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Maarten De Jeu Helps Teenagers Discover Their Passion For Science Through The Farrell Fellows Internship

Science is an important part of the world that we live in, and the growth of science and technology
within our lies in what has helped us achieve the level of development that we have. Encouraging
future generations is important in this regard because it is the main factor that will lead to future
development. Regularly engaging children in this regard are important and something that
institutions across the country have been trying to encourage. One institution that has made a
significant impact on the lives of children through their programs is the Museum of Science and
Industry. This is one location that believes that children can fall in love with science through
interactive learning and engagement. With this principle in mind, the institution has several
programs that are curated keeping in mind the minds of children and their level of understanding
at different stages.
One of the more prominent programs offered by the institution is the Farrell Fellows internship.
This is a program that is designed to give teenagers an opportunity to work at the Museum and
understand the intricacies behind some of the exhibits. The program is designed to inspire future
generations of scientists and industrialists who will go on to shape the world that we live in.
There is no doubt that the internship has received an incredible amount of attention from various
institutions and companies working within the scientific field. The internship was only made
possible because of the vision and dedication of Maarten De Jeu, who played a prominent role in
the establishment of this internship. Maarten De Jeu is a prominent name in the field of
investments and firmly believes in the power of science and technology. He is of the opinion that
this is something that can benefit us immensely, and the more minds within the field, the better.
He hopes that this internship will give teenagers the encouragement that they need to pursue the
sciences and hopes that this is something that will lead them towards a path of betterment. Learn more:
Education has always been something that Maarten De Jeu firmly believes in, and is something that
he deems to be incredibly important for the development of society as a whole. He is of the firm
opinion that without his own educational qualifications, he would have not been able to reach the
prominent position that he holds within the industry. Currently, Maarten De Jeu stands as the
strategic business advisor behind SVM Business Advisory. This was a company that Maarten De Jeu
founded after spending a considerable amount of time in the industry, and after offering his
services to a wide range of clients over the years. He is a graduate of the prestigious Oxford
University and attained an MBA here, right before he set out to work in the professional sphere.

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