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Michel Terpins’ High Flying Career in Rally Driving

About Michel Terpins

Michael Terpins is one of the rally champions from Brazil who actively participates in most of the race competitions. He is the co-founder of the Bull Sertoes team along with his elder brother Rodrigo Terpins who founded the team for the love of the rally racing. The brothers could be described as the cheap of the old block as their father Jack Terpins, was also a renowned sports person during his youthful days. Jack Terpins was a basketball star and played for the Hebraica Team back in the 60s and 70s and later become a respected sports leader of the various Jewish sports clubs.

Michel Terpins joined rally racing over a decade ago and first preferred the motorcycle category before moving to car racing. On the hand, his brother Rodrigo had joined the rally racing a while earlier where he participated in the T1 prototype category, which inspired Michel Terpins to participate in the same category. It was later on that the brothers who were very passionate about the motorsport formed the Bull Sertoes team and the Sertoes car racing competition respectively. Equally important, the rally competition formed by the brothers has since attracted many other rally competitors where it has already held over 20 editions.

About Michel Terpins’ Races

Michel Terpins’ victorious races on many occasions have been as a result of his great dedication for the sport combined with teaming up with Maykel Justo, an expert in navigation. The two have participated in various editions and won in most of the rally championships and among his memorable races was the 25th edition where Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo competed under the T1 Prototype category. The race was one of the longest stretches of over 3,300 km that was starting from Mato Grosso and passing through three states in Brazil, where the duo took 11:45m23s to complete the race and were position four in the T1 Prototype.

Further, Michel Terpins recently joined his brother to form a team as they were to pilot the new T-Rex car assembled by the MEM Sports Organization. The brothers have also participated in several other races and won in many of them, which has made them attract thousands of fans who attend their events and follow them in their social media pages. In addition, apart from being a sports person, Michel Terpins is a businessman as well and heads the Floresvale organization that focuses on environmental sustainability and reforestation programs.