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Lee May and Beamridge Help to Knock Out Transportation Issues for Nemesis

Beamridge is a design and build contractor that resides in Chislehurst ,Kent. They provide top quality projects for huge housing associations and also the simplest private developers. They thrive on developing long-term relationships with clients and are always looking of ways to expand their base. They want to give their customers more bang for their buck.


Beamridge has one fantastic key to their success and that is their advisor Lee May. May stays involved in all types of charities. This brings this company and its community closer together. They have a couple teams they sponsor and they currently have an event that has arrived that will help one of them.


Some areas Advisor Lee May has been involved with may come as a surprise. A recent event was a 10k run that aided Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to help buy mini dmini bus. This goes to show his dedication and drive to be involved in his own community.


May and bean Ridge have started a crowd funding page to help raise money for The Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. If you, or someone you may know, would like to donate please go to the link below.


Lee May is a huge boxing fan so this run and crowd funding is very important to him. Nemesis ABC Helps young boxers become successful in competing in tournaments by improving all aspects of their training. Mays and Beamridge feel that community is important. With the fight and the dedication they have, why would anyone not get involved with such a dedicated team?