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Ryan Seacrest’s Family Not Pressuring Him To Get Married And Have Kids

Ryan Seacrest is happy that his parents are not pressuring him to settle down and marry his girlfriend. He is currently dating a woman named Shayna Taylor. He loves her very much, but he is does not want to officially “get married.” Ryan Seacrest says that the reason why his family isn’t pressuring him is because of the fact that his sister, Meredith, is having a baby.

Currently, Ryan Seacrest is 43 years old. In our society, people get judged negatively if they are not married and/or do not have kids by the time they are in their thirties and forties. Sometimes, even people in the twenties get judged. Parents, other relatives and friends frequently judge and pressure those close to them to get hitched and/or have kids. In our modern society, childlessness and not being married are two conditions that are not judged as harshly as they once were. However, people who choose to be single and/or unmarried and/or childless are still judged to a very noticeable extent.

Ryan Seacrest looks young, but he is not in that age bracket where some people may judge him harshly for being childless and not married. However, it is really no one’s business what Ryan Seacrest chooses to do with his life. In fact, it is really no one’s business to judge or disrespect anyone who chooses to remain childless and/or single and/or unmarried.

Ryan Seacrest has been the host of a number of shows, including Live With Kelly And Ryan, On Air With Ryan and American Idol. Some people who are judgmental may say in a resentful way, “Oh, he focused on his career instead of having kids. He’s a bad person.” First off, again, it is none of anyone’s business what anyone else does with his/her life. Secondly, Ryan Seacrest may have had the opportunity to get married and have kids while having his career. Perhaps he has/had the opportunity to do that, but just didn’t choose to.

How Gareth Henry Has Become a Leading Figure in Alternative Investment Management

Gareth Henry is a man who has built his career in the finance slow but sure. His market standing in private equity investments is something to be adored. With a degree in mathematics, Gareth Henry has combined his academic background and his customer service expertise to create a combination of skills that has positioned him as the most sought after the person when it comes to investment management.

Mr. Henry’s area of capitalization is in the field of alternative asset management, and private real estate. His over a decade career in this area has given him the necessary connections that have enabled him to grow his portfolio into considerable amounts. He has a wide market which ranges from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Formerly, Mr. Henry has worked at Angelo, Gordon & Co. as their Head of Global Investments. The Company whose specialty is in alternative asset management currently has a portfolio of over $28 billion something Gareth Henry played a crucial role in. Prior to his career at Angelo, Gordon & Co. he was the Head of International Relations and later Global Head of International Relations at Fortress Investment Group. Visit Business People at

Henry’s success in the market is not only based on his academics alone but also the mentorship he received while in college. Mr. Gareth has a Bachelor of Science degree from Heriot-Watt University in Actuarial Mathematics and Statics. The combination of such skills with his market know-how has enabled him to crack the presumably complex world of an alternative of alternative investment and add value for his clients.

Giving back to society is something that Gareth Henry is passionate about. He has pioneered the Gareth Henry Access Bursary at his former Heriot-Watt University. The award also goes a notch higher by him personally mentoring the beneficiaries of the bursary to make them ready and excel in the market.

After graduating from college, Mr. Henry had a short stint as an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP before moving to Schroders as their Director of Strategic Solutions. His impressive performance is what led to his recruitment at the Fortress Investment Group in 2007. Gareth is an associate fellow of the prestigious Institute of Actuaries, UK and USA’s Society of Actuaries. He is currently based in Big Apple.

Gareth’s philosophy of his success is “never stop learning as well as never disregard people around you. They can teach you something valuable”.

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Ted Bauman: Why Wages have been Stagnant

Ted Bauman doesn’t enjoy watching as people struggle to acquire money in the tight markets. With the skills he has been getting in the market for the last two and half decades, the businessman has been giving out useful ideas on how to deal with the market and be financially independent. It is the joy of everyone to live a happy life with enough wealth. The harsh life doesn’t allow this to happen. In the last years, there have been reports that the American economy is growing, and this is happening at a very fast rate. According to Ted, the American domestic gross products grew by over two percent. In the next six months, experts in the finance department have stated that the revenue of most of the companies based in this region will grow significantly. Many customers are happy, and they are confident about the future. Many assets have increased their prices. There are many investments that have registered a good growth.

Despite the good reports from financial experts, Ted Bauman has been watching the wage reports. According to him, all the wages have not changed, and they have been significant for all of the large corporates. The number of jobs in the market has been increasing in the last six months. At the start of 2018, however, many employers decided that they were going to decrease the amount of money they were giving their employees instead of increasing it. Ted knows most of the factors that have a role to play in the wages section, and he now wants all people to be aware. Ted Bauman understands that boosting the morale of employees is important, and it can increase productivity and also make the growth of a company significant. Despite these very important aspects, Americans have failed to increase the wages in their companies.

The number of people who are looking for jobs, according to economic experts such as Ted Bauman, is currently getting very high. Companies have looked for ways they can use to stagnate the wages and make room for more employees who are struggling to make ends meet.

Organo Gold’s New Detox Product

Organo Gold, founded in 2008, is dedicated to bringing health benefits of earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world. Organo Gold has launched a new detox called FENIX DX, Advanced Detox Support. This product is in response to the overwhelming response to detoxifying regimes that consumers have been raving about. This product is for those who want to get serious about taking care of their bodies and starting a new healthy and fit journey. The product is a more evolved detoxification that is geared for daily use and in regulation with you current natural daily detox process.

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The detoxifying process is actually quite complex. Every part of your body plays a role in defending your health and fighting toxins, aging and free radicals. This includes liver, lungs, skin, and digestive system. Your immune system is in your gut where all nutrients are absorbed. When you age the cells age too. When you are younger, it is easier to clean out all of that waste, your metabolism is moving more quickly. Taking care of both your digestive system and cellular soundness is what can help live a longer, more healthier life.

Organo Gold’s FENIX DX has 20 calories and 5 grams of sugar. The major ingredients of the detox includes:

• Acai, Blueberry, Vitamin C and Ganoderma

• Aloe Vera, Root Extract, Billberry

• Burdock

• Chamomile Extract

This program is not a colon cleanse or laxative. It supports the digestive system. Another perk is the fact that it is gluten and lactose free. Organo Gold has sales on their website from this product periodically.

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The Tremendous Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is among the food processing companies that have been present for more than a century. The company was established in 1909 in the state of Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky. Since many German immigrants saw it fit to settle in Illinois during the early 20th century, they had to indulge in income-generating revenues. Immigrants such as Otto Kolschowsky ventured into the food business specifically the meat production market. Through passion and resilience, Otto Kolschowsky enhanced the growth of his OSI Industries from a retail enterprise to a renowned food processing company. The growth process was gradual, and Otto Kolschowsky never gave up despite the challenges that faced his business throughout the years of operation.

As the butcher shop grew, Otto Kolschowsky sought help from his sons- Arthur and Harry. After they became a part of the business, the company was accorded the name, Otto & Sons. By working together with his sons, OSI Industries grew further, and business corporations also sought the services of Otto & Sons. Ray Kroc came up with the McDonalds restaurants after consulting Otto & Sons since he had to ensure that he had a trusted supplier of meat products before venturing into the food industry.

By signing an agreement with the McDonalds restaurant, OSI Industries witnessed a positive streak of growth. As the main supplier of meat products to the McDonalds restaurant, Otto & Sons was able to amass huge profits that propelled the growth of the organization. Although the McDonalds growth rate posed a challenge to OSI Group, finding a solution to each challenge brought the corporation a step further to becoming a leader in the food production sector. For instance, Otto & Sons had to find a solution that would allow them to transport freshly ground beef to the McDonalds restaurants that were not close to their plants. Otto & Sons came across cryogenic freezing which entailed using liquid nitrogen as a food preservative.

During the 1970s, Otto & Sons went on with the company’s expansion. Despite the financial challenges that they were facing, Sheldon Lavin was able to help them find financing from various financial institutions. The sons of Otto were approaching their retirement age, and they felt that Sheldon Lavin was the most suitable person to serve as an executive within the company. Before appointing Sheldon Lavin as the CEO, they renamed the corporation into OSI Group.

Victoria Doramus: A Creative Marketer and Consumer Trends Expert

Victoria Doramus is a specialist in trends. She spends her time identifying market partners to apply creative marketing solutions. Victoria has experience in consumer trends touching on lifestyle, design, and fashion. Her job involves identifying, documenting, and researching trends in different sectors. She also proposes appropriate remedies for companies looking to take advantage of the patterns.

Over the years, Victoria Doramus has gained insights into new innovative solutions and marketing strategies. It is due to her creative work. Her observations of market phenomena enable her to create excellent marketing strategies. Currently, Victoria is immersing herself into the charity world. She wants to explore better ways of helping those in need.

Victoria Doramus has built a career in the media field. She has mostly been working in the communications sector where she has played various roles. Some of her jobs have involved market analysis, creative campaigns, networking, and copy creation. Her work has enabled her to get practical skills in the creative/ artistic aspect of marketing, market research/ analysis, project management, networking, recruiting, and budgeting.

After completing her early education, Victoria attended journalism and mass communication classes at the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating with a BA, she joined Mindshare as an assistant media planner. Her job included creating multimedia and print advertising plans, plus building the company’s relationships with media executives.

Later, Victoria Doramus became a creative consultant for Stila Cosmetics, where she used visual material to embark on creative projects. After a couple of Stila projects, the marketing specialist joined Creative Artists Agency in 2007. She worked for three years at Creative Artists as a group coordinator. As part of her job, she maintained a trends correspondent’s international network, liaised with clients, and reviewed market reports.

At this time, Victoria was also writing articles for The Cassandra Report and Trend Central. She would later work at Trendera where she helped the company to create and develop client relationships. The specialist also supervised contract workers, acquired new business, and produced market specific products. Other than working for companies, Victoria has done marketing projects for journals, magazines, and high-end newspapers. She has also worked as film director Peter Berg’s assistant.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Neuroscore Supplements Before and During Your Workout. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.



Neuroscore workout supplements contain a fair amount of caffeine which makes a lot of people very happy. People usually have two responses to coffee:

“Just set me up with a caffeine drip and keep it coming!”

“One sip is more than enough for me!”

Think of Neuroscore supplements in a similar respect, but a little less obsessive. Still, there are upside and downsides to using these products. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The Pros

1) You are getting more than your fair share of caffeine with these Neurocore supplements. Some of them contain 400 MG or more. That is why you need to be careful of your intake. Some people might not be able to have that much caffeine, though it does keep you awake. Click here for more information on caffeine. Some people do not realize they are drinking too much until it is too late.

2) You are more alert. However, that also poses issues for some people. There are some people who face insomnia. They need all the sleep they can get. Suffering from insomnia is not helping their cause. Add the extra caffeine and that is a recipe for disaster. You need to establish a healthy balance. Sometimes that is hard to do. This link and can help provide some helpful advice.

The Cons

1) Your Neurocore supplement could provide you with overstimulation. Overstimulation comes in a lot of forms, including the jitters. The jitters is a shaky feeling or sensation in your body. It means that your body has more energy than it knows what to do with. This happens a lot with people who are prone to anxiety and nervousness. Start by using half a dose. See what happens. Listen to your body. Add more to your Neuroscore supplement dosage if and when your body says it is okay.

2) Dehydration is another downside. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Cleanse & Detoxify the Body With Dherbs Cleanses

When your body is at optimal levels, you perform better, whether you’re at the office or on the softball field with the kids. However, many people find themselves sluggish, in a bad mood, overweight, and otherwise unhappy and foremost, it is due to dangerous toxins they’ve put in their body. Whether through intentional or unintentional means, ingesting toxins causes your body to work a less than par levels, disrupting daily routines and affecting your health in many ways.

A Detoxifying Experience

Dherbs Cleanses come to save the day. These cleanses remove those harmful toxins from the body, resulting in a healthier you that looks and feels amazing. You’ll stop tossing and turning at night, have the energy that you want to make it through the day, shed a few pounds, and otherwise feel your best after using one of the cleanses. Thousands of people cannot be wrong -and they say that Dherbs is a name that goes the extra mile to provide worthwhile cleanses that improve your well-being. View the group’s profile on Linkedin

It All Started

A.D. Dolphin founded Dherbs back in 2004. Over the years, Dherbs has grown into a name that people across the country know and trust. The company has grown so rampantly because the products work and do so without any adverse side effects, Plus, all of the cleanses in the Dherbs product line up are affordable so people with modest budgets can afford to improve their health.

Along with cleanses, Dherbs sells an assortment of other products designed to improve your health. While it is the company’s cleanses that has helped them gain the most notoriety, the other products in their lineup work just as wonderfully to improve your health. Whether you choose one of the cleanses or prefer to use a combination of products, rest assured you’ll get phenomenal results when using Dherbs to improve your life.

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Ted Bauman: The Famous Asset Manager

Ted Bauman is an experienced asset protection manager with a degree in business administration from the prestigious Georgia University. He worked in various companies including Burger King, Habitat for Humanity as well as McDonald’s and the United Nations. He has a vast understanding of asset protection and is a skilled investor working under Banyan Hill’s asset portfolio management jurisdiction. Bauman also has unique knowledge of asset management and navigating the precarious industry. Over the years, he’s developed a significant understanding of disasters surrounding asset management and evaluation and measure risks involved. He advises that one of the primary ways of disaster-proofing your valuables is by storing them in a customized lockbox. Not only are the boxes waterproof but also fireproof. Although he cautions investors against storing valuables at home, Bauman advises that effective asset protection is achievable through safe-deposit boxes in local as well as foreign banks. Safe-deposit boxes are easily accessible but need insurance coverage. They are they protected by law and can also be accessed by various parties via a court order.

Ted Bauman graduated from the State University of New York after receiving a bachelor degree in business administration. He helps clients to secure liquid assets in vaults that need greater financial outlay. He advises investors in various stock markets to protect their investment against precarious industry situations through planning. He also notes that there is a massive drop in stock value and is usually followed up by an upsurge and reiterates that the bullman may not last as long as people expect. He also advises investors to have a balanced view of the industry to allow them to create a defensive strategy to safeguard their investments.

Ted Bauman graduated from Cape Town University with a postgraduate in economics. In his 25-year career in South Africa, he served as a revered executive in various roles including working in the not-for-profit sector as a hedge fund manager in charge of low-cost housing projects. In 2000, Ted Bauman majored in extensive research and writing on investment and urban planning issues. He also traveled extensively to analyze the economic situations of these industries.

Steve Ritchie Makes His Employees’ Voices Heard as Papa John’s CEO

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is the man currently serving Papa John’s as its chief executive officer, and, quite recently, he has initiated something called a “listening tour.” This is an event during which he will visit many of the company’s restaurants throughout the nation and listen to any feedback that thee people have for him in an attempt to make progress. This will be a great step in moving the brand in a better direction, and he has many plans for the future as well, including a community outreach initiative and helping to create franchises owned by minority individuals.

When Mr. Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) first embarked on the ever important tour, the first cities that he made his way too were Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas and Chicago. The people who serve the company at individual branches, he believes, are the true reason that Papa John’s functions and center of the company’s operations. Some of the conversations that Mr. Ritchie had with these aforementioned individuals were not so easy, but they were certainly necessary in order to further the organization’s goal.

In addition to all of this, he was delighted to discover that the organization’s teams were just as dedicated as he was to moving forward with the goals of the leaders of Papa John’s. It is important to him that everyone understands their individual significance with the company, seeing it as a collective entity rather that something meant only to serve those higher up. Managers, drivers, cooks and the customers of the local communities are all equally important in making the franchise a true success.

At the end of it all Papa John’s leader, Steve Ritchie, understands that teamwork is rudimentary to a business’s success, and acknowledging the needs and issues that arise through actively sought-after feedback is a great way to help the company find the right balance of monetary profit and community recognition and respect. Building a better team and a well-respected brand is now of the utmost importance to both Ritchie and the whole of Papa John’s.

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