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Kushy Punch, Award-winning Edible Brand

Kushy Punch is an award-winning brand. Kushy Punch recently began to receive positive attention from the media due to the company’s recent announcement regarding expansion. The company currently has several locations throughout Southern California; however, Kushy Punch will be opening several locations in two new states. In late 2019, the company announced that they will be taking its premium cannabis edible brand to Nevada and Michigan. The residents of both states were extremely excited about the company choosing to expand their brand.

In fact, Kushy Punch sold out of all products within the first four hours. Kushy Punch has been in business since 2014. The company is the employer of about 100 employees. The company’s goal is to produce quality fast-growing cannabis for the community. Kushy Punch currently sells all cannabis products. The company is very active on social media. Kushy Punch has a website, Facebook, and Twitter account.

Although Kushy Punch sells all cannabis products, the company is known for its edible products. Kushy Punch has endless sweet treats to offer their customer. Kushy Punch currently sells lollipops, cookies, brownies, cakes, and many other sweet treats as well. Kushy Punch’s sweet treats became popular because their treats do not have a strong cannabis taste. Instead, the treats taste very sweet, flavorful, and savory. In addition to the baked goods listed below, Kushy Punch also produces gummies that can be used for relaxation. The gummies contain 60mg of CBD. The gummies are known for their healing effects.