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Michael Zomber’s Love For The Samurai Life


History is something that has fascinated many in our modern culture. The amount of information that we now know about our past is incredible and has drawn many to learn about our origins. In all this history there are many different topics, a large one being our evolution of weapons and their places in history. Michael Zomber is a passionate advocate for this type of history as he is an expert in this field. The experienced historian has been collecting antique weapons and armor for the past 40 years, showing that Michael Zomber knows his stuff.

His love for history has even brought him to do his own documentary on the History Channel about the history of guns. However, his focus on weapons does not only pertain to guns as he has a deep interest in the samurai swords and what they represented in their culture. This deep interest in the unique weapon has driven Michael Zomber to write his own screenplays about the samurai swords and novels about their influences in culture. All this work has made him a well-known historian throughout the world, but it was his documentary “Soul of the Samurai” that spread his name out to his other peers. The documentary does a great job covering samurai culture, featuring around Bushido code, which is the code the samurai warriors followed.

Along with these great achievements of covering large parts of important history, Michael Zomber and his wife run Renascent Films LLC, as IMDb shows, which is their own film company. Through the company, him and his wife help to sponsor private films and spread his knowledge of the samurai culture. Behind all this knowledge of producing and history, he also has a graduate degree in literature from UCLA, which is where he gets the skills to perform all these projects. His love for history and the deep knowledge he has gained have allowed him to follow his dreams to talk about the history of weapons and given him the successful career he enjoys now.   Be sure to follow Michael on Facebook for more information.