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How Parents Can Use ClassDojo to Connect with the Classroom

There are many options parents have when it comes to staying connected with their kids. While they can do a lot to stay on top of things, it can be difficult to connect with them when they’re at school. ClassDojo gives all parents the chance to make that connection and it’s something most parents feel good about. Teachers give parents the chance to see their kids in the classroom and make a positive connection with them. It also gives them the ability to see what their child is doing throughout the day. Parents might struggle sometimes to feel like they’re an active part of the learning experience and that can be hard for the ones who want to be a big part of it. Everyone might have a better experience if they have someone who is using the ClassDojo opportunity to show them the classroom and what’s going on throughout the day.

When ClassDojo first started, teachers struggled to make that connection with parents. Often, the only time teachers had a chance to talk to a parent was during conferences or when there was an actual issue with the child. They knew there were things they could do, but they didn’t have the platform to do it. Instead, teachers can use the communication aspect of ClassDojo to connect with all the parents they wouldn’t typically be able to reach because of errors in communication. There are different ways the families can use ClassDojo to connect with everyone who is a big part of the child’s life.

By the time ClassDojo started, teachers often didn’t have any way to make things easier for their students. Instead, they had to worry about how they were going to make things easier on the people they worked with. The industry changed and people began seeing what they could do in different situations no matter what their children did or what they wanted them to do. They made a big point of showing others they could try things that would actually help them the right way toward a more successful future in the classroom and out of it.