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Is WEN Cleansing Conditioner Really A Miracle Product?

For decades, we’ve been overwhelmed by lofty promises made by the hair care industry. We’ve all seen endless commercials filled with models with hair so shiny that it doesn’t look real. It’s no surprise that most of us no longer believe hair care brands when they say that they have created a product that can truly transform damaged and dry hair.

One product, however, is an exception. WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean ( has the ability to completely change hair’s appearance and texture within just a few days. The secret of WEN’s amazing powers has to do with its completely unique formula. While most hair care products are full of drying ingredients like emulsifiers and sulfates, Wen is completely natural, relying on the extracts of various herbs and flowers that boast amazing cleansing and hydrating properties.

When Emily McClure decided to use WEN for the first time on her dry and limp hair, she kept a hair diary to record the results each day. Having heard amazing things about the unique product, she was optimistic that she could finally achieve lusciously soft and voluminous hair.

Day One of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Emily visited a local beauty store and picked up the WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. Following the instructions on the back of the bottle, she applied it to her hair in the shower and let it sit for fifteen minutes before rinsing it out. By the time that her hair was dry, Emily was amazed. Her tresses were suddenly fuller and shinier than they had been in a long time.

Day Seven of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

After one week of using WEN on a daily basis, Emily’s hair had improved so dramatically that her Facebook friends began to take notice. After using the product for seven days, her hair was shiny, soft, full and incredibly healthy. Clearly, this is one product that truly works.

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