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IC System Drives the Collection Mission with Compassion

There are many reasons why IC System is an outstanding collection agency. The company has been in existence for over 80 years. The collection agency handles receivable accountable assets on behalf of thousands of clients. It was founded by Jack and Ruth Ericson in 1938. It has its headquarters in St. Paul Minnesota. The driving force behind the company success is derived from its core values of providing honest, ethical and efficient service to its clients. The company has been managed by members of the Ericson family for three generations now.


Why So Successful


IC System has been consistent and true to its values. It has consistently maintained its focus on the core values with which it was launched. The organization reached the finals of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics. It has reached the finals for three consecutive seasons. It must be noted that such a feat is not a mean one, especially, given the type of service that the company offers. Not many debt collection agencies will even be nominated for such an award, let alone, reaching the finals. The company also thrives on innovation in its niche. It has been a leader in innovative solutions in the debt collection industry. It was the first organization in its class to move from typewriters to computers in its daily business activities and transactions. It has always kept a keen eye on the state of the art technologies. The company has also embraced TCPA, 501(r) and CFPB.


Community Sensitivity


IC System has several CSR initiatives running. It does not do it for sheer publicity but for the firm belief that the company owes it to the community for its success. IC System makes donations in the form of money, time and material support to needy people. It organizes such campaigns every year to rein in as many needy people as possible and provides support to various homes that support needy children and the elderly people. The organization has previously made contributions to events such as the Special Olympics, to bodies such as, Toys and Tots, the Red Cross, among others. It also encourages its staff to participate in its in-house volunteer programs aimed at supporting communities.

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