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Founder of the Ohio Law Firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick Seeks Retirement

Robert Redick, the founder of Kisling, Nestico & Redick, is seeking retirement. He founded the Ohio law firm along with his partners, Gary Kisling and Rob Nestico, in the year 2005. Redick is known to the community as a helper in winning cases for victims who have been involved in accidents, which results in their fair payments for any damages or losses they may have experienced. Redick earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from the Miami University, which is located in Oxford, Ohio. Immediately after graduation, he started his career in the insurance field for a few years and was introduced to the personal injury sector. During that time, he realized he was interested in attending law school and became a case manager for a law firm during the day to gain experience and went to law school at night.

Redick immediately learned all he could about assisting victims who have been involved in accidents and how to help them receive the compensation they deserve to restore their lives. In the year 1999, he was granted his J.D. by the University of Akron School of Law; this eventually led him to meeting his partners that had the same desire to establish the best law firm in Ohio directed towards helping victims of personal injuries. Now, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is one of the state’s biggest and most successful law firms. Robert Redick will truly be missed by his peers, as he made a big impression at the law firm as well as in the Ohio community that will continue for decades.

However, the law firm feels like they will be able to run the business without him because he did an excellent job in guiding and teaching his coworkers. The Kisling, Nestico & Redick firm currently consists of 30 legal practitioners and over 100 assisting staff. In addition, the firm has spread to ten various locations throughout Ohio. Over the years, it has helped its clients receive more than $450 million in legal cases for their personal injury compensations. Additionally, the law firm is also known for its history of giving back to the Ohio community as a sense of returning the favor. Some of the ways it gives back are by providing bookbags to students, food banks, giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving, and so much more.

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The Fortress Investment Group Is Acquired By The SoftBank Group Corporation

The Fortress Investment Group is classified as an investment manager with $70 billion in management assets including real estate. Their institutional investor clients total over 1,600 and they have offices in numerous countries. This includes New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The company was founded in 1988 and went public during 2007. Seven years after the 2008 economic downturn of 2008 their flagship hedge fund was closed. This was caused by the struggling market in Brazil. They additionally opened a new real estate fund which reached $1 billion before capping.

The Fortress Investment Group owned a stake in the apartment complex of Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village. This was owned at one point by a subsidiary of Fortress called CWCapital. They sold their stake for $5.3 billion. CWCapital was acquired by Fortress in 2010 as a means of becoming more deeply involved in commercial real estate. The Fortress Investment Group currently has holdings including the retail center at Alabama’s Inverness Corners. This purchase was made in 2014 and has financed numerous buildings and condos throughout New York City.

Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the SoftBank Group Corporation for a total of $3.3 billion. This company is generally referred to as SBG. When the transaction closed all outstanding Fortress shares were owned by SBG and their subsidiaries. Prior to the completion on July 12th of 2017 all conditions were satisfied including all required regulatory approvals being received and Fortress shareholders having given their approval. This acquisition resulted in all outstanding Class A shares of The Fortress Investment Group being converted. Each share has the right to receive a cash value of $8.08. The proceeds from the merger will be distributed according to the outlined payment procedures in the Merger Agreement and Fortress’s Definitive Proxy. These documents were dated on June 7th of 2017.

The common stock for The Fortress Investment Group is no longer trading. This stock will be removed from the New York Stock Exchange. The financial results concerning Fortress have been reflected and consolidated according to the financial statements of SBG. This occured after the closing date of December 27th of 2017 for the acquisition. The impact of this consolidation will be announced by SBG as it becomes necessary. Fortress will be operating as an independent business within SoftBank with their headquarters in New York. The Fortress Investment Group will continue to be led by their Principles including Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Pete Briger. SoftBank has made a commitment to the maintenance of the brand, business model, leadership, processes, personnel and culture responsible for the current success of Fortress.

The SoftBank Group is attempting to drive the information revolution as a global technology player. The SoftBank Group encompasses global portfolios for numerous companies including internet services, advanced telecommunications, smart robotics, AI, and clean energy and IoT providers. The SoftBank Vision Fund makes global investments in technology and business. During May of 2017 the company enabled the information revolution to advance to the next stage. This occured due to the first major close for committed capital totally more than $93 billion in United States dollars.


Luke Lazarus Meets The Challenges Of Today’s Modern Business World

As today’s modern business world continues to evolve and change in various ways, entrepreneurs face a number of challenges. Along with changes in technology that seem to happen on a daily basis, they are also faced with increasing demands from customers, new rules and regulations, and much more.

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As a result, many entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out in business, reach a point where they simply do not know how to proceed. When this happens, they rely on a business consultant such as Luke Lazarus to help them find their way.

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One of the most acclaimed business consultants in Australia, Luke Lazarus has also started to gain a worldwide reputation for his ability to help businesses succeed.

A graduate of the Melbourne Business School, where he obtained an MBA, Luke Lazarus has found himself working harder than ever on his quest to help others find varying levels of success.

When meeting with his clients, Luke always begins by closely examining the business plan presented him. Upon doing so, he usually discovers many aspects that can be modified to help the business continue its growth.

Viewing the business plan as an entrepreneur’s story of their business, he goes to work analyzing various parts of market research and other data to find new and innovative ways to update the business plan.

Knowing that 90 percent of all new businesses are closed within their first five years, Luke Lazarus does everything possible to help aspiring entrepreneurs find long-term success. Knowing what it is like to be a struggling entrepreneur, he not only offers in-depth business knowledge, but also support that is often vital to give an entrepreneur the courage needed to continue moving forward with their dreams.

Independently wealthy by age 35, Luke Lazarus has always been viewed as a person who found success no matter where he looked. Successfully starting four companies within a 10-year period, he was able to sell each one for a substantial profit.

Along with this, he has also excelled at athletics and academics throughout his life, and in fact started his first business when he was only eight years old. Yet through it all, Luke has always known that along with wanting to achieve his own personal business success, he also had a desire to help others who shared his vision of entrepreneurship.

As he has achieved unprecedented success over the years, Luke Lazarus has now found himself as a person who others turn to for advice. Because of this, he not only consults with his clients, but also regularly gives presentations to various groups about how to achieve personal and professional success.

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By doing so, he not only continues to build his own brand, but also perform work that he feels is helping others create their own success stories.

Whether he is meeting with his consulting clients, speaking one-on-one with a young entrepreneur, or simply enjoying some time to himself now and then, it is clear Luke Lazarus is a businessman with exceptional talent and innovation.

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How Marc Beer Began Creating Industry Juggernaut Renovia

Marc Beer holds over 25 years as an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sales and marketing industry, during which time he has been involved with quite a significant number of firms. Throughout this time, he has become well-known within the niche, with this primarily being driven by the creative and unique solutions that he’s developed to help lead firms to success.


After graduating from Miami University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Beer soon found himself working for Genzyme, where he predominantly served in its sales and marketing division. In the years following this, he was able to create a positive name for himself, which subsequently led to a variety of promotions. These eventually led to Beer being named the Vice President of Global Marketing at the company, which allowed him to have a significant hand in many of its operations.


During this time, he had developed a large interest in establishing a firm of his own. As time wore on, he soon realized that he could no longer ignore this urge, which eventually led to him departing Genzyme and founding ViaCell in 2000. Despite the significant risk that was involved in creating the company, Marc Beer would soon achieve a great degree of success with it.


As a result, the biotechnology company soon grew to employ over 300 people and was eventually listed on the NASDAQ. Throughout this time, the firm specialized in umbilical cord blood stem cell collection and preservation, with a focus on using them to treat various conditions. Eventually, this led to the company being sold for $300 million to PerkinElmer. Learn more:


Following this, tragedy would strike Marc Beer, as his wife would suffer from a pulmonary embolism that would claim her life. As a result, Beer took time away from his career to concentrate on his family and care for his three young children. Over time, however, his children would persuade him to get back into his entrepreneurial endeavors, which he eventually did.


In the years following this, Beer would begin working with a variety of organizations, with each of these see a large amount of success. In 2016, he would go on to create Renovia Inc, a firm that specializes in creating diagnostic and treatment tools for women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. The company would subsequently go on to achieve a significant amount of success, with 2018 being quite an important year for Renovia, with this being for a few notable reasons.


The first of these is that the company was able to release its Leva device, which received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April of that year. Alongside this, Beer was able to lead the company through a Series B investment round that attracted $32 million in funding. Alongside this, the company would receive $10 million in venture funding.


Throughout this time, Marc Beer was able to attract investments from a variety of organizations, including The Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures, and Perceptive Advisors, among several others. With the funding, the firm looks to release several other devices in the coming years.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Incorporates Healing Arts And Medicinal Approaches

Cancer Treatment Centers of America with its extensive patient-centric focus maintains hospitals in well-populated metropolitan areas of Arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Visit to know more about CTCA.

The treatment centers strive to restructure the whole being and not just address the disease areas or the chronic disease of the person. For over three decades CTCA patients received an elevated level of sympathy and empathy known collectively as ‘the Mother Standard of Care.’


It combines several known modalities such as chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy with spiritual and holistic healing methods. This is in addition to the world-class advantaged cancer directives already in place. When known medicinal therapies are used together with substantive care, patients are armed with emotional, financial, medical and spiritual support. The range of therapies is available to every patient during their entire stay. The Mother Standard of Care is more than a part of treating cancer. It fosters a greater sense of peace for patients. A healing ‘synergy’ which connects them to their medical health caregivers and to the treatment process as a whole. Visit Modern Healthcare to know more about CTCA.


Nitin Khanna- A Multifaceted CEO

Nitin Khanna is a dedicated entrepreneur who is the CEO of MergerTech. He is a Portland based businessman who has had a long road to success.

Rihanna was born in Pradesh India, located in the North near the foothills of the Himalayas. Many in his family were entrepreneurs themselves which inspired him. As a boy he spent a lot of time observing businesses like plants and factories.

As a child, Khanna went to the Lawrence school,which is considered one of the best boarding schools in India. The school’s motto is “Never Give In” which undoubtedly influenced his future aspirations.

At age 17, Nitin moved to the USA and attended Purdue University. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He also received his Masters degree in the same field.

After completing his education, Khanna was accepted into a Management training program with International Paper. This led him to a job as a manager of a cardboard box plant. After a while however, he grew restless and wanted to move on.

Nitin and his younger brother started Saber Software in 1999 and they spent the next few years growing the business and had good fortune.

Following the disputed Bush-Gore election in 2000,all states were required to modernize their voting systems electronically. Saber won that contract. Saber software became the largest provider of state government software solutions.

After that,the idea of Merger Tech was formed in 2009 with Khanna as the CEO. Merger Tech is an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm which helps entrepreneurs.

Niten Khanna was the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions.a provider of cannabis vape cartridges and oil. He has since relinquished his position as CEO.

 Nitin Khanna has other interests outside the business world. He has helped produce documentary films such as “Terms and Conditions May Apply”. This film examines the world of high tech corporations and privacy concerns for Americans. Another documentary Khanna co-produced is “What Lies Upstream”. This acclaimed film examines poor water quality control practices in the U.S.

Khanna is also a lover of fine wine. Greatly interested in wine making, he has produced his own world class Pinot Noir brand-Four Handle and is greatly involved in the wine making community in Oregon.

Nitin Khanna’s passions inside and outside of work is a balanced life people should admire.

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Marc Beer’s Incredible Breakthrough in Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial career of Marc Beer has not been a walk in the park. It has been full of challenges, all of which he has overcome through his diligence and hard work. Since he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business from Miami University, Mark was confident that he would pursue a career in entrepreneurship. He started his career journey at Genzyme, where he worked as a sales and marketing personnel. In this pharmaceutical firm, he showed a lot of diligence and zeal in his work. This saw him rise the ranks and eventually becoming the Vice President of Global Marketing at the organization.


As the head of marketing, Marc Beer put a lot of effort to ensure that the company shone its way to the helm of the industry. He did this by promoting the organization’s medical products, which were designed for the people afflicted by the rare diseases, which were previously untreatable. People affected by those illnesses were medically underserved across the globe. His role in this organization challenged Beer to the extent that he felt the need to take his game a notch higher. He needed to develop solutions to the myriad of challenges that were faced by the pharmaceutical sector. This prompted him to quit his job at Genzyme to start his first organization.


In the year 2000, Marc left Genzyme and founded his new biotechnology company, ViaCell. He used the expertise and experience that he had acquired from his previous job to drive his company into success. The organization grew such that in 2005, it had hired more than 300 employees. In the same year, the company went public. This made it very easy for Beer to consolidate funds, which he could use to conduct laboratory and other medical research. He was determined to come up with solutions that would make the work of medical practitioners more efficient and comfortable. ViaCell specialized in collecting and preserving blood stem cells of the umbilical cord, which would be used to treat various human health conditions.


In 2007, the worst and least expected happened— Marc Beer’s wife succumbed to pulmonary embolism. This was immediately after he had sold his firm to PerkinElmer. The occurrence left Marc devastated, with the responsibility of taking care of his three children. He dedicated himself to the task, full-time, to ensure that his children got the love that they deserved. This almost derailed his entrepreneurial career. However, after seven years of taking care of his children, one of his daughters decided to come to his rescue. She recalled a piece of advice that her father had given her a while back, about living with purpose. In her view, driving them to and from school every day was not the primary purpose for his father. She, therefore, asked his father to continue pursuing his career without feeling tied by family issues. Learn more:


Fortunately, Marc Beer followed his daughter’s advice and returned to his entrepreneurship career. He launched his latest company, Renovia, where he is the current CEO and a co-founder. Over the last decade, Renovia has enjoyed some tremendous growth under the able leadership of Beer.

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Prevagen: A Potential Prevention of Memory Loss While You Age

Prevagen is a new dietary supplement that could enhance your brain and that has shown in studies that it can stop some memory loss while you age.

There is some evidence that Prevagen has some promise as a way to deal with aging and memory. There was a placebo-control, double-bind clinical study where this supplement improved cognitive function over 90 days.

In another 90-day clinical trial, a group of adults took one Prevagen pill per day and it showed improvement in memory.

So far, researchers have found that it supports healthy brain function, improve memory, makes a sharper mind and causes your thinking to be clearer. The evidence has caused people to be excited about this new dietary supplement.

Other than studies of Prevagen, there have been studies of the link between physical mental fitness. These studies mostly come to the conclusion that physical activity improves mental activity.

Getting physical can help you prepare for creative projects, interviews, and exams. Physical activity also helps the brain from cognitive changes that are caused by age.

When you do exercises like aerobic exercise, the part of the brain that is most affected is the hippocampus. When well-controlled studies have been done on the elderly, adults, and children, the hippocampus becomes stronger as well as their bodies. The hippocampus is responsible for learning and memory. By boosting the hippocampus, it also boosts your heart.

In conjunction with exercise, Prevagen could definitely improve your memory.

What is Prevagen made of? It is made of something called apoaequorin. It is a substance that comes from jellyfish and can improve brain function. In the United States, you can buy it over-the-counter at the local pharmacy without a prescription.

Who is the creator of Prevagen? Quincy Bioscience is the creator of this supplement and has the patent for it as well.

Quincy Bioscience is a biotech company that focuses on the commercialization, development, and discovery of technologies or substances that will hopefully help with the changes of brain function that happen when you age. They are particularly interested in cognitive health as well as memory. What particularly sets it apart from other applications is that it has the patented ingredient called apoaequorin. This ingredient has an innovated way to help brain cells as people age.

In 2004, Quincy Bioscience, the creator of Prevagen, was first located at the University Research Park that is located in Madison, Wisconsin. When they were located at this research park, they had formed a partnership with Dr. James R. Moyer, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

This doctor is one of the leading experts in the memory and cognitive function fields. This company eventually moved to Middleton, Wisconsin in 2015.

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Career and Life of Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov is an international businessman who founded and has brought GPB Resources B.V. to the international limelight since 2011. The also, former Director-General of Gazprom E.P. company, started his career in 1983 when he was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. For ten years, Boris equipped himself with a tremendous experience as an international diplomat whose working station was at the Soviet embassy at Washington D.C. He became so much conversant with many global issues that broadened his professional career in the USA and Russia. His work at the embassy ended in 1993 when the Soviet Union collapsed, but he sought another employment in the private sector. Boris was employed as an individual consultant with one of the companies in the North of Russia, but in 1995 he relocated to Moscow, where he became the Vice-President of Unibest Bank: dealing with financial oil and gas projects.

At the start of the new millennium, Boris Ivanov became a co-opted member to the team that was to replenish the Russian Corporation MiG that was undergoing financial challenges. Boris traversed all over the world as the First-Deputy Director-General for Strategy to explore new markets and obtain contracts for the aircraft: which he fortunately succeeded. The company revitalized, and in 2004 he returned to the petroleum business as Gazprombank OJSC’s Chairman Advisor. From 2007 to 2011, Boris Ivanov led Gazprom Exploration and Production International B.V. that sought new projects for Gazprom Group, especially in Africa.

As a leader and manager at GPB Resources B.V., Boris Ivanov employs the best executive leaders who can properly execute the objectives he sets. He always has an ear to his employees and gets strength as a leader when his team is also strong. When forming groups, Boris combines people with varied experiences and skills to complement each other. He dearly values his employees, for they are vital in keeping GPB Global Resources B.V. Whenever he decides, Boris assesses the impact of his decision on the livelihood of the company employees. Boris Ivanov, in his personal life, esteems being with friends and family. He says there is no even monetary equivalent for the time he spends with them. He listens to classical music and is also an ardent football fan. Boris is so philanthropic and supports many charitable initiatives. Read More.

Career achievements of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has his origins from Venezuela. He has mostly worked in oil and gas exploration companies. He has not only brought revolutions in the industry, but he also tries to bring dynamic matters in the industry through the experience he holds. His motivation to invest in such companies is derived from his studies as well as the high life and huge returns people in the sector earn. He believes that the target of every company in the world is to please clients and earn what they plan. If a venture cannot accomplish anything it sets, then it is always logical for it to close down.

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The investments of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez in the Latin countries have enabled him to shape his life and get better in his career. Besides, they have enabled him to take a new twist on how life is and how people should survive in it. According to all the experiences he has had in the world, he believes that without being patient and strong in life, no human can ever be willing to take any risk to improve their own lives. When an individual cannot make their own life better than they found it, it is never easy for them to make the lives of others any better. Constant perseverance and logical thinking can always enhance the careers of everyone. People that like to pick unnecessary quarrels with others always end up destroying good relationships and causing anger and more problems in every place. For Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, egocentric people do not have an opportunity to experience life the right way. They always end up failing many times. Entrepreneurs with ego are still the most affected. If they fail to gain understanding and endurance in all situations, they can end up changes every customer away. The intelligence and expertise of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez have helped him to address the demanding nature of the oil and gas company that he is operating in. His career does not seem to have any issues and he knows that in a few years to come, he will have built the biggest empire for a successful land happy life. Learn more: