved clinics with a well-communicated team here to help you find long lasting relief. Instead of using surgery, these doctors use injections or NSAIDs to help your joints move fluidly. Only under the doctor’s instruction must the patient follow them regularly to become fully healed from the pain. Which is why the team of clinicians are there to help you get back on your feet by recommending good exercises and food to keep you at a healthy wealth ( Osteo Relief Insitute has advanced biomechanical techniques, videofluoroscopy or low usage of x ray, noninvasive joint injection treatment, unharmful joint strengthening, and various plans for a full menu of other non-surgical options, specifically chosen for the patient.


With that said, Osteo Relief Institute has got your back when it comes to nonsurgical methods with those dealing with painful arthritis. In addition, the results of Osteo Relief Institute honestly cater to your needs as an individual. They help each patient to restore their body’s normal system, give natural cushioning for joint relief, maintain healthy joints movement and agility, strengthening for a life time of healing. Osteo Relief Institute are here to help you until you are satisfied with the way you are feeling after wards. Our clinicians at Osteo Relief Institute help you strengthen and heal until you no longer in need of their services. You can get back on your feet in no time within weeks!