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Steps by Josh Verne to Be Successful

Josh Verne is a man that has a great outlook when it comes to the steps that a person needs to take in order to be successful in the business world and in all aspects of life. He has worked to help companies expand and develop, has been the president and CEO of several companies and is currently the CEO of FlockU. After being in the business world and working with a ton of different companies, he has discovered what it really takes to enjoy the success that life has to offer.
Josh Verne details his mindset on what it takes with five points, which should help just about anyone balance the most important things in life, put their mindsets in the right place and really succeed at what they love to do. He has been very successful thus far in his life and he makes a great statement when it comes to approaching things with the right mentality.The first aspect of his advice on how to get out of your own way and really succeed in a management position in work is to essentially relate well and listen to your employees.
This is something that a huge amount of people in management struggle at and it really creates a negative environment. Two of his biggest points include listening to the things that employees have to say and leading them, rather than trying to be their boss. Instead of bossing people around and handling work as a dictator, it is far more beneficial to listen to what employees have to say, put them first in the work place and really create a winning team environment. Taking these measures is huge, increases employee morale and creates honest respect for management in business. Being fair and always striving to create a positive win-win situation is another huge thing for Josh Verne (,%20Inc.). You can kind of think of his stance on the employee and management interaction as an honest relationship that is based on respect and a team attitude.
The last portion of what Verne stresses is the fact that you really need to find out what you are passionate about and make it your work, but to truly balance your life. Anyone can be rich and be unhealthy, or have a great family life, yet not be bringing in enough money to properly feed and cloth their family. It is with balancing these aspects of life that creates the perfect place for a person to be in, both at work and at home.

Securus Technology makes it Easier for Inmates and Families to Stay Together

Over the past few years I have come to discover how Securus Technologies help inmates and their families. One of the hardest parts of doing time in prison is not being able to see family members on a regular basis. Many dads, moms, sons and daughters are incarcerated. When they are they usually have a hard time seeing the people that they care about. Securus has invented a new technology that has helped to change this problem.


The Video Visitation App is a great piece of technology that allows inmates to see their families on a consistent basis. This technology uses a video platform that allows an inmate to transmit a video image of themselves directly to a family member’s smartphone. An incarcerated mom can now communicate with her daughter with sight as well as sound.


A trusted person who is related to an inmate just has to download the app from Google Play or the iStore. Once they do they will then register their account and get permission to communicate with an inmate. After prison officials gives them permission they will then be able to talk with the inmate at scheduled visit times.


This is one of the best things about the Video Visitation App. It helps families to stay together without the extra expense or commitment of time. Another hindrance for incarcerated felons and their families has to do with travel time to institutions.


Many families do not have their own reliable transportation to get out to the institution. Sometimes they do not have enough money to consistently make the trip. The video visitation app just makes the whole visitation process easier for everyone.


I am glad that this type of technology is in place. Inmates can definitely use it to improve the quality of their lives and to keep their relationships together while they are in jail. You can find out more about Securus and this technology by visiting their website.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Michael Zomber’s Love For The Samurai Life


History is something that has fascinated many in our modern culture. The amount of information that we now know about our past is incredible and has drawn many to learn about our origins. In all this history there are many different topics, a large one being our evolution of weapons and their places in history. Michael Zomber is a passionate advocate for this type of history as he is an expert in this field. The experienced historian has been collecting antique weapons and armor for the past 40 years, showing that Michael Zomber knows his stuff.

His love for history has even brought him to do his own documentary on the History Channel about the history of guns. However, his focus on weapons does not only pertain to guns as he has a deep interest in the samurai swords and what they represented in their culture. This deep interest in the unique weapon has driven Michael Zomber to write his own screenplays about the samurai swords and novels about their influences in culture. All this work has made him a well-known historian throughout the world, but it was his documentary “Soul of the Samurai” that spread his name out to his other peers. The documentary does a great job covering samurai culture, featuring around Bushido code, which is the code the samurai warriors followed.

Along with these great achievements of covering large parts of important history, Michael Zomber and his wife run Renascent Films LLC, as IMDb shows, which is their own film company. Through the company, him and his wife help to sponsor private films and spread his knowledge of the samurai culture. Behind all this knowledge of producing and history, he also has a graduate degree in literature from UCLA, which is where he gets the skills to perform all these projects. His love for history and the deep knowledge he has gained have allowed him to follow his dreams to talk about the history of weapons and given him the successful career he enjoys now.   Be sure to follow Michael on Facebook for more information.

Luxury And Excitement Combine In Toys For Boys Event


The Toys For Boys brand has grown quickly to become a must visit for affluent men from across the Miami region and Florida as a whole under the guidance of founder and Babson College graduate Danilo Diaz Granados. Toys For Boys has opened an amazing store in Miami focusing its attention on Latin man who were largely underserved in terms of the attention they were given from luxury lifestyle stores; however, the regular events curated by Toys For Boys have become almost as popular as the store itself, particularly as access is limited to a group of lucky males hand selected to take part.

Danilo Diaz Granados arrived in Miami after completing an education focusing on economics and entrepreneurship at Babson College and quickly set about creating a new period of success for people in the state of Florida. As an investment specialist for FCP the skilled strategist has been handed the role of sourcing new technologies and investment opportunities that will appeal to Latin men looking for specialist investment advice. In 2013, Toys For Boys was founded by Danilo Diaz Granados and looked to combine the best in contemporary art, autos, furniture, and experiences Latino men could enjoy.

The latest event organized by Danilo Diaz Granados for his ever expanding list of clients took the group from the luxury and amazing architecture of Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales center where they enjoyed a gourmet breakfast, to the Palm Beach Race Track for an unforgettable auto racing experience. The final leg of the journey made during the Toys For Boys event took the men on a sunset cruise from the River Yacht Club, which brought to a close a day filled with helicopter rides and plenty of constantly flowing Dom Perignon champagne.


Try Kabbalah if You Seek Permanent Fulfillment

At some point in life, we feel that we are not as fulfilled as we ought to be. Ironically, the harder we try to realize that fulfillment, the more it evades us. Fulfillment does not mean a short-term feeling of happiness or experiencing brief senses of wellbeing but rather connecting to the energy and maintaining that connection to realize long-term fulfillment.
Kabbalah is an ancient model for living that teaches that all the branches of our lives including relationships, career, and health originate from the same root. Kabbalah is an ancient model of how the universe works at the core level. It teaches us to view the world in a way that can connect us to the sort of long-lasting fulfillment we seek.

Kabbalah teaches universal doctrines that apply to people of different faiths, religions, and ethnicities. What pushes most people to study Kabbalah is the fact that everyone has their own way of thinking and Kabbalah does not force anyone to think in a given way. Kabbalah only shares with you the Kabbalistic teachings and it is up to you to apply them to your life with the aim of improving it.

The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The non-profit organization offers lessons on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings online and through its physical centres across the world. This organization helps its students understand and apply Kabbalistic teachings to their lives. The Kabbalah Centre has professional multi-ethnic, international teachers that offer training and teachings to its worldwide student community.

History of the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Centre International was founded in the U.S. in 1965 by Philip Berg (Feivel Gruberger) and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. At the time, Brandwein was the dean of the precursor of the US Kabbalah Centres, Yeshivah Kol Yehuda (founded in1922). Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg later re-established the U.S. Kabbalah Centre in New York after the death of Brandwein.

Originally The National Research Institute of Kabbalah, the organization has more than fifty branch offices worldwide with main ones in Los Angeles, London, New York City, and Toronto.

Kyle Bass And Controversy Are Regular Bedfellows

Kyle Bass is originally from Argentina, though currently he manages his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management, out of Austin, Texas. Hedge funds are nicknamed “vulture” funds because they obtain profit by undercutting big-ticket agencies. Meanwhile, Austin is nicknamed the “Portland” of Texas (by high-profile satire Portlandia, no less) because its own liberal ethic so matches that Oregonian metropolis.

Kyle Bass’ financial decisions seem to recommend his operation of a vulture fund in the Portland of Texas, as he seems to have a socialist streak a mile wide. Consider CAD and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in evidence. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina not once but twice. She only needed thirteen years to do so–which is historically bad leadership; yet Kyle Bass never criticizes her financial decisions. Somehow, he sees her activity as profitable. It would explain how he can morally justify CAD, whose primary purpose is to attack rich pharmaceuticals in order to force them to lose stock value, allowing him to short sell and make a fortune. Bass uses the infirm as his lever in these attacks; they think they’re campaigning for fair drug prices, but when they’re successful, the pharmaceuticals lose so much money that new drugs can’t be developed, meaning the inform fighting for Kyle Bass are really just fighting to stagnate medically.

Lastly, there’s China. Kyle Bass believes China will undergo economic implosion due to the collapse of their expanding credit bubble. He’s got a billion tied up investment-wise against the Chinese currency, and is betting on the US dollar overtaking it. But the implosion he hopes for would knock about 1/5th out of the US economy, again meaning he’s profited at the loss of larger entities–just like socialist economics would recommend.

With all these things in mind, Kyle Bass’ attendance at the 2016 New Establishment Summit has some people very disturbed. The meeting is a high profile get-together that takes place annually and brings leaders in technology, media, finances, and industry together. That Bass has been invited means those who decide on members of the “New Establishment” must in some way support his means of financial egress.

Sam Tabar Makes Things Happen

Sam Tabar is always advancing in the world of business. He has been the Chief Operating Officer for the company FullCycle Energy Fund for a while now. FullCycle is a clean energy company that is based in New York City. However, Sam Tabar has landed another prestigious position as the Chief Financial Officer of the company Awearable Apparel. Sam Tabar’s recent success is the result of his superior leadership capabilities. He is one of a few in his generation who are capable of asserting themselves and lifting all those around them to new heights.

Sam Tabar is an innovator in the world of finance. Financial innovators are necessary for the world because without them we would not be in an era of tremendous technological growth. So many of the tech companies that have transformed our world would not exist today without financial innovators to get them the funding needed for them to operate. The news network CNBC has recognized Sam Tabar as one of the up and coming great leaders in the financial world. He was educated at Oxford, and chose to get a law degree from Columbia.

He was at one time legal counsel for law firms. He produced impressive results when he was an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. At that time he provided advice to clients on how to structure their hedge funds and also educated them on industry compliance issues. These experiences made Sam realize that there was much more that destiny intended for him so Sam left his law firm and entered the world of financial investing. He became a financial strategist for a company called PMA Investment Advisers. He was the sole manager of a $2 billion fund and he produced stellar results that made his hedge fund one of the best operating.  Go to Sam’s official website, for more information about him.

Jim Hunt Has Gone Public With The Truth

Jim Hunt, operator of VTA Publications, has gone public with the truth. The truth he believes in is that all people have the power and the right to gain millions of dollars. However, he believes this is not happening because most people do not have the perfect strategy in which they can win the money back from the bank.

Jim is not just putting this information in an article. This information is going to be distributed to the whole world in the form of videos, interviews, pieces of writing, and more. Jim’s Helper with this project is his mother. Her job, however, is rather easy, and that is to become a millionaire. Jim is going to show his mother a step-by-step approach in the trading world in which she can get millions of dollars in a matter of days.

All of the information regarding this situation is going to be made public. VTA Publications is sponsoring Jim with all of the tools he needs to get this information out to the public. This is not about Jim showing off his knowledge. Jim wants people in the general public to get involved in the world of trading. He believes these individuals will also have the chance to bring in millions of dollars. Jim Hunt is releasing information that big banks and even the government does not want people to know, but he feels he is called to help those in lowly places.

VTA Publications is an organization partly run by Jim Hunt and partly run by some of the best publishers in the world. These publishers are responsible to get information from Jim and put it on paper. These pieces of writing then get shipped all over the world, especially throughout the financial community. Many of the big banks tried to shut down this organization because it is causing banks everywhere to lose a lot of money. However, Jim is too smart for that. He knows how to easily make these banks tremble, and he has been doing it for many years. This publications company plans to have an even better approach against the financial world within the next few years.

Crystal Hunt Is An Actress On The Way Up

It is wonderful to see an actress that has worked hard, put in her time, sacrificed, and paid her dues finally receive the attention and acclaim she deserves. That is most certainly the career path of Crystal Hunt. She is someone that Hollywood is talking about and they are saying some great things about her acting abilities and what she brings to each and every role as well as her professionalism. This is someone that started at a very young age, age 17, as she played Lizzie Spaulding on The Guiding Light. She played a troubled teen and she hit all of the various nuisances of the performance and really garnered people’s attention. She ended up spending four years on the show and was even nominated for an Emmy for her performance.

This shows that Crystal Hunt was not in over her head and she was ready for the responsibility of being on a show for four years, showing up on time, remembering her lines, and putting in a performance to remember. When an actress or actor gets a role, they have their foot in the door. After that, it is up to them to run with it and do something special with it. She most certainly did that. As far as her film work, she has been in films such as The Derby Stallion and Sydney White, where she worked with two of Hollywood’s youngest and brightest stars in Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes.

She made her return to TV in 2009 with her work on One Life To Live, a job she kept for three years. This proves that when she gets a job, she intends on keeping it and is a joy to work for the the actors and the crew to work with. Her biggest break came recently when she worked on the Hollywood blockbuster, Magic Magic XXL, which was the sequel to the hugely successfully Magic Mike. One thing is for certain, Crystal Hunt is a name that is going to be a household name before too long. Crystal Hunt has the “it factor” and when someone has that, they get noticed.

Malini Saba conquers human rights and poverty

The name Malini means “fragrant”, as in pleasant or sweet smelling, in Sanskrit. Thus, it is no surprise that Malini Saba is pleasant and sweet in her own way; Saba ranks as one of the world’s top South Asian investors and philanthropists. Notably, Malini founded the company Saban, which retains investment interests around the world.

In addition to the formation of Saban, in 2001, Saba began a non-profit organization focused on improving the way that at-risk and low-income females and children across the globe value themselves and envision their societal role. This organization, “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” has been a huge success and was inaugurated by President Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan. This amazing organization provides women and children with access to healthcare, as well as legal empowerment. Further, “Stree” has allowed grassroots groups to connect with public policy persons in Africa, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe.

Outside of her famed work with “Stree”, in 2006 Malini Saba donated one million dollars to initiate plans for the first Heart Research Center exclusively for South Asian’s, at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA. Furthermore, in 2004, after a tsunami destroyed many communities in India and Sri Lanka, Saba toured the areas and pledged a generous ten million dollars to assist the victims of this natural disaster. Regarding her financial venture background, Malini first began her career as a famed investor in the 1990s as a venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley. There, she gained valuable experience investing in over twenty upcoming technology companies, including Paypal, Inc., a company that was later acquired by eBay, Inc. for approximately 1.5 billion dollars. Since the induction of Saban, Malini has received multiple awards and honors, including the “Mother Theresa Award” from Los Angeles County in 2005, the “Kalpana Chawla Outstanding Woman of the Year Award” in 2005 from the Friends of Indian Community of LA, and the “Ambassador of Peace” from the Federation of Peace in 2007. Independent of her high success, it is uncontested that Malini cares deeply about children, human rights, civil rights and social action, and poverty alleviation, and is willing to put herself on the line to conquer them.