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Luke Lazarus Helps Startups Shape their Future Success

 Making Emotional Connections

What is so difficult about making emotional connections? When we share a message with someone, they may or may not be moved on the same emotional level as we are. Luke Lazarus seeks to advance his ideas about making emotional connections with venture capitalist as well as consumers.

You may have witnessed a consumer making an emotional connection with a product in a store you were shopping. They walk into the store and without asking a question, they immediately find the product hold it, look at it and smile.

Consumer Psychology

They walk to the counter, and within a few seconds, they have paid and are gone. Very rarely do consumes share why they make these emotional connections with a product but they do. Consumer psychologist says because it is making connections of value that are played out in the consumer.

Luke Lazarus, having run four of his businesses, knows the importance of a company making an emotional connection with consumers, but also with a venture capitalist.

Luke Lazarus drills into his startup teams the critical principle of making an emotional connection. If they can make an emotional connection with consumers thru their story, they will establish a foundation for success.

How it’s Done

Stories move people. Just as we were moved by stories as kids when our parents told us of their war stories or other battles they endured for the family. What did we enjoy most about those stores shared with us? Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

The places they occurred and the people in the stories? The triumphant highs and the lows of defeat or failure. Life has its ups and downs, and stories capture the flow of life. Luke Lazarus says an emotional connection takes place with a consumer when similar values cross-fertilize so that the consumer shares the benefits in the story.

The amount of the canopy is not just in the Summer canopy that is bought, but also the reason it is used.

The canopy will be used to allow the family and friends to find shelter from the Summer heat. Also, the awning will give friends and family a place to enjoy refreshments in the shade.

And to save the family thousands of dollars from having to build a costly aluminum awning. All these values are also crucial to the consumer. A consumer can identify with the story of the startups business, especially when the mission is to “bring comfort to families while bringing even more joy thru big savings.”

Luke Lazarus Consultancy

Luke Lazarus Consultancy launched in 2013. Since its launch, Luke Lazarus has brought many startups to obtaining investments from Venture Capitalist as well as launching successful IPOs. Lazarus travels across regions of Australia to work with hundreds of startup businesses.

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