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Marc Beer Has Consistently Contributed To His Industry And He Continues On This Path:

Founding a company that grows quickly and attains a reputation for excellence within its industry is
something that all entrepreneurs strive for. It is even more impressive when an entrepreneur can
repeat this process more than once. Marc Beer is an example of this type of entrepreneur. He has
enjoyed success with many startup firms and has become a recognized leader in today’s
pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. He kicked off the Renovia company in 2016 after
teaming up with two outstanding business partners. These partners are Dr. Ray Iglesias, a qualified
surgeon, and Yolanda LoriƩ. Together, these three entrepreneurs have been making major
headway in improving the treatment methods for the condition of women’s pelvic floor disorders.
The company has been a quick success, but it is far from being the first time that Marc Beer has
experienced success within this industry.
Marc Beer began developing his business background during the Miami University studies in the
1980s. He graduated from the school in 1987 after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of
business. It is also accurate to say that he has always possessed a great deal of person talent as a
businessman. Both of these factors helped to set him up well for the business career that he has
pursued. He soon became involved in the pharmaceutical sector when he found work in sales. He
rose to the position of VP for the Global Marketing Division at Genzyme. During his tenure with the
firm, he helped it to grow and created a much wider awareness of the product line. Marc Beer also
helped a lot of patients out with the work he accomplished at Genzyme. The company’s unique
product line was helpful to a large segment of patients that were traditionally underserved by the
medical profession.
2000 was another one of those banner years for Marc Beer and another defining moment of his
career. During that year, he founded a company called ViaCell. The biotechnology company grew
quickly. By 2005, Marc Beer took the company public and by 2007, the firm had grown to some
300 individuals. The success of ViaCell was so profound that Marc was able to sell the firm for a
major profit in 2007. He ended up attaining a $300 million price tag for the firm that he had
founded only seven years prior.

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2016 marked the launch of another career-defining company founding with Marc Beer’s
involvement as a co-founder with Renovia. Within two years of founding the firm, Renovia already
received FDA approval for its debut product. Marc also brought in a significant amount of Series B
capital that continues to serve the firm in its goals to develop more important products. This
accomplishment was yet another example of the ability that Marc Beer has to make things happen.

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