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Dr. Johanan Rand Offers Insight on How to manage Age-related Effects.

Aging is a natural process which cannot be stopped, but nevertheless, it can be managed to help reduce the intensity of the effects that come along with old age. There are many health physicians out there who will suggest to you a number of do’s and don’ts but none will match the solutions offered by Dr. Johanan Rand who has been practicing for the last fifteen years. He offers commiserative care and inventive medical methods to cater for clients who are suffering from damaging effects of aging.


Treatment programs


Dr. Johanan Rand utilizes well researched and advanced medical procedures to treat these symptoms associated with old age. This includes a number of complications such as menopause, insomnia, depression and erectile dysfunction. He uses a combination of unique treatment formulas including creative weight loss programs to rid off his patients these old age complexity.


His treatment formula is at the long end designed to find out and eventually solve the root causes of the problems. At the same time, the medication proves instant relief from the associated symptoms. His program also caters for patient education. DR Johanan Rand says that clients who understand his model of treatment are more likely to appreciate and participate in the program.


The doctor employs a combination of therapeutic techniques such as physical therapy, hormone therapy, and dieting formulas. He says these are the backbone of his treatment plan with the goal of restoring the body back to premium health and optimum performance. Dr. Johanan Rand is licensed to practice medical acupuncture and he can therefore, us this method of immediate pain relief to his patients who are in acute physical displeasure. Additionally, he is also certified to practice cortisol injections, nerve blocks, and Steroid injections. This places him ahead of many other physicians because he is in a position to offer both natural remedies and traditional solutions to pain relief.


More about Dr. Johanan Rand


He is the founder and President of Healthy Aging Medical Center located in New Jersey, which provides medical solutions and rehabilitation to age-related effects. He studied at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York where he learned the skills and background to become an expert doctor dealing with age-related complications.

Benefits of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Practiced by Dr. Dov Rand

Stansberry Research’s Steve Sjuggerud on the Japanese Stocks’ Fate

Stansberry Research was established as an autonomous firm that engages in investment research. The founder of Stansberry Research, Frank Porter Stansberry, writes pieces of opinions that discuss issues covering the auto bailout, the European financial panic, etc. Steve Sjuggerud is the editor and founder of the Stansberry Research True Wealth publication, which started in 2011.


In November 2016, Steve Sjuggerud commented that the Japanese stocks were “one-way-bet”, which means that Japanese stock investors cannot expect that the said stocks will get any better.; and during that time the policymakers of Japan were concerned that a deflation is about to happen in their country.


To avoid the looming situation, the central bank of Japan – Japan Bank, gave a guarantee that it would propel the inflation higher at whatever cost. To make it short, the Bank of Japan became more determined its past stimulus campaign by reducing interest rates more and increasing its huge measurable easing plans. The Bank assured everyone concern that it will carry on with its efforts for an indefinite period until such time that inflation rises over its longstanding 2% objective.


The regular subscribers of the Digest would remember that Steve Sjuggerud considered that the move would provide an enormous boost for the Japanese stocks. Thus by far, he was correct since the Japanese stocks have risen 20% from that time.


However, on March 9, 2018 (Friday), Haruhiko Kuroda (Governor of the Bank of Japan) stated that they would be winding-up the Bank’s vast stimulus program – as per a report made by Bloomberg. In his statement, Governor Kuroda said that he and the policy board members deem that prices will increase and reach the 2% target by 2019. And considering this it is just but rational to end the program at that same time.


Although Governor Kuroda did not state that the bank will actually end its stimulus program at on the cited time. And despite the announcement, the Japanese yen further increased and the Nikkei 225 Index lurched to almost 3%.


Based on the announcement of Kuroda, Steve Sjuggerud opined that investors can still safely invest and trade Japanese since the Bank of Japan does not merely want to reach the 2% target but would want to overshoot it, which would not happen in 2019.


Roberto Santiago; How to Establish a Colossal Business Empire from Humble Beginnings


In business, having a role model or a mentor comes in handy. In fact, it does not matter if the role model in question helps directly or indirectly. What matters is the fact that the role model shares the reliable skills with the specified entrepreneur. For that matter, Roberto Santiago comes in as a revered entrepreneurial expert who disseminates helpful entrepreneurial tips to his role models. As such, most entrepreneurs in Brazil can attest to his input in their lives. For instance, since he writes about business on his blog, he has received a massive social media following thanks to his dedication to change the lives of young entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, for Roberto Santiago to have come all the way, he must have begun his career from a lower point. Here is a look at his early life and career.


Background Information


Growing up in Joao Pessoa, Santiago always wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, he did not have a role model to guide him through the right path to becoming one. Therefore, he decided to join a school and pursue the relevant academic credentials for him to be able to find a job opening in the market. As a student at Pio X Marist, he dedicated time and resources to attain good grades. As such, he was now able to land a job opportunity at a pioneering manufacturing company by the name Café Santa Rosa.


Establishing a Career


Being a dedicated employee, he had a special connection with his clients. Therefore, they preferred dealing with Santiago, unlike other employees who spent most of their time in the business of generating profits rather than connecting with their clients. Additionally, he built strong entrepreneurial relationships that contributed to more positive appraisals. Being visionary, he quit his job to establish a business where he supplied construction materials to manufacturing facilities.


Starting Business


The cartonnage company he started registered performed well. Even so, he still wanted to pursue more businesses, and a mall is all he could think of at that moment. Therefore, as he went about his daily routine in business, he decided to conduct extensive research on the viability of the retail industry. Because Brazilians did not have a major shopping mall that could provide all their personal use and household items, Roberto decided to purchase land and construct a mall. He would later call it Manaira Shopping Mall.


Features of the Mall


Since its inception, the mall has been a significant attraction site where most Brazilians spend their time enjoying different activities. Moreover, having taken the project managers two years to clear the construction, the mall had several features including shopping areas, one major gaming area, a concert hall at the rooftop, a fitness center, a college, a food court and a banking hall. Other than that, the roof has a hall that goes by the name Domus Hall.


The Domus Hall


Perhaps the Domus Hall receives more clients because it is too attractive. For starts, it is air-conditioned. Moreover, it is big enough to accommodate about 10,000 clients at the same time. Additionally, it has a mezzanine level that accommodates several clients for concerts and musicals.



The General Observation



It is evident that Roberto Santiago established a successful business empire from his dedication and the desire to succeed. From his life, entrepreneurs can learn to be resilient and persistence in achieving their dreams.



Dr. Saad Saad Makes Catheter Placement Safer

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so says Dr. Saad Saad. In his career as a pediatric surgeon, he realized that certain procedures could be made easier if the equipment was just a little bit different. This is why Dr. Saad Saad used his expertise in both surgery and engineering to create the equipment that he wanted to work while performing procedures on his patients. Before going into medicine, Dr. Saad Saad had plans to go into the field of engineering. His mind was changed when he realized that he wanted to work in air conditioning instead of the desert heat like his engineer older brothers.


Dr. Saad Saad has made several modifications to existing procedures to make them better and safer for the patients and the medical professionals involved, he has also created a few of his own. Two of his most notable creations are the patented trackable catheter and improved endoscope with built-in suction and irrigation. Both of these were created to improve upon procedures that he performed frequently as a pediatric surgeon. In fact, he has used both of these inventions during procedures himself and truly believes in their benefits. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuwait after becoming a refugee from the country of Palestine as a young child. While his family may have struggled financially, he and each one of his brothers and sisters did exceptionally well in their careers. The greatest mentor of his career was Dr. H Biemann Othersen who he met in South Carolina. One of the most important lessons he received during his training was that all children deserved to be treated well despite their backgrounds and upbringings. All children deserve proper medical care no matter how noble or humble their bloodline is. This is one of the reasons that Dr. Saad Saad dedicated so much of his time to medical missions in places like Jerusalem where the children do not have much access to quality medical care.


To become the success he is today, Dr. Saad Saad said he just insisted that it happened and would not accept failure as an option. As a refugee, he knew he had to succeed in his life. When he wants to achieve something, Dr. Saad Saad makes sure that he puts the time into research. Researching a topic properly is exceptionally important and helps in the process to achieve results. Another important piece of advice he has for success is to stay as organized as possible. Staying organized helps Dr. Saad Saad to stay efficient and helps him accomplish the tasks he has set out to do as he does not tend to procrastinate as much.

Jose Hawilla and The Elements That Shape an Impeccable Business Leader

Those who survive in the world of business are the strongest and could be imperturbable. They understand how terrifying the world of business today. They know by experience what it means to be immensely burdened with challenges and uncertainties that are a normal occurrence to any business leader. Right now there are many qualities that can make sure that you increase your chances of survival in such a hostile business environment.



How To Be An Entrepreneur



There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to be an entrepreneur. Some of the factors that contribute to a business success can sometimes be about the personality. Businessmen have their business blood. They have the kind of characteristics that won’t be able to be replicated by others. Only those businessmen who are brilliant enough to have these characteristics as well as the luck to sustain it can succeed in the world of business. You can visit to see more.




Other than characteristics, it also helps to be able to be in the right environment that’s conducive to risk-taking and entrepreneurial pursuits. Starting your own business could get you in trouble and into a lot of hurdles if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could lose a lot of your money and you could drain your resources immediately. Fortunately, in an article from The Balance, we can learn that one of the top places today that offers the place for entrepreneurship is the United States, which is followed by other countries, such as Sweden and Canada. Also, about knowledge of how business should be done, we learn that one of the few people today who understand the importance of these factors is Jose Hawilla.



About Jose Hawilla



Hawilla is the founder of the Traffic Group, which is a sports marketing team that helps with exposure and branding of many sports personalities today. It’s also safe to say that the leadership Jose Hawilla shows for the company is one of the reasons why Traffic is able to employ many journalists and push for various newspaper projects today. Right now, the marketing firm is responsible for the publication of multiple newspapers. You can checkout for more details.



Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Make Sweet Music With The Help Of Social Media

Being a DJ is more than just a job. A DJ can do so much more and can do more than just spin albums in the clubs. For one particular duo, The Chainsmokers have shown what starting out as a DJ can really do. For the pair of guys, they were not life long friends who shared a school bus in the morning. They met as adults and the first moment that they met, they knew that together, they would make wonderful music together.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers know what it is like to be on top of the world while traveling the world. For the band, they reached success and once they reached it, they stayed there. For nearly almost every month, the duo released a new song. With a level of success this large, how is there any way that someone or a band would be able to keep the momentum going? For the Chainsmokers, they still managed to keep it going.

The Chainsmokers opted to sit back and relax a little bit before releasing anything else. They wanted to take some time and explore the other side of things. For them, that meant thinking about what they wanted to get across to their fans and to explore what their fans were sharing with them. When they sat back and let it go, they learned pretty quickly how they were able to use their fans for their advantage.

Just like everyone else, the Chainsmokers use social media to stay up to date with things happening in the world. For them, this is also how they manage to keep their fans updated with the things they have going on. Through the use of social media, fans are able to upload videos of their kids singing along to the songs on the radio by their favorite artists, they can post video feeds of their kids are local championship games and so forth. For artists, they are able to post things to their fans that keep them involved in their day to day lives.

Using social media as a way to stay in touch is just one way to use it to your advantage. The other way is to listen to the things being said, witness things happening in the world and use that information to form something great. That is what the Chainsmokers did. By using the information that was readily available at their fingertips, they have been able to create a whole new set of singles for their fans. These singles will no doubt be more number one hits for the band.

Sahm Adrangi Released A Negative Report Regarding The St. Joe Company Due To New SEC Rules

A negative report has been published by Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm Adrangi has explained the company’s position regarding NYSE: Joe or The St. Joe Company. This is a real estate development firm in Florida. There is a large area of desolate land close to Panama City Beach they plan to transform into a nice destination for businesses and retirees.

It is unlikely St. Joe’s development of the land will justify the $1 billion current valuation of the company. Sahm Adrangi has said the land holdings are desolate, remote and swampy. The only way the current valuation can be justified is for 400k square feet of space for commercial uses in addition to 2,700 home sites being sold each year for the next fifty years. This would make the new retirement district of St. Joe’s the best selling community in America. The amount of commercial real estate sold would exceed the entire 2017 Panhandle market.

The reality is St. Joe has made little progress on the interior land. Checks made by Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi have established minimal activity regarding signs of advancement, permit filings and building department inquiries. Sahm Adrangi stated the feasibility of the interior lands now are no better than the during the decade old proposal. He said the investors have already been waiting years and their suffering will likely continue for many more. St. Joe is struggling to monetize the land at a pace to justify the valuation.

The shareholder problems have been compounded by the required compliance of their biggest investor, the Fairholme Funds. Two months ago the new rules for SEC liquidity went into effect. The assets of the Fairholme Fund have decreased in excess of ninety percent from their peak. As these assets decline a bigger percentage of the fund is required by St. Joe. Over a third of St. Joe’s shares are being held by Fairholme. The new rules mean their position should be cut fifty percent. The shareholders of St. Joe are now facing the uncertainty and risk of a forced seller due to the required compliance of the new SEC regulations.

Wes Edens Starts a Game Changer

Wes Edens is one of the most famous partners that currently operate the Fortress Investment Group. This highly diversified global investment firm currently operates $72 billion. They specialize in the areas of private equity, credit, asset management, and liquid markets. They have been able to gain a clientele of 1750 clients. These clients are institutional and private investors. They currently employed over 1500 experts who analyze market trends and specialize in sector specific knowledge.Wes Edens began the Fortress Investment Group with four other partners. They wanted an alternative asset management company that could think creatively and take risks. They have placed their headquarters in New York City but they have offices that span the globe and are located within 100 different countries.

Personally, Wes Edens is a linchpin in the business. He is the cochairman and sits on the board of directors. He is one of five partners and all of those five partners he is the principal. He is responsible for overseeing the private equity sector of the Fortress Investment Group. This means that he directly controls over $21.6 billion of the $72 billion that they manage. This is a weighty responsibility indeed.Wes Edens also oversees the real estate portion of the Fortress Investment Groups business. This brings significant experience to the field. He understands this sector with a broad wisdom that is deeply applicable and relevant during these difficult times. His expertise is not only in pricing and financing these real estate options button overseeing the management of these locations. He has proven over and over again that he has what it takes to create a diversified real estate portfolio that provides cash flows to the company.

Wes Edens led the Fortress Investment Group through two different selling’s of its company. First of all, they sold an 8% nonvoting share to the public. This share of the company totaled around $600 million. In addition to this, he also led out business deal occurring between them and a Japanese management firm. After much discussion, the Japanese management firm became a minority partner by acquiring $3.3 billion of the Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens is currently 45 years old. He has two beautiful dollars that use modeling as they are way to fame. They each have an Instagram account with over a million followers. He owns the Milwaukee Bucks and even the League of Legends team Fly Quest. Learn More.

American Icon Robert Ivy Chosen For Mississippi Lifetime Achievement Award

Mississippi native Robert Ivy, a famed author, editor, practicing architect and CEO and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects, has been chosen to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is open to active patrons of the arts and artists that have a connection to Mississippi. Robert Ivy will become the first architect to whom the organization has given the Polk Award. The award will be presented to Ivy on June 2 at an event hosted by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

Nancy LaForge, president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters praised Robert Ivy for helping to give the general public access to architecture. She said the commentator on global architecture, author, writer and architect will now be given his rightful place among the list of other Mississippi connected Noel Polk Award honorees. ‘No one else from Mississippi is like Robert Ivy.’ LaForge said. Robert Ivy graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South with a BA in English. He then earned a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Ivy was a U.S. Navy officer before becoming an architect.

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As the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, Robert Ivy helped to make the publication the world’s most read architectural publication. Architectural Record also won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence and dozens of other awards under Robert Ivy’s leadership. The book ‘Fay Jones: Architect’ written by Robert Ivy was praised for its scholarship, design and production by the Art Library Society of North America. As the CEO of the AIA, Ivy has increased the organization’s global footprint with 7 new AIA global chapters in places that include Canada and China.

Robert Ivy has received a wide array of very prestigious honors and awards. Alpha Rho Chi, the 100-year old national architecture fraternity, named Ivy a Master Architect. Only 6 other people have received this honor. The University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture gave Robert Ivy the Dean’s Medal in 2017. Past winners of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award include artist Walter Anderson, singer Leontyne Price, writer Eudora Welty, writer Shelby Foote and actor Morgan Freeman.

Few people have had as profound an impact on architecture as Robert Ivy. This lifetime achievement award in Mississippi is a fitting tribute to this amazing American icon.

Search more about Robert Ivy:

Hitting All the Right Notes: Clayton Hutson

Clay Hutson always had a dream of being in the music business. He also liked the theater while growing up as well. He always wanted to combine the two and when he graduated from Central Michigan University. He was also determined to make it work on the business side of things as well. He earned a master’s degree in business from the Stephen M. Ross Scool of Business. Now he had to put the pieces together and make it work for himself. In an interview with which can be found here: Clayton talks about how he got into the business and how he became a success.

Clayton says that he had to make sure that he had plenty of experience in the music and business industries before he could go out on his own. He began by going on tour with several bands and made sure that he got his name out there. After a few years, he was able to make the jump and go into business for himself. He took a chance and it worked out for him.

Clayton says when it came to making money in the business it was not easy but he was lucky. He said he found good clients quickly and that really helped him get his business off of the ground. He says it was tough starting out because the economy wasn’t very good. He says that he trusted his instincts and was able to make money in a short length of time.

Clayton Hutson offers many services to his clients. He is the main producer of his shows and he makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Some of the services that his site offers are production management, production design, logistics management, stage management, monitor engineer, and rigging.

When it comes to running the business and his website Clayton Hutson wants to make absolutely sure that everything is accurate. If a potential client has questions the client can talk to him directly if necessary. He wants to make sure that every client is happy and satisfied with his work. Making good connections is what makes a company like his stand out from the crowd.

This is the career for Clayton Hutson. He knows how to make a good show and make clients happy. In an industry like this that is the name of the game. He is hitting all the right notes. Learn more: