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Daniel Mark Harrison: The Business Guru

Daniel Mark Harrison is a man to be revered in his various business sectors. Harrison has become a force to reckon with, he is a smart businessman and entrepreneur as well as a brilliant author and blockchain evangelist. He is a very educated man and since nineteen ninety-eight to two thousand and eight, Harrison went through different levels of higher education and therefore achieving a BA in theology from the University of Oxford, at the BI Norwegian Business School he received a Master’s in Business Administration as well as a Masters Degree from New York University in Journalism.

Currently, Daniel Harrison is the CEO as well as the Chairman of Daniel Harrison & Co. Ltd (DMH&CO). Since 2015, Harrison has been the owner as well as the manager of this company, his empire can be credited to his brilliance and skills which he utilized to become the successful businessman he now is. Additionally, his family’s estates and businesses are managed by Daniel & Co. Ltd. The company’s offices are based in Hong Kong and Bangkok, as well as Singapore. Daniel Harrison work extends to being the Managing partner at Fin-tech and blockchain venture capital called Monkey Capital which he has begun in March of two thousand and sixteen and it’s described as a regionalized digital asset and a block chain investment bank.

Money Capital a regionalized hedge fund that capitalizes in the supply contracts of space X and Blockchain systems. The company has gained recognition like a six-star rating by Chris Waltzek a nationally syndicated radio host. Despite Chris Waltzek interviewing other prominent businessmen he awarded Daniel this high rating.

Harrison has had a successful streak in his career; he was the Chief Editor as well as Publisher of Marx Rand since 2015, which dealt with wide-ranging issues such as the uncovering of an FBI Agent who was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan as well as linking Toyota Vehicle manufacturers to acts of forced labor. He additionally wrote about how the US and FDA corporations have been unsuccessful in resolving occurrence of cervical cancer in Haiti.

Daniel Mark Harrison can be considered a genius in most of his fields and he has brought more employment as well as information to the people seeking it.

Todd Lubar – Putting Efforts to Make Each Home a Smart home

The 21st century has come with a lot of exciting technological innovations. Today, we have smart homes that have many interesting features. We now have doorbells that can ring when you get close to tripping the motion sensor. The lighting systems in homes are adjustable while others are computer controlled. It is now possible to adjust your thermostat to cool and warm your house when you are away from home.

In a report by Ideamensch, the most recent of these technological advancements is the voice activated digital assistant. This is a system whereby your house talks back to you. By the use of the assistant, you can perform tasks like sending your emails, ordering pizza, booking for cleaning services, turning your lamps on, and many others orders that you may give.

Over 30 years ago, someone dreamed of a technology whereby people can video conference. This is now a reality. The same way, Mr. Bucher dreamt of smart homes. Today, smart homes exist. The current technologies are ways much better than even what was used by NASA to get to the moon for the first time.

A disabled person living in a smart house can do almost everything by themselves. They can talk to their thermostats to switch on and off, they can control the temperature of the thermostats, and they can even talk to the lights to switch on and off. They can open and close their house and garage doors. This was not the case five years ago. These technologies are at an infancy stage, and it is expected that a lot of improvement will occur soon.

About Todd Lubar

Mr. Todd Lubar ( is a renowned real estate professional. Todd is a strong believer that one day all homes will be smart homes. Todd works in ensuring that the structures in Baltimore are turned into smart homes. He has taken advantage of the market that is emerging rapidly.

Currently, Mr. Todd Lubar is working as the head at TDL Global Ventures LLC. He is also the senior president at Legendary Investments. Todd holds a BA in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. Todd is a family man who treasures his family. He enjoys physical exercise to keep fit. Info sourced from

Osteo Relief Institute Orthopedic Center

Arthritis is a common disease affecting more than 15% of the total US population. This condition refers to joint pains and joint related diseases; with the common type being osteoarthritis. This disease occurs when cartilages around joint areas tear thus resulting in bones rubbing against each other. The basic symptoms of this condition are stiffness around the joint area and joint pains (Manta). The disease is likely to affect people who have excess weight, the aged, suffered an injury in the past, and people those who are genetically disposed of.


People who suffer from this condition are encouraged to do some exercise in order to ease the pain. In addition, these patients should seek physical therapy from a qualified therapist. Osteo Relief Institute is a center in New Jersey whose main purpose is to offer medical assistance to patients suffering from arthritis. The center offers quality services to patients namely; medical treatment of the condition, physical therapy, and medical advice on how patients can employ self-management tools to control the condition.


To facilitate this, Osteo Relief Institute has employed the best medical doctors in the field of orthopedic and neurology (HealthGrades). In addition, the center has qualified nurses who offer professional physical therapy. Besides medical personnel, Osteo Relief Institute has the best medical facilities in the state to assist patients. Why should you pay Osteo Relief Institute a visit? First, the center has excellent customer care services. Patients who visit the center are not delayed in long queues waiting to see the doctor.

In fact, many patients who visit the center are astonished by the professional care they receive from the staff at the hospital. Second, Osteo Relief Institute is the only center in the city of New Jersey that specializes in arthritis related cases. The center solely focuses on in treating patients with bone and joint related ailments. Thus, this is the best medical center patients should visit in case they have problems relating to bones. Finally, if you suffer from arthritis and live within New Jersey you should visit this center for quality and affordable services in comparison to other hospitals, centers, or institutes.

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Becoming a better, healthier you!

Many people of age are now suffering from different types of arthritis. Just to name one, osteoarthritis is when the cartilage begins to fade away so the joint bones start to grind upon each other. It is a painful feeling for any person. The factors of osteoarthritis include family genetics, past injuries, and excessive weight gain.


We can help ourselves by stretching as a daily routine, being healthy, avoid staying in one position. Also, having a moderate exercise will help to decrease arthritis. There are options such as surgery.


Have no fear, Osteo Relief Institute is here (LinkedIn)! Their loving company and staff are here to help family members like you avoid serious surgeries. They have FDA approved clinics with a well-communicated team here to help you find long lasting relief. Instead of using surgery, these doctors use injections or NSAIDs to help your joints move fluidly. Only under the doctor’s instruction must the patient follow them regularly to become fully healed from the pain. Which is why the team of clinicians are there to help you get back on your feet by recommending good exercises and food to keep you at a healthy wealth ( Osteo Relief Insitute has advanced biomechanical techniques, videofluoroscopy or low usage of x ray, noninvasive joint injection treatment, unharmful joint strengthening, and various plans for a full menu of other non-surgical options, specifically chosen for the patient.


With that said, Osteo Relief Institute has got your back when it comes to nonsurgical methods with those dealing with painful arthritis. In addition, the results of Osteo Relief Institute honestly cater to your needs as an individual. They help each patient to restore their body’s normal system, give natural cushioning for joint relief, maintain healthy joints movement and agility, strengthening for a life time of healing. Osteo Relief Institute are here to help you until you are satisfied with the way you are feeling after wards. Our clinicians at Osteo Relief Institute help you strengthen and heal until you no longer in need of their services. You can get back on your feet in no time within weeks!


Eli Gerschkovitch: Canadian Beer Entrepreneur

Craft beers are one of the products of Canada, and the Canadians love to create their own beer which has a distinct taste and texture. They have been leveling up to their game, and have been competing with other countries who are also manufacturing beer, like Germany. The craft beer industry in Canada has grown to $9 billion in annual sales, and this figure is seen to go up as more Canadians patronize their own product. There are also a number of pubs in Canada serving their locally made craft beer, and one of the most famous pubs would be Steamworks Brew Pub, opened in 1995. Steamworks Brew Pub was founded by Eli Gerschkovitch, a striving entrepreneur who would have been a lawyer if he has not tasted the good, classic Belgian Beer.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Eli Gerschkovitch was on a trip to Europe after he graduated from law school when he encountered their beers, and he had the idea of putting up a small business in Canada. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, as the pub that he built became an instant hit (Vancouver Foods). Eli Gerschkovitch had stated that he never practiced his profession, but instead focused on the beer industry. From being a small pub, Steamworks Brew Pub has grown into a full-scale restaurant, offering its own manufactured beers to its patrons and has been expanding ever since. According to Eli Gerschkovitch, he wanted to create something tangible that is why he chose to become an entrepreneur. He stated that being a machine which creates something that can be felt is much more satisfying than being a lawyer. Although he has focused more on being a businessman, Eli Gerschkovitch is still using his profession especially when his restaurant goes into legal troubles. He stated that he is happy with how things are working for him, and just recently, Steamworks Brew Pub has begun selling its own manufactured beer to stores throughout Canada – it even go as far as the United States, Hong Kong, and some countries in Europe. The success of Steamworks Brew Pub is a testament of how dedicated and focused Eli Gerschkovitch can be.


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Glen Wakeman Notable Career Achievements

Glen Wakeman is the current CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings; a company that assists starting entrepreneurs design business plans from the idea stage to implementation. The service is fully automated and is offered online on a software as service (SaaS) model. Aside from his current position, Glen Wakeman is a prolific writer, mentor, and entrepreneur. He blogs regularly on a number of platforms with the sole aim of educating entrepreneurs on topics such as strategic planning and leadership, global business issues, emerging markets etc.

As a mentor, Glen Wakeman is actively engaged in helping early stage entrepreneurs understand key issues such as angel financing, strategic business planning and the mobilization of capital. Some of the notable startups he is currently mentoring include Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Previously, Glen Wakeman was president of Nova Four, a firm offering starting businesses advice of strategic planning and access to capital. He has also served in many capacities across many industries both locally and internationally. He is widely traveled having lived and worked in over 16 countries in a career spanning two decades.

As passionate business growth strategist, Glen Wakeman has had a tremendous impact everywhere has worked. He has improved and transformed companies worth $15 billion in assets, besides overseeing over 17,000 employees in every capacity he has served to date. Glen is very passionate about CEO coaching and is a board member in various developing companies.

Glen Wakeman holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, he attained his economics and Finance degree from the University of Scranton (NewsSky). He also holds the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification — a highly prestigious project management certification for top CEOs’ and business executives.

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The 21st-century philanthropist, DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the nominee of Donald J. Trump and confirmed by the US senate as the 11th U.S. Secretary of education. She had done much in the field related to education and philanthropism prior to her nomination and appointment.DeVos is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College, Grand Rapid Michigan. Besides, she married to Dick DeVos, an entrepreneur, community activist, and philanthropist. They are blessed with four children and six grandchildren.The secretary DeVos for nearly three decades she has been involved educational policies that advocate for children and as a voice to parents. She works tirelessly to ensure that reforms are in place to favor the underserved children access quality education.Her interest in education was ignited from her childhood by her public school teacher. She realized that not all children in America get access to equal and great education. She as well saw the great work the leaders in her location were doing and she too endeavored to advance it.

She worked for 15 years as an in school mentor in the Grand Rapids public school in Michigan for at risk children. In this, her interactions with teachers, families, and students changed her perspective forever in the issues concerning education.DeVos also has served as a chairperson of the Windquest Group that is an enterprise and investment firm. She has also served on numerous local and national charitable, and civic organizations that include Kida Hope USA, Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, Mass Hill Bible Church, Kendall College Art and Design and ArtPrize.Having looked at the above secretary DeVos’s profile, let us now get into the details of her philanthropic involvements; Through her efforts in educational reforms, she has made people have different view concerning the public schools. The reforms such as educational vouchers, tax credits, and educational savings accounts have enabled many to achieve the education.

DeVos has invested her resources and energies in the Potter’s House Christian School for more than 30 years. In this, she has been able to support children from less privileged homes that could not have had an opportunity to study and complete their education.She with the help of her husband Dick established a Scholarship Fund when he was working with the State of Board of Education in Michigan, 1990, that favored the needy students who could not access the basic education. Many students got the right opportunity they deserved to study.DeVos served on two charity boards, the American Education Reforms and Children First America that worked to expand educational choices through tax credits and Vouchers. DeVos and her husband were involved in the passing of Michigan’s first charter school Bill in the year 1993.Secretary DeVos can be regarded as the 21st-century philanthropic heroine because of her efforts to champion for the educational reforms.

José Auriemo Neto is Taking JHSF to New Heights All Across the Globe

JSHF is a development company out of Sao Paulo, Brazil specializing in high end real estate. The company opened their doors in 1972 and has since focused on premier properties in both the residential and commercial fields. Their developments include luxury hotels, high end apartments, shopping malls, and an airport for international business. Their interests are in the United States, Brazil, and Uruguay. The company is divided into numerous divisions including residential, retail, hotel and shopping. JSHF’s most famous developments include Shopping Ponta Negra, the Iguatemi Shopping complex in Sao Paulo, Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, the General Motors racetrack, and the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. JSHF has built a reputation as a pioneer in their field with subsidiaries such as Sustainable Telecom and Sustainable Energy. These subsidiaries supply telecommunications solutions and inexpensive energy. Click here to know more about JHSF.

The leader of the JHSF Group is José Auriemo Neto and his expertise in the development of exclusive projects is extensive. His involvement with the company’s projects is substantial and he was directly involved in the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. This incorporated a private complex for shopping with a network for public transportation. In 2015 José Auriemo Neto relocated his family to New York while he was needed for the development of a hotel and residential high-rise. He has worked hand in hand with his father during his time at JHSF and the company originated as a family business. His talents shined when he created his first masterpiece, the Parque Cidade Jardim Shopping complex. There were hundreds of office blocks, residential towers, retail stores, and a complex for mixed uses. This was all a part of the Fasano Hotel group. The company has seen incredible growth in the Brazilian market for real estate due to José Auriemo Neto.

JSFH has partnerships with numerous luxury brands including a Sao Paulo fashion chain called Daslu. Additional brands available at the JHSF shopping mall include Louis Vuitton, the Reebok Academy, Montblanc, Cinemark, and so many more. The goal of JSFH is to have a high-end shopping center in every major city in the world. With José Auriemo Neto at the helm this goal is starting to become a reality.

Philosophy of George Soros: How We Inform Our Reality

Can you imagine living in a world in which you know that your thoughts are influencing the way that you perceive the world around you? Quantum physics supports this outlook, and billionaire George Soros’ life gives us a peek into the life of a real, live person who is actually living out this philosophy.

Soros describes his understanding of the way the world works with a term that he coined, called “reflexivity“. This term describes the way thoughts and events are reflected back on to each other in a feedback loop. Soros writes that “In social and political affairs the participants’ perceptions help to determine reality”.

What is it like to live with this outlook? Soros says that his theories about the way the world work, which are largely informed by discoveries of quantum mechanics as well as his own experience of the world. Although Soros does not know if the theories he supports are right (he actually doesn’t even believe that ultimate truth can be known), he does say that his theories about how the world worked have helped him achieve financial success. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Soros, now in his eighties, is still an active trader on the world markets. He has a deep understanding of world history, and a passion for understanding the political economic world arena. He is not a passive observer (and in his view there is no such thing!). Instead he actively participates using the understanding about the world that he has developed over the years. He is originally from Hungary, and has first hand knowlege of communist oppression and fascist powers. His unique upbringing instilled in him a great respect for open mindedness and freedom of expression. He teaches that all ideas are valid, and that a society should remain open to criticism if it wants to progress.

Throughout the years, George Soros’ influence, both intellectual and financial, has helped to shape the world around us. He has poured money into foundations that network accross twenty five countries and support the concept of open society. This is an intellectual ideal that was first named in a 1932 book. Soros has expanded onthe term “open society” and given it new life. He states that an open society can no longer be defined in oppostition to communism, as it once was. Instead, a modern view of what an open society should look like must be defined in ways that include the concept of capitalism. Capitalist ideals have become too strong and single-minded, according to Soros. He says that the laissez-faire economy that the US has modeled for so many years is faulty. Learn more about this article at

His philosophic views have steered his philanthropic efforts. Soros donates generously to the funds that support the ideal of an open society. He rejects the conservative movement and instead supports liberals who want to equalize wealth distribution. In 2004 he donated $27 million dollars towards organizations that might defeat Bush, and in 2016 he donated again, a stunning $25 million dollars in support of Hilary Clinton.

Securus Technologies Clamping Down on Drugs in Jails

Drugs in the prison are more dangerous than they are out in the streets in many cases. The reason being in you have such close quarters between inmates and authorities, the inmates outnumber the officers, and many of the inmates have nothing to lose by causing trouble if they are there on an extended sentence. Inmates have the ability to be more violent than usual when they are under the influence, so we have to take extreme measures to try and limit the flow of these drugs into the hands on any inmate.


The efforts that we take to stop the flow of drugs inside the jail start with us clamping down on the interaction between guest and inmate in the visitor center. This is where things can easily e passed from one to another, so we not only warn guests of the trouble they face, we search them and the inmates. We do detailed searches of the inmate cells to make sure nothing is hiding they can use. We have a team that checks letter the inmates receive, and we used to monitor the calls the inmates make.


When Securus Technologies updated the inmate call monitoring system we had been using, our efforts to control drug usage increased. The new monitoring system is in thousands of different jails, and the LBS software allows my team to be able to be in other places while the software is scanning all the calls for specific chatter. The company is based in Dallas and all 1,000 employees are committed to making the world safe for all.


Now if an inmate is trying to ask a family member to sneak in drugs to the jail or they are talking about drug use, we can take immediate action to clamp down on the drug use.