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Stream Energy : Philanthropic Company Culture

As the people of Houston Texas where forced to watch as their homes and business were ravaged by the strong winds and waters for Hurricane Harvey, one company was getting ready to deliver aid to the community. Stream Energy, one of the leading providers of energy and other services in the state of Texas in conjunction with their philanthropic branch “Stream Cares” was able to provide many in the community with basic necessities during this difficult time for the city. The act and execution of the aid was a prime textbook example of how corporate philanthropy has become an essential part of a companies ability to create brand recognition and loyalty.

According to WalletHub, Texas is ranked one of the least giving states, a ranking that Stream Energy is fighting to make irrelevant. The incredible projects seen by Stream and its employees have captured the attention of other high-level executives as a means to enhance their own brands with loyalty and protection. It is well known that when a business is involved within the community, any internal scandals that may arise can be better maintained by the company due to brand loyalty.

Stream Energy also promotes a company culture of philanthropy amongst their employees, in fact, many of them volunteering for projects all across the city. A great example of passion projects created by Stream Energy employees is the “Operation Once in a lifetime” initiative. The project involves fundraising in order to provide local veterans and their families with financial support. In addition, Stream Energy employees also donated their time to provide transportation every December to veterans and their families to local restaurants where they can enjoy a great meal consisting of burgers, ribs and other delicious foods. There is no doubt that we have seen the last of Stream and their tireless work to continue new progressive and innovate ways to be apart of the community.

Deirdre Baggot Focuses on Changing the Way Payments are Made in the Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot has spent her entire professional career in the healthcare industry. She has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a master’s degree in business administration, and she has a Ph.D. She spent ten years working for Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Michigan Health System before embarking on a consulting career with The Camden Group. When G.E. acquired The Camden Group, she was asked to help build a consulting practice that focused on improving health care billing practices. This led her to become a pioneer in bundled payments and other developments in healthcare industry payment reform. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

In an interview with, Deirdre Baggot discussed her experience as an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. The most important aspect of her typical day is having a checklist. She developed using a daily checklist while working as a new nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This helped her to provide optimal care for her patients while keeping her from over-testing and providing excessive treatment than what her patients needed. As a consultant, using checklists helps her to prioritize her work, schedule important meetings, and keep deadlines. Checklists help her to avoid attending meetings that she feels are not productive.

One thing that Deirdre Baggot would like to see happen is for patients to take a more active role in their health care. She wants patients to become healthcare consumers and take more control of their healthcare needs. She believes this will cut down on medical errors, which is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Patients as health care consumers are part of the overall transformation that she believes needs to happen. The healthcare industry is full of waste and duplication, and more healthcare industry professionals need to find ways to solve problems that will enable patients to take better care of themselves.

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Philanthropist Isabel dos Santos Supports Initiatives to Improve Quality of Life

Often referred to as Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos is reported to be the continent’s first female billionaire. The Angolan businesswoman’s current net worth is estimated to be $2.3 billion American dollars.

Isabel dos Santos is generous with her vast wealth and is a strong proponent of social responsibility, which she says should have the ultimate goal of improving quality of life. She prefers to focus her philanthropic activities on causes that support healthcare, children in need, and education.

Isabel Dos Santos has supported healthcare in several ways. Her company underwrites and operates a national anti-malaria campaign. A charity that provides clean water to underserved communities has also benefitted from her company’s donations. Sometimes Isabel dos Santos is able to support a charity that is involved in more than one of her area’s of charitable emphasis. For example, her company is one of the biggest donors for a pediatric hospital. Within her businesses, Isabel dos Santos has worked to cultivate a corporate culture that encourages social responsibility and employee volunteerism. In addition to making donations, her companies also operate their own social ventures. One initiative has provided over 10,000 sick or needy Angolan children with a special adventure day. Isabel dos Santos doesn’t delegate all of her charity work to subordinates. Coordinating a Christmastime charitable telethon on national television is an example of her personal involvement in social ventures.

There have been occasions when Isabel Dos Santos participates in socially responsible initiatives that may appear to be outside of her focus areas. For instance, she was involved in a project to develop a strawberry farm in Humpata, Angola. This agricultural initiative employs 120 women. Isabel Dos Santos is a strong advocate for the employment of women. She believes that employed women use their earnings for “family, health, and education”, which is consistent with the areas that Isabel dos Santos supports.

NPR’s Stretched Take on the Rocketship School System and How Rocketship Really Operates

Recently, the NPR has constructed an article about the Rocketship School System and Rocketship Schools – and it has drawn a lot of attention because of the content and the way the article was written. Although NPR only stated facts, they were written in a way that will hurt the image of Rocketship Education and the facts stated stretched and very carefully cherry picked. NPR also wrote problems and issues with the system of Rocketship Education which hold true, but then it also holds true for other schooling systems. NPR has singled out Rocketship Education and their supposed problematic practices that never hurt the students.

NPR also wrote about how Rocketship Education is very technologically forward. The Rocketship School System is an entity that is very adaptable to the changing environment and they always create ways to utilize technology to create the best learning experience for their students. The Tech Heavy Model of Rocketship Education is very well studied and executed by the school leaders and educators of Rocketship – but this wasn’t touched on by NPR – they only wrote about the disadvantages of this model and not the results that it produces.

The Rocketship School System aims to provide the best quality education to more unfortunate children who cannot afford public education. Rocketship Education offers a holistic approach towards education and has produced a lot of students that are more than competitive and prepared to take on the real world. Rocketship Education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom – the Rocketship System collaborates with the parents because they believe that majority of the learning happens at home with their first teachers, the parents / the guardians. The Rocketship Network works together so that they can make the best environment and community for their students, parents and their staff. They want to be a community that fosters growth, development, positivity and excellence. The Rocketship System sees and treats their students at a very personal level – that is why they do always make sure that their students are protected and they receive the treatment and care that they deserve. Every school leader and educator from the Rocketship System holds this responsibility very dear to their hearts. Follow this link to read more on the system’s profile.

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3 Reasons Why Richard Liu Qiangdong is Father of E-Commerce

The world of internet and technology is arguably home to inconsistency. For Richard Liu Qiangdong however, internet and technology have given him a chance to challenge some of the notions on commerce and more importantly the mode of doing business. Liu, in all his interviews, has stated that without technology he will still be having a physical shop in China, and probably with less success. However, he points out that his success in this technology world is a product of three major factors.

First, the owner of points out that understanding the market is important. In order to understand the Chinese market, Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked with some companies both around the world and in China. His main aim in all his working relationships with major information companies is to understand what his potential customers want from an entity.

Understanding the consumer needs helps him to redirect the policy formation of both and the company’s affiliated entities. In the last four years, Liu has noticed that clients want customized services and thanks to his company’s flexibility, the company is home to customized consumer experiences.

Second, in his journey, Liu has noticed that quality goods are sadly unavailable in most trading outlets. However, through this company, Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the few investors that are keen on changing this trend and more importantly, starting campaigns on the importance of quality goods. In the years his company has been in existence, Liu has realized that the only way to make online platforms home to huge sales is by only stocking and selling quality merchandises.

Thirdly, he has managed to bring most entities together under the umbrella of According to him, this approach to bringing different entities together has helped the individual entities to make profits and more specifically, reach to a wider market. Currently, Richard Liu Qiangdong one of the most respected traders because of bringing small traders to a bigger platform at no extra charges.

In an interview, he pointed out that giving the small traders the bigger platform helps in growing the Chinese commerce volume and provides more employment opportunities.

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Stream Energy is a top company in the energy industry. It has many clients that have helped it generate high revenues. Stream Energy ensures that its customers are well connected. Since its inception, this company has been known to offer quality services to its clients.


It deals in providing services like gas and other electric services to homes of its customers directly. Stream Energy serves many people in the various states of America. This expansion has contributed significantly to its profitability.


Apart from offering good products, Stream is dedicated to giving back to the community. This is done with the aim of helping the needy in the city. The company has set aside resources to fund this noble cause of social responsibility.


The Stream Cares is a foundation established by the Stream company. It is an initiative geared at supporting the community by helping people without homes and assisting in other charities. Notably, Stream Care came to the aid of the hurricane victims who were affected in some parts of America.


They helped by providing homes to those who had lost their homes during the devastating calamity of the Harvey Hurricane. Over the years, Stream Energy had gain popularity and earned the respect of its customers due to its philanthropic activities through the foundation. This is because the company uses its revenues to fund the operations of the foundation. The Stream Cares has restored the hope of hopeless victims of hurricane calamities.


Stream focuses on extending their philanthropy to other parts of the world through the Stream Cares Foundation. This company believes that every corporate entity has a responsibility to its community to help the needy and save lives. The management of Stream Energy is enthusiastic and dedicated to helping people during calamities.


The organization has also managed to provide food, transport, and clothing to the victims. This has been achieved by working in close partnership with other charitable organizations and institutions. The generous efforts of the Stream Energy through the Stream Cares Foundation have been globally recognized for its contribution to making the community better.

What did Shervin Pishevar Mention in his 21-Hour Tweet Storm?

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American super angel investor, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He has invested in Uber, Airbnb, Munchery, and he served as the executive chairman of Hyperloop One. Mr. Pishevar is also a co-founder of investment firm.


After nearly three months of silence on social media, Shervin Pishevar resurfaced on Twitter. In February of 2018, Mr. Pishevar surprised his followers with a series of tweets that lasted 21 hours. During Pishevar’s 21-hour tweet storm, he discussed the United States economy, bitcoin, Silicon Valley, and the five big monopolies in the US.


What did he Predict During his Tweet Storm?

Shervin Pishevar started his tweet storm with predictions about the stock market. Mr. Pishevar stated that there is a financial storm looming in the US. According to Mr. Pishevar, this is likely because of national debt, increased interest rates, and tax giveaways that were approved by the senate.


Shervin Pishevar also discussed Silicon Valley. He noted that the United States no longer has exclusivity. Mr. Pishevar tweeted the United States is no longer the monopoly of entrepreneurial motivation, talent, and ideas and that innovations in technology are now flourishing all over the world. Mr. Pishevar tweeted that this isn’t a good sign for the short-term economy of the US.


He also predicted that the five major monopolies in the US will eventually lead to the failure of the US economy. Mr. Pishevar named Google, Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon as the five big US monopolies, and he tweeted that the American system is also to blame for turing a blind eye to the actions of these monopolies.


Pishevar noted that bitcoin will plummet before it starts to rise, and he feels that cryptocurrency has the capability to stand apart from centralized banks for a global economy. He stated that a global economy would be perfectly efficient and frictionless.

PSI Pay Brings New Payment Technology to Consumers

The technological innovations have been coming down the pipeline at a steady piece for several decades now, and most individuals own at least one device. These new devices have forever reshaped how the average individual conducts their daily life. Now as the calendar turns another page, the concept of digital wallets as begun catching on with the public. Cash is slowly becoming viewed as an analog product. PSI Pay Digital Wallet has been at the forefront of this market shift, and trying to boost its usage. In a recent article on Daily Forex Report, they discuss how PSI Pay have affected the global financial landscape.

In a world where individuals from across the globe are becoming closer than ever before, the need for an all-in-one money storage service is growing. Europe is a fine example of where digital currency has become one of the most popular shopping methods. Consumers of all ages have been using this innovate technology. It can serve similar functions as a bank to many consumers, while at the same making purchases in foreign currencies easier than ever before. However, there are still a few hurdles to full societal integration. The European Union has not created protections for this system yet. Similarly, many companies will not allow payments from digital services.

PSI Pay has been in the business for a over a decade with a wealth of connections to make their services available to countless consumers. They are heavily regulated by the government, with continuous oversight into daily operations. Just recently they reported best year of earnings to date for 2015. Another major company on the scene is EcoPayz with various tiers of paid services. They also over a decades’s worth of experience in the industry, with a wealth connections for widespread usage. Combined together, both services have received a lot of support in their efforts to reshape modern society.

Across the ocean in America, the digital wallet is taking a slightly different shape. Here many consumers prefer to link their existing credit and debit to an all in one source they just pull out of their pocket. In either case, the technological future is looking promising for all consumers everywhere.


Sussex Healthcare – Helping Adopt New Activities that Would Benefit the Residents

With so many people suffering from mental health issues such as dementia or any other kind of neurological disorder, having a team of professional care providers around full-time is a blessing. It is the service Sussex Healthcare offers in Sussex area and has its facilities in East and West Sussex. The company has a team of in-house care providers that are professionals in their respective areas of expertise, whether it is psychiatry, psychotherapy, or any other niche. The infrastructure of Sussex Healthcare homes is also designed to provide complete relaxation as well as well-being experience to the members. All of the residents can enroll in their choice of activities that interest them. It gives them an opportunity to learn in a safe environment.

As the care homes of Sussex Healthcare are HQS and ISO certified, you can be sure that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality of services offered. Sussex Healthcare also has their training academy, where all the nursing and care professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure that the care providers are able to meet all the specific care based requirements of the members. In the last few years, the company has grown considerably due to the reputation it has been able to build in the care industry. More and more elderly people are enrolling themselves to the care programs run by them and families with members who have disabilities also trust the organization to take care of their members professionally and compassionately.

Sussex Healthcare is currently reviewing its activities for the residents and trying to impart more personal and custom activities for the residents. It will not just be more engaging for the residents, but also the service provider. Trials are already being conducted and getting positive reviews from the residents who are enjoying the change. Regular meetings are held between the residents and the management so that they can provide feedback and offer suggestions on the activities that can be included or excluded in the program. It also gives a sense of community to the residents as the management hears them.

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All In The Know: Felipe Montoro Jens And His Successful Career

Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-recognized and influential figure in Brazil’s finance sector. He is known to specialize in projects tied to infrastructural development. Montoro has overseen the partnership between the government and private companies while undertaking similar business interests. Currently, the finance genius works at EnergiparCaptacai S.A as Chief Executive Officer.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been selected as the best candidate in advising through Public-Private Partnerships owing to his vast experience working in both industries. He is well versed with the finance language in both corporate and private settings. His knowledge is well backed up from his profound academic background in finance. Montoro has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish and a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Kinesiology. His finance touch was obtained at Fundao Getulio Vargas Foundation where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He further proceeded to obtain his Master’s degree in the same mastery from Thunderbird School of Business Management. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens gained wide recognition from his Private Public Partnerships particularly dealing with public lighting. Today, the lighting project has been witnessed in more than 130 municipalities. Montoro quotes that the project will continue being implemented until it achieves its target. He looks at having a total of 182000 lighting posts throughout Brazil.

The finance guru also participated in Sao Paulo’s Public-Private Partnership project. The project was aimed at improving housing standards in Brazil. Felipe Montoro helped Sao Paulo Municipal Housing Secretariat and Metropolitan Housing Company come into an agreement in which the project commenced in early 2018. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the project should take six years to build 34000 residential units. The housing project is expected to have a positive impact on Brazil’s economy as well as create employment opportunities for more than a hundred thousand Brazilians.

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked for other reputable institutions majoring on the finance sector. He served companies such as PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Enron, and Enel. With over two decades of experience, Montoro has been held in high regard in Brazil following his expertise, knowledge, and dedication to creating economic and financial solutions.

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